Gifting of big antennas, summer 2013

braikar : September 15, 2013 2:10 am : Blog

This summers gifting…
Thank you to all who have bought orgonites during this year, this allowed me to go on this expedition with a really big quantity of orgonites! It’s the first time that I left with so many orgonites, my car was too loaded…

2013.08.17_SDC10002 2013.08.17_SDC10004

I had about 1200 TBs, 500 ITBs and 18 IEPs and one pyramid, the whole was around 240 kg.

I stayed in Paris at a friends place for a couple of days, also good to meet a couple of people. And then I started with something else than antennas, knowing that all the water streams in Paris are already well gifted, I went gifting further away, about 20 km east and 20 km west.

I started in teh east, by gifting la Marne between Charmentray and Trilbardou where I also gifted the Canal de L’Ourcq. Following the advice from friends in Brittany I made big spots with a lot of orgonites in the same place, so, near Trilbardou I dropped 2 IEPs in la Marne.


Then near Jablines and I went to Dampmart and gifted along la Marne on about a 4-5km length, I was accompanied by a lovely sylphs parade.



Another IEP near the bridge on the A104.


On my way back, in Thorigny-sur-Marne, always a lot of sylphs and I was going very slowly because I destroyed my feet by walking more than 15 km in a day with sandals totally inappropriate for long walks..


I must have used about 150 orgonites and 3 IEPs on that day, here’s an approximative map.


A small antenna on the way back to Paris.


The next day, I went west, on a ballad path near the Parc Départemental de la Boucle de Montesson.


Then I went even more west along the Seine, near the pond de la Galiotte.


On that day I also used around 150 orgonites and 2 IEPs.


That night I went to visit a friend near Fontainebleau and then the next day I went on gifting Seine-Port, a naval communication station for submarines I beleive. I gifted the Seine on the south side, south-west of the base, I must have left around 100 orgonites there, and one IEP.


Then I went just next to it.



Nothing really exciting, as usual with these places and big antennas, there is a fence all around, so it’s just a matter of walking around while planting orgonites. My feet were still hurting a lot because of these sandals I had worn on the first day! I didn’t go all around the fence, it was too big and after 1-2km became almost impossible, I would have had to cut tree branches and a lot of brambles! I buried around 50 orgonites. It’s already quite enough with the Seine gifted on the other side.


And then I went on my quest for TV masts! The first on east of Orléans, the transmitter of Trainou.


About 10 TBs, 10 ITBs and one IEP.

Then south-east of Bourges, another TV transmitter. Again about 10 TBs, 10 ITBs and one IEP.


Then I slept just next to the antenna on a small parking, there was a quite localised thunderstorm during the night. I caught a cold because of it, I fell asleep by 29-30°C with my car windows well open and when I woke up it was around 15°C in the middle of the night during the storm..

Anyhow, the next day I went just about 1km away from there, there was a Hertzian military relay there that I also gifted with about 10 TBs and 10 ITBs. I would like to gift more of these places, but I have no idea on how to locate them, I gift them if I pass by and that’s the first one in my life that I discovered by chance! I just know the location of 2 other ones in france, there are surely more than just 3 in total…


Then I went to the radio transmitter of Allouis, finally! It’s been almost 5 years that I knew it was there, I often saw it while driving on the A71 motorway close by, but never had a chance to stop by. It is located between Vierzon and Bourges.

2013.08.24_SDC10081-3 2013.08.24_SDC10084

Again a couple dozen of orgonites around the fence and I also found a wild apple tree with not too bad apples, eventhough they weren’t completely ripe.

Then on my way to Limoges I gifted many antennas while driving and also a couple where I stopped. The first one was quite funny, there wasn’t anything on it yet, it way in the works… European subventions to make a pylon to regroup all mobile operators. Finally, that’s a good thing, eventhough the pylon costed almost 1 million euros…

2013.08.24_SDC10085 2013.08.24_SDC10088-9 2013.08.24_SDC10090 2013.08.24_SDC10091

Then again, another tv antenna east of Argenton-sur-Creuse.


Again about 10 TBs, 10 ITBs and one IEP.

Then I found a couple of radio towers on the way to Limoges, hence I went there too. These towers are not listed anywhere, or if they are, I haven’t found the database yet..

This one, just a couple of kilometers south of Argenton-sur-Creuse, I left around 10 TBs and 10 ITBs.


Again another radio tower on the exit 37 of the A20.


Again about 10 TBs and 10 ITBs.

Then a small antenna on exit 39 of the A20, before arriving to my next stop by some friends house not too far.


I stayed about 2 days by them to rest a bit and it was really nice. Then I left again to go to the next tv antenna, near Les Cars, south-west of Limoges.


