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I started this activity in 2011, it’s been 13 years since I started it with passion and pleasure; how many meetings of great people! I thank you all. And I apologize to the new people who are discovering me now, I want to take a long break, you won’t be able to order anything.

Making orgonites, talking about orgonites, doing workshops, etc. It’s great, but it’s tiring, I want to do something else for a while. I most likely plan to start again one day, but let’s say that until mid-2025 certainly not. My company is dormant, it could last until April 2026.

I know deep down that I want to change certain things, let’s say, mutate my activity, but I don’t really know how yet! I need a period of introspection and re-discovery of myself.

I will leave all the information on this site, because it was my goal to gather lots of information in one place. I might even add more.
But I don’t want to answer emails or questions anymore. It’s very time consuming, and I need this time to explore other aspects of my life.
1-2 years goes by very quickly!
See you soon. :)