Questions about Cloudbusters

Are quartz required in the tubes of a cloudbuster?

Nowadays, no, but explanations are in order. The cloudbuster (made of orgonite) was the first orgonite ever invented, before tower busters, HHGs and other devices. So you will still find many tutorials online about building a cloudbuster, many of which are quite old (usually from the years 2002 to 2004). Theses tutorials explain that you will need to make a base made of resin and metal shavings with copper/metal tubes planted in the base and then you will need to add quartz points inside the pipes. In that case it was quite obvious that quartz were required in the pipes, because there was no quartz in the base, as many old tutorials on internet explained that the base needs only resin and metal. These tutorials do not talk about quartz being added in the base, however it is now known that an effective orgonite requires 50/50 resin/metal and quartz. Nowadays most cloudbuster bases already contain quartz in the base resin/metal mix, which makes the addition of quartz points in the pipes obsolete.

That said, even if they are not really necessary, it can only be beneficial to add them. You will for example receive 6 quartz to place in the tubes of a normal or torsion cloudbuster if you order some here, just for the pleasure of having more. These are one sided quartz, you can just slide them inside the tubes with the points up, like on the following picture:

Quartz Cloudbuster

Do I have to purify/cleanse the quartz in the tubes of a cloudbuster?

No, as you understood it this was problem that applied mostly to cloudbusters that had no quartz in the base, hence quartz place in the pipes did all the work of transmutation and could easily be ‘over-stressed’. Nowadays cloudbusters have already quite a lot of quartz in the base, mine have approximately 200g of quartz (100g of white/grey/transparent quartz and 100g of rose quartz), this quantity is actually superior to the weight of the 6 standard quartz points to be placed inside the pipes. If you had quartz in the pipes they won’t really need to be cleansed because they are not alone doing the transmutation, the quartz inside the resin/metal do most of the work. The more quartz there is, the better it is, that’s why it can only be beneficial to add quartz in the pipes, but not compulsory if quartz is already included in the resin/metal base.

What is the radius of action of a cloudbuster?

This question does not have a straightforward answer, it depends on the surroundings, on the pollutions of all types present around the cloudbuster. A cloudbuster alone will surely purify the sky a couple of kilometres around it, to increase the field of action you have to gift (place orgonites near sources of electromagnetic pollutions) the surrounding antenna masts etc. The more gifted antennas and spots, the more it will increase the field of action of the cloudbuster. The cloudbuster will have positive effect on the surrounding nature that will be quite evident some 500-1000m around it, however to see the effects extend dozens or even hundreds of kilometers around in the sky you will need to gift/orgonise all the surrounding, the more orgonites are placed/gifted around the more support it will bring to the cloudbuster to affect the surroundings over increasingly large distances.

A cloudbuster brings good weather?

I sometimes hear remarks like: ‘I set up the Cloudbuster, but the weather is still bad’. First of all, observing the effects of a cloudbuster (and orgonite in general) on the climate is not something that can be done in one day, climate changes all the time and there are so many other factors to take into account. I guess people ask me such questions, because they’ve read somewhere that a cloudbuster cleans the sky, can create a patch of blue sky above it, which is true, but it is not a permanent effect and thankfully it is not permanent! Many people think of climate based on their point of view, sun is good to go out and for activities outside, rain is not good to go outside and annoying in general so people don’t want it. A cloudbuster won’t create sunny weather all day long, it will rebalance the atmosphere to establish a natural and dynamic weather. From the point of view of nature, a natural climate in temperate regions is a climate with rain, sun, low cloud covers, cumulus, snow, freezing periods, etc. All these variations and many other are needed for nature to be at it’s best! This is what a cloudbuster will promote, it won’t create a perfect weather (sun, nice temperature etc.) by magic, that’s not its purpose, the cloudbuster will positively affect the weather in the surroundings, clean up pollutions in the atmosphere and establish a natural dynamic climate wherever installed.