The sky was well overcast durign the gifting and around 1h later, seen from further away, it was quite different! Again about 10 TBs, 10 ITBs and 1 IEP.


Then it was time to go to Mont Bessou for the next emitter, it didn’t look that powerful so I just left 10 TBs and 10 ITBs with no IEP.


And I ate quite a lot of wild blueberries growing around there, miam! Then I went on to the next resting place by two otehr people who were happy to welcome me for 2 days.

The 28th of august I left late from their place, but it was in fact good! I wanted to go to the Puy de Dôme, west of Clermont-Ferrand and it turned out that the tv antenna was a tourist spot! had I arrived durign the day I wouldn’t have been able to wander freely around. There I arrived at 21h, almost everyone was gone and it was dark, just perfect to gift that place in peace, again around 10 TBs, 10 ITBs and one IEP.

An antenna on the way


The transmitter of the Puy de Dôme


During the night I drove toward Aurillac, I gifted about 150 orgonites along the A75 motorway, starting from Clermont-Ferrand, then the N122 toward Aurillac. It was more than one orgonite per kilometer.

After having slept somewhere on the road near Aurillac I went to the tv transmitter of Labastide-du-haut-mont. Might I add, it’s a spot with a beautiful view over the valley! There were also more antennas than just the tv transmitter.

2013.08.29_SDC10125 2013.08.29_SDC10126 2013.08.29_SDC10127

Again another IEP and abotu 20 orgonites.

Then I headed to the place from a gifteur in the Hérault, we went gifting together the next day.

We went to the Pic de Nore, again about 10 TBs, 10 ITBs and one IEP.

2013.08.30_SDC10128 2013.08.30_SDC10130

Then we went on to gift naval communication bases between Carcassonne and Castelnaudary.


An antenna in between many others on the way, this one in Saissac.


Then the second naval base, it was gigantic! thankfully my feet were not hurting anymore! My friend let me go aroudn it alone, which took me about 2h, I left about 70 orgonites and one IEP.

2013.08.30_SDC10138-41 2013.08.30_SDC10143-45

I encountered a nice doe on the way back!


That’s it, after that it was almost the end for that day, sicne he was driving I used the opportunity to gift all the antennas along the motorway between Carcassonne and Bézier. We must have used another good hundred TBs/ITBs along the roads on that day. Now I only had Toulouse left on my list and a tv transmitter near Sarlat-la-Canéda.

In Toulouse I met two new people, but especially one who was really motivated to continue on gifting all water streams himself in Toulouse. We dropped a big load of orgonites in Toulouse, because it’s a city that has almost never been gifted, so we might as well start brutally. In two days we gifted around 200 TBs/ITBs in the Garonne and 3 IEPs, of which 2 near the Pont-Neuf. We also gifted the Pech-David summit, which overlooks the place where there is AZF and there were many antennas there too. My one and only pyramid I had taken on the trip landed there somewhere.


The sky on the first evening while I was gifting the Garonne, walking from the city center toward Blagnac.

Pech David


A radio tower not far from Pech David.


The Pont-Neuf in the distance…


Here’s an approximative map:


Then I went to visit another friend not far from Toulouse, I wonder if he’ll see this surprise, his water tower is gifted!


Finally I went back to Paris, driving by the last tv transmitter I had planned, in Audrix, which also got 10 TBs and 10 ITBs.


That’s about it, after this antenna I had about 20 orgonites left, which I gifted along the A20 motorway, which I already gifted a couple of years back and also a tiny bit on the way there this year again..

I also have to add more than hundred small mobile phone masts I gifted all along the trip.

Thanks again to all the people I met during this trip, and for their hospitality and welcoming me! And thanks again to everyone who bought orgonites, helping me continue these gifting trips.

See you soon for new adventures I hope!

Here’s a final map of what has been gifted, the red dots are the tv/radio transmitters, the green dots the naval bases, the black lines road gifting and blue lines water gifting.


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Gifting in Lombardy, Italy, in January 2013

braikar : February 18, 2013 11:53 pm : Blog

Around the end of January 2013 I used the opportunity of a trip to Italy with my mum to gift some orgonites in the surroundings.


I took around 50 kg of orgonites, ~400 TBs, ~ 100 ITBs and two HHGs I had lying around in my room.

It wasn’t really a gifting trip hence I just had a bit of time to gift here and there. I started with a group of antennas that were the closest to where we were.

Italy - antenna 1

Also a couple of antennas along the roads, and simply along roads, but no photos here.. One evening I placed around 50 TBs/ITBs in the Lago Maggiore walking along the ballad path in Arona.

Then another day I met an Italian friend who gifts mostly in Milan, before that I just knew him through internet. I was great meeting him in person and naturally we went gifting together for a couple of hours.

