What’s orgonite

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In short

Orgonite is an object that has beneficial and vast properties. It has a basic composition containing at least always 3 materials: metals, quartz, all embedded in resin.


Nowadays orgonite is available in all sizes and shapes: key rings, pendants, interior objects, pyramids, spheres and more imposing objects for the outside environment. Orgonites can be very simple or very sophisticated. As long as the metal-resin-quartz mixture is present in a large part of the orgonite, it will be functional. The resin used by the creators of orgonites is usually synthetic (plastic). Natural resins or caramel are sometimes used but rarely privileged because of their lower strength and durability compared to synthetic resins.

Orgonite has very wide beneficial effects affecting almost everything that exists: living beings, materials and fields considered as energetic or spiritual.
Orgonite enhances the vitality of plants and accelerates their growth, it improves and increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The phenomenon is blatant with bananas, which can easily be stored for more than 3 months.

It diminishes the negative effects of electromagnetic waves on us and all other living beings.
The oxygen level seems to increase sensibly in water in the presence of orgonite: about 100g of orgonite for 2-3m³ of water can reduce the chlorine required in a swimming pool by half.
In the presence of orgonites, in cars without electronically controlled injection, fuel consumption can be reduced by 10-20% and the acceleration is better.
The structural stability of the materials is improved: wooden chalets crack less with variations of temperature and humidity, low-end refrigerators also show this phenomenon.

In areas less known to the general public, orgonite is useful to neutralize some unpleasant natural faults, such as crossings of Curry or Hartmann networks. Some people feel the energy of orgonite, commonly called orgone.
On this topic, two types of activity, notably anchored in our society for a long time, attest to the existence of phenomena linked to energies that are still not very explicable: water-dowsers, which are often called upon by drilling companies, and fire cutters who work in some hospitals in some countries.

The action of the orgonites on humans, on the body and the mind, is the most difficult to define. Simply summarized, orgonite helps us to evolve personally in the long term. In the short term one can perceive analgesic effects, vitalizing, euphoric and much more, or not feel anything in particular.
As with medications, the effects can vary between individuals.
What happens with sleep best illustrates this phenomenon: it is mostly improved, but in some cases, such as in stressed or anxious people, it becomes more disturbed, especially during the initial exposure to orgonites, However this discomfort always fades because in the long term the effect is always beneficial, the quality of sleep improves.

In short, orgonite helps us to progress physically, psychologically and spiritually, in a variable and subtly different way for everyone.

The examples being too numerous and the explanations of the phenomenon produced by the orgonite being quite complex, the detailed version is there to address the subject more in depth.

In detail

Historical background

In the 1930-50s Wilhelm Reich, physician, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher, carried out experiments on bioelectricity, which was according to him composed of particles called bions. Wilhelm-ReichThese are a sort of particles of blue light that we can all see by looking at a blue sky, they are blue/green/yellow dots that keep on appearing and disappear at very high speed. In science there is an explanation for this, Scheerer’s phenomenon, or also called the blue field entoptic phenomenon, caused by white blood cells moving in the capillaries in front of the retina. But this explanation is unsatisfactory, the dots should not be visible in the center of the field of vision since there are no blood vessels there, however this effect covers the whole field of vision for many people. I leave it up to you to test it.

Wilhelm Reich has done a great deal of research, the ones that are of particular interest to us are those on cabins made up of an exterior of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials, which led to the discovery that these cabins accumulated an energy that had revitalizing effects on people who spent time inside them.
He observed a recurring phenomenon that occurred in these cabins, many people had a beginning of an orgasm. Thus he named this beneficial energy ORgone in reference to this, because he considered that it is an energy that we all release during an orgasm. In the same way he named these cabins orgone accumulators.

Orgone had obviously many other names, before him, another savant, Karl von Reichenbach, living in the 18th/19th century spoke of an Odic force, a force that he believed to be a primary component of electricity, magnetism, heat and living organisms in general. Well before all these scientists, the sages of Asia already had the notion of Chi or Qi, the sages of India had the notion of Prana and all say the same thing on the subject no matter what name is used: it is an energy that is present in everything that exists. Ether in antiquity was also a name for this fifth “element” in addition to fire, water, earth and air. Nowadays, open minded scientists use the name of torsion fields.
Returning to the orgone accumulators, however, there was a problem of size, they accumulated as much the positive orgone, as the negative orgone. In a polluted environment or unfit for life, the accumulator could become very harmful to our health.

Positive orgone and negative orgone are widely used generic terms that were invented by Wilhelm Reich. These terms have also been shortened in English to become POR (Positive ORgone) and DOR (Deadly ORgone). Practical terms that will be used from now on if necessary.