Science claims that electromagnetic fields (wifi, 2G, 3G, radio signals, etc.) have no effect on nature or the climate because they are non-ionizing, but that still doesn’t mean they have no effect, by looking at that page you can see it for yourself:

Non-ionizing radiation cannot ionize atoms, but still has enough energy to produce thermal/heating effects, this is true for microwaves and frequencies below as well. (radio-waves). Lets stay on wireless waves which are nowadays present almost everywhere (100 kHz – 15 GHz or up to 30-40 GHz for microwave point-to-point links). They all produce thermal effects on human tissues, and hence on water. The atmosphere of the planet is always humid to some degree, hence all the electromagnetic fields have thermal effects on the water present in the atmosphere at all times. Scientifically I don’t have the means to do research to know exactly what happens, but it seems these light thermal effects are enough to prevent water from behaving as it should, I would tend to think that one effect is that it prevents water from being properly absorbed by the soil. One experiment (easily reproducible by anyone) described at the bottom of this page: What’s orgonite, which shows the results of a small experiment made by a girl for a science fair in which identical clippings were watered with water sanitized/heated in two different fashions, one by the use a micro-wave, shows clearly that the micro-waved water not only did not promote a healthy growth, but acted like a weed killer instead. This clearly shows that something happened that destroys the natural properties of water. Microwaves in our environment can only have similar effects, but much less obvious since the power of the wireless microwaves is much lower.. A microwave focusses 700-1000W over a tiny area whereas wireless antenna masts usually broadcast an average power of 2500W over many square kilometers. Hence the effect on water in the atmosphere must be much weaker than in a microwave, but it is still present! I cannot say exactly what happens in the atmosphere with the presence of orgonites, it seems the presence of orgone ionises the atmosphere negatively, creating excess negative (electrons) charges in the air, hence water molecules are also negatively ionised. The ground being slightly positive when dry, will evidently allow the water to be attracted and absorbed more efficiently since the ground in lack of electrons (positive) will more easily attract negatively ionized water. But there are also other aspects to take into account, the quality of the soil is also important, an industrially cultivated soil, with pesticides, fertilizers and generally lacking a natural ecosystem (bacteria, insects, small plants, etc.) won’t absorb rain water very well in any case..

Back to the cloudbuster topic, it won’t bring nice weather as defined by human standards, it will bring a natural climate and clean pollutions in the air; polluting materials (ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particles etc.) as well as electromagnetic pollutions. These physical pollutions also affect the atmospheric water for example, because they should not be there in the first place. Anyhow, don’t expect to have 365 days of sunny weather once a cloudbuster is installed, that won’t happen. But the climate will be more dynamic and changing depending on the atmospheric conditions. For example the effect of the blue hole patch in the sky usually happens on day where there are mostly cumulus in the sky and usually lasts not more than one or two hours at best, often it is much shorter. That hole can also happen during days when there is intermittent rain, with heavily water loaded clouds as well as cumulus, on such days it might rain 5 times a day with 5 blue holes while the rain stops. You won’t have a permanent hole of blue sky above the cloudbuster, this is totally unnatural. It’s actually an effect I really like, because it usually rains more with more sun at the same time, the climate becomes very dynamic usually.

Finally I must still talk about chemtrails, for those who don’t know, chemtrails are CHEMical (toxic) trails released by planes in the atmosphere. I don’t want to get into the debate of whether it’s intentional or not, I frankly do not care that much about that, what’s sure is that there is a lot of various polluants in the air, that’s enough for me. I care about the solutions, cloudbusters (and orgonites in general) clean these pollutions, that’s what matters to me. And don’t forget that even when ignoring this topic, all planes pollute, because they consume kerosene and hence release petroleum combustion by-products like any car on the ground. One should also be aware that con/chem trails are more or less visible depending on the climatic conditions, and even if chemtrails are intentional we should not forget that most of the composition of these trails would still be water. A cloudbuster will clean these pollutions, but if there is a high level of humidity in the air, water crystals won’t disappear magically, there is always humidity in the air, the temperature depending on the height at which the exhausts happen will either allow the water to transform into ice crystals or remain in a liquid vapour state and depending on the concentration, sun position and other factors these water contains might or might not be visible to the naked eye of an observer on the ground. In any case, the cloudbuster will have a tendency to make these trails disappear visually more quickly in the sky directly above it, but not all, water vapour/crystals are not bad for the environment, so if there is a lot of water in the atmosphere in a state visible to the eye, all of it won’t disappear suddenly and magically..