Some antennas:

Italy - antenna 2

Italy - antenna 3

Italy - antenna 4

We gifted a bit around the nuclear research center in Ispra, who knows what they do there… They keep on enlarging the zone since many decades.

Then we dropped a couple dozen TBs/ITBs in the Lago Maggiore in Ispra. Then went to Angera to do the same, Angera also is alogn the lake, south of Ispra. There we enjoyed a very short patch of unclouded sky, 3-4 minutes, in a sky that really wasn’t auspicious for that as you can see it on the previous photos…

Italy - unclouded sky patch

Then we went near Sesto Calende, even more south on the Lago Maggiore, again dropping some dozens orgonites in the lake.

Italy - Sesto Calende

Then it was over for our short but nice meeting. The following days I kept on gifting with my mum on trips we ahd to do to go here and there for other things..

Italy - antenna 5

Italy - antenna 6 (bees)

I was really horrified to see that! Bee hives, placed next to a train track, under high voltage lines with an antenna just next to the hives too. Seriously, some people don’t understand the harmful effects electromagnetic waves can have on living things. I hope the orgonites I placed there will make the place better for these bees.

Italy - antenna 7

Then the last big adventure I wanted to do since 2006, the summer just a couple of months after I discovered orgonites I was on that mountain, Campo dei Fiori, overlooking Varese and the whole area over some tens of kilometers, there are many antennas on many peaks. But at the time I didn’t have orgonites yet, I started making my first orgonites just after that trip.

I leave you to the photos (enlarge the first photo to see for yourself what’s on this mountain)..

Campo dei Fiori - antennas

Campo dei Fiori - military antennas

Campo dei Fiori - antennes panorama

Campo dei Fiori - antenna 1

Campo dei Fiori - antenna 2

Campo dei Fiori - antenna 3

Campo dei Fiori - antennas 4

Campo dei Fiori - HHG

Campo dei Fiori - military antennas from another angle

After that the effects were very evident, I had placed around 100 TBs/ITBs and the 2 HHGs all around the different peaks.

Campo dei Fiori - sky after gifting 1

You can see it easily, above my head the sky was quite clear and ‘unpolluted’ looking.

Campo dei Fiori - sky after gifting 2

The sky in the distance, it’s obvious the sky was much cleaner above the mountain that in the surroundings:

Campo dei Fiori - sky after gifting 3

Campo dei Fiori - sky after gifting 4

The visible atmospheric pollution was cleared for many kilometers in the distance, I think a synergistic effect thanks to all the orgonites spread around the area in the valley, along the roads, in the lake of Varese etc.

Here’s an approximate map:

Italy - gifting map

The big blue dots on top of the map are the mountain with all the antennas, on the panorama here above I was looking in direction of the lake (Varese), toward the south. The small blue dots are the gifted antennas, the red lines are roads where I gifted and the green lines are the places where orgonites are dispersed in the water.

Also, to go to Italy and come back we crossed the Vosges (in France), I also used that opportunity to place around hundred orgonites along the roads there.

Vosges gifting map

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Gifting of big antennas, summer 2012

braikar : October 3, 2012 11:32 pm : Blog

This was the big gifting trip for this summer (mid august), I had the help from many friends along the way, it was a great experience.

There were approx, 50kg of orgonites, ~350 TBs, 100 ITBs and 5 big orgonites (IEPs/IHHGs) of 2 kg.

The trip was mostly focussed on the main TV emitters  from the departments I went through in france, from east to west (approximately from Metz to Lorient). And I gifted each antenna quite extensively to be sure no one needs to go back there, with around 20 TBs/ITBs for each antenna.

On the way to Paris, the first one south of Reims:

The second one close to Villers-Cotterêts:

Then in Paris with a friend we went to gift the military base on the Mont Valérien, a friend from Brittany told us there was something to do up there without even knowing that it was the host to a military base!

Clouds quickly opened up when we started gifting.

A map of the Mont Valérien..

A bit later during the week (I was still somewhat on holidays!) I gifted about 50 TBs in the Seine between Colombes and Argenteuil, with also two big orgonites at the end of that gift.

Approximative map:

After some rest in Paris, I continued on my trip to hunt these big antennas and also other large towers for which I never managed to get any information about! I have no idea what’s their purpose or to which entity they belong…

This time with the help of another friend.

Both following towers look exactly alike, but they are not the same!

near Domont (about north of the suburbs of Paris)

the second one in Seran (about north-east of Magny-en-Vexin)

After the second one, you can see the hole that formed in the sky.

We also gifted some other antennas on the way, not far from the A15, north of Argenteuil.

Just for fun we did a small experiment with frozen water with an IHHG above it :)

Then I carried on toward the west to gift with another friend..