What to do about rain water in the tubes?

The pipes of a cloudbuster are open on teh top, hence it’s evident that when it rains water will fill up the tubes. It’s not a bad thing, there is not need to protect/close the pipes, water does not disturb the ‘functioning’ of the cloudbuster, it might even be more beneficial than without water! The tubes of a cloudbuster won’t rust, especially aluminium ones since aluminium doesn’t rust, but copper tubes won’t rust either, they slowly become oxidized over time and become darker on the outside, for the inside I can’t really see what happens, but it doesn’t seem to be any different.

Here’s a photo of a cloudbuster with copper pipes I installed in September 2006 and never cleaned since then (photo: may 2012)

Induction cloudbuster with copper pipes installed in April 2010 (photo: may 2012)

In winter the frozen water inside the pipes is not to be worried about either, it cannot deteriorate or break the quartz in the pipes (if there are some), quartz are really hard stones.
The tubes are open and so the freezing water can release the pressure of the increasing volume of water that turns to ice from above, but it may still be wiser to prevent the water from entering the tubes in winter in countries like Canada…

Keeping a cloudbuster indoors?

Cloudbusters are made to be installed outside, but they also work quite well inside: concrete, roofs, wood, metallic structures etc. do not really obstruct the flow of orgone. However it is not recommended to have the cloudbuster inside, especially if it’s the first time you discover orgonite, because as I explain on this page Effects of orgonite on living things it can simply cause too much discomfort because it might just be too powerful for you to handle, do not forget that a cloudbuster is like 100 Towerbusters put in a single block without even mentioning the six pipes in hexagon that amplify the effects even more.

Length of the pipes?

The standard length of the pipes of a cloudbuster is around 2m (6.6ft). There is no exact science behind all that to explain why, it’s just the length that is used almost everywhere and it works quite well. You can have pipes of 3m, 4m, and even more. What is commonly accepted is that, the longer the pipes, the highest in the atmosphere the effects of the cloudbuster will be. What seems to be the most important, is to have an hollow cavity in the pipes that is big enough, larger than 20mm diameter preferably. I can’t say more than that, because I don’t know more than that. The cloudbuster base, just as a big block of orgonite has already huge effects on teh surroundings, but not much on the sky if there aren’t pipes of an adequate length, the pipes act as wave guides to direct orgone to emit/absorb in the wanted direction, i.e. the sky. If you have 1m long pipes it’s already better than nothing, but it’s around 2m that it seems the most efficient. Having 3m, 4m can only be better, but fro ma practical point of view, it’s not practical to have a 4m tall object. If it is placed outside it will be less stable. In summary, what I can say is that lengths between 1.5m and 2.5m are ideal for a well functional cloudbuster.

Other information about the pipes?

You can use any type of metal for the pipes. Copper is often used because it is an almost worldwide standard which allows anyone to find suitable solid fittings and pipes in any country, but you can use other pipes. They can be made of aluminum, brass, steel, zinc, copper, etc. They can also have other diameters than the 28mm used here. That said, the larger the pipes, the more powerful the cloudbuster seems to be. For spacing between tubes, related to the diameter, there seems to be a suitable ratio that can be used: The 144 pattern

For the standard cloudbuster, for a pipe of diameter D, the spacing between the center of the 144 and the center of a pipe is, 3 x D x cos 30°, for example for a pipe of 28mm diameter, the spacing is of 7.27cm or 14.55 for two pipes opposed from the center. The position of the pipes is indicated by the bold black circles.

For the induction cloudbuster, for a pipe of diameter D, the spacing between the center of the 144 and the center of a pipe is of 3 x D, for example for a pipe of 28mm diameter, the distance is of 8.4cm or 16.8cm for two pipes opposed from the center. The position of the pipes is indicated by the bold black circles.

Even if you don’t have to follow it, just the fact that aesthetically it looks much more harmonious this way, should inspire you. Don’t ask me questions about this subject (except if you have more insight to add to the topic! :D ), I cannot tell you more than that. It’s just a personal observation which appeals me.

How many pipes?

Generally, you will always see Cloudbusters with 6 pipes, because it respects the information above, the shape of the flower of life, and the hexagonal shape which is a mathematical basis of our reality and of life in general; carbon, ice crystals, time, etc. There are others; the series of fibonacci (which represents the doubling of the previous cycle added to itself), but for a Cloudbuster, I don’t know if that gives something usable? If you have an idea, let me know!
This section is mainly here to indicate another way of making Cloudbusters which is also very good: using a single pipe! A cloudbuster with a pipe of 10cm in diameter and 2m will have as much effect as a cloudbuster with 6 pipes of 28mm in diameter and 2m long. For practical reasons they just can’t be sold on this site, because such pipes are not standard sizes that everyone can get easily. But if you want to make your cloudbuster and you have a big 10-12cm diameter pipe, that’s great too!
Like the smaller one-pipe orgonites you’ll find in this section of the site: Orgonites > With tubes

Where/How to place a cloudbuster?

Short answer, you can place it where you want, how you want, it will always work. But there are some piratical aspects that are useful to know. If you have a garden, you can bury the base without issues and it’s quite pratical if it’s outside because it will be more stable against the wind, but it will also purify/cleanse itself energetically on its own, because it’s in contact with the soil, exposed to the sun and to rain water. It is ideal, as for any orgonite outside, because nature takes care of it for us. The cloudbuster is washed by rain, exposed to the sun and connected to the soil. This are all methods that are good to cleanse/purify any orgonite.
If you don’t have a garden, if the cloudbuster placed on a balcony or on a concrete floor on a terrace, it’s good as well, it will be less stable against the wind since it’s not fixed to the ground, but it will cleanse/energise itself also, thanks to the sun and rain.
Do not hesitate to bury the base if you can, it’s the most practical option to have it the most stable, don’t worry the resin base can withstand being outside and buried without any damage over time.
There’s another practical aspect that you should know about, the lighting conductor effect. The cloudbuster (base included) is a good conductor. On a concrete terrace or balcony there’s no need to think about that problem. But if you place it in a garden, it can act as a lighting conductor if there are no higher trees around (or another higher lightning conductor). If you’re worried about that, you can bury the base by putting it first in a plastic bucket, that way it will be electrically insulated from the ground and won’t act as a lightning conductor.
That being said, I’ve had cloudbusters buried directly in the ground in our garden since many years now and I’ve never had any trouble with lightning, neither do I know anyone that had such a problem.
To the contrary, in case of storms, winds are usually less violent in the close surroundings and lightning doesn’t seem to have a tendency to fall in the close surroundings of a cloudbuster. But that is just the normal effect of a cloudbuster, grounded or not.

Please note however that it is better to avoid placing a cloudbuster in a place where there will be many layers of material on top. As explained a little above (Keeping a cloudbuster indoors?): concrete, roofs, wood, metallic structures etc. do not really obstruct the flow of orgone.
These materials do not block the effect of the cloudbuster, but if there are really many, then yes. It is better not to place a cloudbuster in the basement of a building with 10 floors. with all the layers of concrete that there will be between the cloudbuster and the sky, it will no longer have any real effect on the sky. However, it will have a lot of effect on everyone in the building!
You can place a cloudbuster anywhere, it can be surrounded by plants, in the middle of a bush, under a tree, on a balcony, etc. But avoid the presence of multiple thick layers of materials on top of the cloudbuster, it will not diminish its effect on people, microwaves, etc. But it will decrease its effect on the sky and the climate because its effect will be diluted in the areas that the orgone must cross before reaching the sky.

Quartz in the pipes, single or double terminated?

This question comes up often and there is no exact or unique answer. The only general answer is that any form of quartz will have a beneficial effect; there will be additional subtleties depending on the case and opinions can differ from person to person, so a single answer is not appropriate. The only thing that can be said on the subject, is that if you have bi-terminated quartz with near perfect points on both sides, these are carved. Pointed quartz grow in clusters as shown on the photo below:

Quartz always have two polarities, one that was connected to the ground and an aerial one. Natural double terminated quartz are quite rare, because it means that it was possible to softly separate the quartz from the cluster because it grew a quite well formed point on the bottom. But this point won’t be perfect (or else it’s very very rare). Here’s what natural double terminated quartz points look like.
Natural double terminated quartz