An antenna in Chartres

A water tower along the way

And the next big TV antenna near Nogent-le-Rotrou, with was blessed with an added IHHG on top of the TBs/ITBs.

Another antenna on the way

Then the TV emitter of Alençon

A small sylph visit, which is always lovely to enjoy!

And some more water towers

Then I headed forward toward Brittany to meet other friends once again.

On the way, the TV emitter of the department of la Mayenne:

Unexpected antennas in Le Mans:

And sylphs and chemtrails..

Then I went toward Tours for a TV emitter along the A28 (approx. mid-way between Torus and le Mans)

It was the highest antenna in france according to the description in front of the installation.

Then I didn’t have many more orgonites, it was time I get to Brittany to meet my friends there who had also prepared some more gifting supplies for the occasion!

A beautiful sylph.

The next day we went again with new orgonites!

An antenna on the way

A water stream we gifted in many spots along the way, of which about ten orgonites where that photo was taken.

Some more antennas…

And the next TV emitter (about 20km north of Vannes)

Gifting in group is so much fun!

Then we continued gifting other places until the end of the day.

The next day we once again went to another TV antenna north-west of Rennes

That’s about it, when I arrived back home I was greeted by sylphs!

A map with the approximate positions of the big antennas that were gifted.

See you soon for new adventures!

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Gifting in the Kent and on the Channel

braikar : July 3, 2012 4:25 pm : Blog

During a small trip to the UK from the 24th to 28th of june 2012 I used that opportunity to do a bit of gifting.

When I left I counted exactly 345 TBs.

I launched 200 TBs in the channel on the way to the UK, now I’m at more than 2000 TBs in there since I started, it is very important to energise the seas. There where I launched the orgonites a small hole formed in the sky in the lowest cloud cover after 10-15 minutes.

Then during a small hour spent in Canterbury I went a bit around hoping to find antennas, but only found one which I gifted near the city center, instead I found churches and cemeteries and gifted these places instead, not much, I left 15 TBs there.

The next day in Chatham, the city center was surrounded by antennas placed on higher places and on cheap housing buildings, and on the Royal Mail depot. I gifted them all and a memorial for the 1st and 2nd worldwar.

This wasn’t much (around 25 TBs), but it should be good to give a bit of good energies to this city inhabitants.

The next day during a visit to the Leeds castle (near Maidstone) I used that opportunity to gift a tiny bit again, just 2 TBs in the water (I didn’t expect to have places to gift easily, had I known they had so much water, I’d have brought more orgonites). The place is charming and they told us it’s a place where high profile persons meet, so it’s still good to provide them good energies for their meetings!

Then another 3-4 antennas were gifted in Gillingham during the night, so no photos..

On the way back to France I dropped the rest of the TBs, around 100, in the channel once again.

See you soon for new adventures.

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Gifting in Reims and Melun

braikar : May 24, 2012 7:34 pm : Blog

For the ascension break (17-20 may 2012) I visited friends and also started a new endeavour, to gift the main canals/water streams/rivers of each approximately medium/big city that has one.

That was the starting stock, about 300 TBs, 100 ITBs, 4 IEPs (double induction EPs) and 4 root chakras IHHGs.

I started in Reims which has an artificial canal that goes almost through teh entire city from east to west. Quite a nice walk of 17-18km back and forth, I parked on the east of the city and walked along the stream to the west with around 200 orgonties in my backpack (mostly TBs, some ITBs, oen IHHG and one IEP)

Some pictures from east to west.


Notice the planes pollutions in the sky above the city.

I left an IEP somewhere near the center.

I was in Reims :p

An antenna somewhere on the west of the city along the canal.

Then I headed back to the car and dropped some more orgonites where I didn’t have a chance to at the beginning because there were too many people around.

Immediate effects were quite evident, the sky seemed like cut in half at the level of the canal, with respect to the plane trails.

Left an IHHG somewhere on the west of Reims.

And and IHHG and IEP again, I left the IHHG for the antennas on the top of that industrial building.

The other IEP went in the water stream not far from there.

The map of what was approximately done there (around 200 TBs of which some ITBs)

The four big poitns are for the 2 IHHG and 2 IEPs.

That evening I went to visit a friend near Fontainebleau and we also placed some 30 TBs/ITBs in the Loing river, a small river south of Fontainebleau that feeds the Seine.

The next day I gifted the Seine in Melun.

There the way was nto as long so 150 TBs/ITBs seemed enough and again 2 IHHGs and 2 IEPs. Again a nice walk of about 9km.

Some pictures.


Both big points represent each one IHHg and one IEP.

The next day in Paris with another friend we dropped around 2 dozens of TBs/ITBs in an artificial lake in the departmental parc of la Courneuve.

See you soon for other cities..

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