Here are carved double terminated quartz, which are usually made from single terminated ones to which an extra point is carved.
carved double terminated quartz
It is not always obvious to know which side was the one that was connected to the soil, the ones circled in red on the photos are the ones for which it is obvious that it is the carved side (usually it’s more hazy/opaque).
This, in the end, is what matters the most to know how to best place pointed quartz in the pipes; which side was naturally connected to the ground/cluster and which side was aerial. For single terminated quartz it’s quite obvious, we place the quartz in the same direction it grew naturally. With a double terminated quartz it’s the same, you just have to figure out which side was the one that was in the cluster. That said, even if the double terminated quartz point is upside down it won’t be bad, because as I explained above, quartz points are not even needed in the pipes…
However it is obvious that it will be a plus in the energies if there are quartz in the pipes and if they are placed in the right direction. Metaphysically speaking, bi-terminated quartz (cut or not) is commonly considered to be more powerful, but this is not scientifically provable at present. In the same register, you can also dowse with a pendulum to know which side should be up and which side should be down.
You can also add several quartz per tube, or other stones, orgonite amplifies the effect of the stones associated with it, so if you want a cloudbuster with more grounding add obsidian or black tourmaline for example , if you want to have more heart energies you can add more rose quartz, etc. A cloudbuster that already has quartz in the base works as is, any addition of stones in the tubes can be seen as spices added to a dish, it adds more subtleties and nuances.

Mounting instructions of a torsion cloudbuster

Since this cloudbuster doesn’t have straight pipes, but twisted, it’s useful for you to know how to mount it, because if you put all the pipes in place first you won’t be able to place the spacer disc.
If you are starting with the kit bought here, first place the 6 pipes of the lower half:

After, put two extensions and the disc so that the disc can more or less stay in place. If you have your own pipes, not cut in the middle, just place 2 pipes with the disc in place.

Then slide the remaining pipes one by one from the top, through the disc until you reach the base (or the lower extension for the kit).
Once the 6 pipes are set up, you’ll be able to tighten the torsion spot at about a bit less than one meter from the base. On the photo it is done with orange tape to be well visible, but a rope, or a rubber clamp etc. will also do the lob nicely. This tightening is not absolutely necessary, but still very useful because it makes the cloudbuster very stable.

Then you just have to add the 7th central pipe.
If you have the kit, first put the connector to join the two 75 cm pipes and add a good amount of tape (or glue) to hold the two parts together, because it will be hanging in mid air in the middle, if both sides are not well attached, the bottom pipe will fall off.

Then add also some tape around the pipe so that it can’t slide down through the hole.

As you can see, the central pipe reaches just a bit further than the torsion point, it should not touch the base, it has to stop just a bit after the torsion node.

On this photo, the central pipe reaches the red line, which is where it should more or less be.

You can spread the pipes out to make the torsion form larger if you want, but then just remember to slide the central pipe up at the right distance. On this photo it reaches too low (red line), it should reach around the green line. The central pipe should also always extend above the other ones, here it is almost at the same height as the others.

For the length of the pipes, the person who had the idea for this cloudbuster recommends 1.5m extensions.
Torsion Cloudbuster
I can’t tell you if it’s an exact size, because the use of 7 pipes of 1.5m plus 6 x 25 cm in the base (1.5m total) was just very practical to use exactly 4 pipes of 3m for the construction, which are standard lengths in the USA. I suppose you can also use 7 2m pipes, but just remember to let the central pipe extend above the other ones and that its bottom should never be much lower than the torsion node.

At the end of the chapter, A cloudbuster brings good weather?, I wrote:

Finally I must still talk about chemtrails, for those who don’t know, chemtrails are CHEMical (toxic) trails released by planes in the atmosphere. I don’t want to get into the debate of whether it’s intentional or not, I frankly do not care that much about that, what’s sure is that there are enough proofs of the phenomenon, that’s enough for me. I care about the solutions, cloudbusters (and orgonites in general) clean these pollutions, that’s what matters to me. And don’t forget that even when ignoring this topic, all planes pollute, because they consume kerosene and hence release petroleum combustion by-products like any car on the ground. One should also be aware that con/chem trails are more or less visible depending on the climatic conditions, and even if chemtrails are intentional we should not forget that most of the composition of these trails would still be water. A cloudbuster will clean these pollutions, but if there is a high level of humidity in the air, water crystals won’t disappear magically, there is always humidity in the air, the temperature depending on the height at which the exhausts happen will either allow the water to transform into ice crystals or remain in a liquid vapour state and depending on the concentration, sun position and other factors these water contains might or might not be visible to the naked eye of an observer on the ground. In any case, the cloudbuster will have a tendency to make these trails disappear visually more quickly in the sky directly above it, but not all, water vapour/crystals are not bad for the environment, so if there is a lot of water in the atmosphere in a state visible to the eye, all of it won’t disappear suddenly and magically..

I will try to be very clear and re-explain what seems important to me, staring from the beginning, because it seems to me that many people are obsessed by their fears on this subject and, I noticed it quite clearly, only read what they want to read and interpret it as they please. Thus, some people come and ask me absurd questions each time the sky is not 100% blue at the moment chemtrails are sprayed, just because some simple physical phenomena were never understood or explained… And some Internet websites make too positive and wonderful advertisements about cloudbusters (and other tools) as devices to protect us from chemtrails; mostly by choosing the right days to make demonstrations!
I’m going to reset everything. I ask you to forget your phobias and fears on the subject for a couple of minutes, read this text peacefully and take the time to think about it. :)
What is the cause that allows us to see clouds in the sky, all types of clouds, cumulus, nimbus, cirrus, stratus… It’s simply the ice crystals, water in its solid state.
Here’s a graphic showing the temperature variations for the different layers of the atmosphere:
pressure density atmosphere
Please note that the atmosphere is always clearly at temperatures below 0°C, except close to the ground. And in the stratopause, at an altitude around 45-55km, the tempratures are often negative but very close to 0°C and can be positive on days of full sun due to reactions of oxygen/nitrogen with UVs. But that’s not important, the altitudes of interest to us are between 5km and 10-11km, the troposphere up to the limit of the tropopause, which is the limit up to which planes fly. As you can see, it is usually quite cold there! Between -13°C (260 K) and -53°C (220 K). With various levels of humidity.
Now a bit of basic chemistry: a complete combustion of hydrocarbon compounds requires these hydrocarbons and oxygen (02), the resulting compounds of this combustion are mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).
Hence every time a plane flies in the sky, no matter the altitude, it releases water and CO2, it’s normal, like our cars, like our trucks, like our tractors, etc. That’s how regular contrails for planes flying at 10-11km altitude are explained, they release water all along the way, which freezes instantly, it’s normal! I’m not talking about chemtrails spraying now, I’m talkign about regular contrails, they are still visible once in a while. They follow the plane and disappear (by sublimation, direct transformation from ice to vapour) while they keep on forming as well. For planes at high altitudes it’s completely normal, these planes are tiny when you look at them, it’s a dot in the sky, they fly very high.
For spraying planes (with persistent contrails to use a gentle term :) ), it’s not the same, they are usually at a lower altitude, you can notice the shape of their wings, the colors etc.
Here’s an example (click to enlarge), when I was in Andorra around 2000m altitude, you can clearly see that the plane with a regular contrail (circled in red) is at a very high altitude, it’s a tiny dot in the sky, it’s normal. However the other trails criss-crossing the sky are not at the same altitude at all, just by comparing the width of the trails left by the tiny dot-like plane and all other trails, it’s obvious that these criss-crossing trails are at a much lower altitude.

Thus, don’t expect a cloudbuster to make every single trail disappear instantly and every time, it’s too simple, you have to take into account the climatic conditions.
Because I’m sure you’ve already noticed it by yourself, there are days with blue skies, where you can still see hundreds of planes in the sky, but not a single trail visible, the sky remains blue (mostly in summer). I could cheat you and make a video on one of these days with a cloudbuster and tell you that it keeps the sky immaculately blue and erases every single trail, but it’s a lie, the climatic conditions are responsible for that (visual) blue sky, cloudbuster or not, it wouldn’t change a thing, one such days the sky stays blue and that’s it.
And then there are days where the trails persist. And those who have looked into the subject have already seen there are days with thousands of planes and others with just dozens of planes, there are spraying days it’s obvious! But once again don’t forget that if the climatic conditions are right, even on a massive spraying day, everything will vanish instantly as it is being sprayed.
For that I have to explain to you the process of sublimation, the direct transition of an element from it’s solid state to gaseous state, here I’m talking about water changing from ice to vapour directly. It’s an endothermic process (heat is absorbed) and the following conditions must be met for the process to be possible, either the temperature is below the temperature of the triple-point and/or the atmospheric pressure is below the triple-point.
The triple point is the state at which a given element can be in its 3 phases simultaneously. For water that means that at its triple point, water is at the same time solid, liquid and gaseous, all three phases exist simultaneously. The triple point of water is at a temperature of 0.01°C (273.16 K) and pressure of 611 Pa (0.006 atm.).
triple point of water

I hope that you’re following, it’s very important, in the high atmosphere (~ 5 – 10km), the pressure is superior to that of the triple point, but the temperature is inferior and by a good amount! It is, approximately, between -10 °C and -50°C, which is well below 0.01°C. Hence a condition allowing the sublimation of water is fulfilled at all times.
For the crystals of water to sublimate, they just need to absorb enough heat, in summer, when the sun is at the zenith, it’s rays are at an angle that transmits the most energy (right angle), the sublimation of ice crystals in the atmosphere is extremely likely with these conditions. Which has for an obvious consequence that all trails vanish almost instantly. These summer days (of blue sky) it’s very easy to observe, in the morning if there are trails accumulating in the sky and starting to create a layer, and the sun is low (illuminating at angles that reflect/retract on ice crystals, but are not absorbed by the ice crystals… hence the ice crystals can’t heat up and sublimate), as soon as the time gets close to midday all trails that were quite visible start to sublimate and from then on the sky remains completely blue with nothing visible, in the evening when the sun goes down again, the trails can becomes visible again if the planes are still at it. ;)

That’s why I put an emphasis on the fact that the days with blue skies and no trails are generally in summer. It’s normal, the sun in the summer is at angles that permit a sublimation of the sun that is much more likely than in winter. People tend to forget quickly, me, I observe, I record, people often complain about chemtrails during days with high pressure conditions (cleared sky) in winter, however in summer when it’s warm, there no one left to complain, because when there are high pressure conditions the sky will remain fully blue (visually) just because of the sun being at an angle that will sublimate any and all ice crystals into vapour… It’s normal that trails persist more often in winter, the sun is lower, the angles at which it shines are not large enough to heat up the ice crystals efficiently, they reflect or refract, but they are not absorbed, hence the sublimation of ice crystals is not likely very often, as a result: on spraying days, trails stay visible because the ice crystals remain ice crystals for quite long periods.

Now that this very important subject is clear, you have to understand what I already wrote further up, when there are tons of planes going across the sky all day long, if the climatic conditions are not good for a constant sublimation of the water crystals, the trails will remain visible. And it must be understood that if there is a visible trail, it is visible because of the ice crystals composing it, or maybe ice linked to nanoparticles of aluminium, or ice linked to nanoparticles of barium etc. But it’s still for the most part just water and nothing else that we see in the sky, since the trail is all white, it means there are a lot of ice crystals! If all these ice crystals can’t sublimate, there is only one other outcome possible, they remain as ice in the atmosphere! And probably transform into cirrus clouds afterward..

This is it, depending on the climatic conditions, if there are 500 planes going through the sky during the day, don’t expect the sky to be blue every single time, because all these planes increase the humidity of the atmosphere with all the ice crystals they release, amid the other invisible things they can also release… They are spraying water, because these are the by products of hydrocarbon combustion, and maybe they spray also water with nanoparticles? That I can’t comment… All I know, is that if ice crystals can’t sublimate, they’ll remain there and visible! As I said it earlier, with the Andorra photo, the planes that spray stuff seem to do it at lower altitudes, which means at atmospheric temperatures that are warmer, which also means that sublimation will be less likely, because the more the gap between the triple point and the affected parameter (here temperature) is large, the less energy is required for sublimation to occur; at higher altitudes, it is colder, less solar heat is required for the sublimation of ice crystals into vapour. That’s also a factor to take into account, because we can’t tell at which altitude the planes spraying are, it probably varies, if they spray at lower altitudes, sublimation is less likely than at higher altitudes, evidently the other factors must also always be considered.

To continue, the purpose of a cloudbuster is not to make blue skies, even if it is often the case. I can’t confirm what I’m about to say next, it’s my own theory! Given what I’ve written above; “it seems the presence of orgone ionises the atmosphere negatively”; you can see that from another point of view, an ionisation is an increase in energy! The ice crystals heated by the light of the sun have an increase in thermal energy as I said earlier, which allows the sublimation to occur if the energy increase in this endothermic reaction is large enough. If the ice crystals are ionised by the presence of orgone, their energy is already increased, which means that they’ll require less energy from the sun to sublimate… Hence a blue sky more often, but sometimes, orgone and sun together are still not enough to enable the sublimation of the crystals, hence the sky will remain milky. This theory is the most complete I have to this day (April 2015), which seems coherent to me, because completely milky skies above a cloudbuster, seem to occur only in winter from what I have observed.

To be exact in terms of physics, I simplified by talking about ionization. But what I mean precisely is that one or more electrons are excited states above the ground state, the molecules are not ionized. If several electrons of water molecules are in excited states, the entire molecule will need less energy for sublimation.

In conclusion, the purpose of a cloudbuster is to clean the sky of pollutions, a overabundance of ice crystals due to an overabundance of planes is just a visual disturbance, obviously I’m not really thrilled by these, but I know these are only appearances, on the ground I’m well protected. I can share with you only two examples on this topic, a man in Creuse (French department) bought 3 cloudbusters from me between 2009 and 2010 because there were too many sprayings in his region. Certainly the sky became much nicer visually and he’s still happy about that to this day, but the most important change he observed was; he was used to having reddish/brownish rainwater in buckets in his garden, he noticed that after a couple of months of having the first cloudbuster and having gifted some orgonites around, the rainwater had become fully transparent again.
A person from Switzerland living in Zürich made the same observation in 2013, he bought 4 cloudbusters (for him and friends) because he was getting annoyed by all the trails, he noticed a visual change; but more importantly what he noticed; as the other man in France; he was used to brown/red rainwater because of planes pollution, not even chemtrails, here it was just the proximity with the international airport apparently, one month after having the setup he told me to his amazement that rain water had become crystal clear again.
If you have reddish/brownish rainwater, please take photos/videos before setting up any orgonites, I have no proofs because these two persons didn’t think of recording that, they frankly didn’t expect these changes!
That being said, with the number of orgonites spread in France (and the same applies to other countries), it must have become a rare occurrence to have brown rainwater, I think that the water pollution these days is more due to agriculture and our terrestrial activities, than due to aerial spraying. I cannot prove how the cleaning of the toxic compounds in chemtrails occurs, but my theory is quite simple. It’s an atomic transmutation of the elements, i.e. a transformation of the nucleus of these harmful materials, which transforms them into harmless elements. But don’t come to me for remarks :) , I studied that myself at university, the transmutation of elements is not considered as a possible feat at such low energies… But that’s a much vaster topic, for me it’s obvious the orgonite acts on the vibrational structure of atoms at an atomic scale, but that’s beyond the actual scientific understandings, hence patience, the time will come. :)
In all cases, what must be remembered is that a cloudbuster protects us from pollutions, even if the appearances are not always there.

Here’s an example of what can also happen, visually, at my place, 14th of april 2015. :)
(Click to enlarge.)

10h15 13h40 17h00 19h30

It was on a nice day, but not yet in summer, hence as explained above, in the morning no sublimation (sun angle too small), the water-ice from the trails remained well visible! But they don’t spread… And then it vanishes slowly as the day goes by and the angle of of the sun increases, increasing the illumination intensity and sublimating more ice into vapour.
Though, you can still notice that trails vanish somewhat more above my place than around. Which, as I explained earlier, seems to be due to the ionisation caused by the orgone, which reduces the energy needed by the sun for the sublimation process of the ice crystals.