The “-ite” suffix simply means, “native of”, “with origins of”. The name orgon-ite was naturally created by Karl Welz in the 1990s when he discovered that a mixture of resin (organic material) and metal chips (inorganic material) seemed even more effective than Reich’s accumulators.

This was followed by the addition of quartz in the resin-metal mixture. I can not confirm the historical aspects, but it seems that it was Don Croft who discovered this, I do not know how, in the early 2000s with the invention of the orgonite cloudbuster, an orgonite with metal pipes to radiate orgone into the sky. In this cloudbuster he tried to add quartz points in the tubes and this changed everything compared to the resin-metal mixture without quartz.

Cloudbuster induction CloudBuster-Reich

Please note that the “Reichian” Cloudbuster is different from the orgonite Cloudbuster. Wilhelm Reich had also invented a Cloudbuster, his version was an assembly of metal pipes connected to a body of water, it accumulated the POR of the water to project it into the sky. Such a cloudbuster could be used to bring rain into desert areas with the disadvantage that the supply of water could also become negatively charged over time. The Cloudbuster in orgonite is a little different in the sense that it does not necessarily cause excess rain, it does not project POR in the sky on command, but neutralizes the DOR, this has a regulatory and positive effect on the climate. In our day the term Cloudbuster is used here and there without always making the distinction, be careful to distinguish which version of the cloudbuster is being discussed when you read a text on this subject. :)

Orgonite solves the problem of orgone accumulators, because it does not accumulate, it transmutes negative orgone into positive. This is a fundamental difference between orgonite and an orgone accumulator. An accumulator can accumulate POR and DOR. An orgonite does not work on the same principle, it generates POR if placed in a ‘neutral’ place but if it is placed in a ‘negative’ place it will transmute the DOR into POR.

Before we start

From a general point of view, being a scientist is as much about having a classic objective approach as it is to question again and again what we think we know and understand, as well as to question our own conception of reality. So these explanations will start with a scientific, theoretical, fairly classic approach and they will continue with a spiritual approach which may appear to some much less down to earth. The spiritual approach can however be considered empirical because it is a synthesis based on multiple observations, as such a true scientist cannot ignore hundreds or even thousands of similar observations, even if these do not seem to be explainable at first by conventional science.
Some people like both approaches, others are more interested in one than the other. In absolute terms, the two are inseparable because the people who imagined things that seemed unreal at a time, have often brought great advances in science. :)

There is a well-known experiment in physics called the “Double slits experiment”. In this experiment, light (or electrons) is projected through two parallel slits to prove the double nature of light, i.e. it behaves as much as a wave as a particle. If the two slits are open, the light is dispersed in a way that respects precisely the mathematical rules of interference, proving that light behaves like a wave, but if only one slit is open, the light is aligned in front of one slit like the trajectory of a particle that goes straight. Later we were able to prove that the two behaviors occur at the same time, wave and particle simultaneously.


Another experiment has brought to light a phenomenon that is even more primordial for science, the effect of the quantum observer. From the point of view of quantum physics light is in a state of superposition at the moment of passing the two slits, which means that it passes through both sides simultaneously. To try to elucidate which slit the light was passing through when the two slits were open, we measured directly at the slits to know where the light went through, the fact that we were interacting with the photons at one slit or the other (to detect) created a “collapse of the wave function” at the location of the measurement, which altered the normal statistical distribution. This result lead us to an intrinsic problem of science, the simple fact of observing an experiment is an interference, the observer inevitably affects the result of what is observed. If we apply this to every person in this world, it becomes a subject of deep philosophical reflection on which one can discuss for a long time while always arriving at the same conclusion, it is impossible to know what happens without an observer, observing affects everything.

The effect of the quantum observer necessarily influences the way we are going to approach the effects of orgonites from a spiritual/subtle point of view, especially with regard to the effects they have on us and on any form of life, physical and non-physical. With large scale experiments on hundreds or thousands of people and/or plants it is statistically very possible to prove several effects. But other more personal effects are very subjective, the observer creates his own conception of reality, it cannot be otherwise. Spirituality, life forms outside of physical reality, certain subtle energies whose existence we cannot yet objectively prove, all this is as important here as the explanations commonly considered to be scientific.

Let’s start with the technical explanations.

Technical explanations of orgonite

You will not find scientific explanations on the subject, because from an official point of view it remains a pseudo science. I tried to introduce the subject for a project at the university during my astrophysics studies, but it was not accepted because I was told there was nothing to discover. This is completely false, it is just a consequence of the compartmentalization of the fields of research, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. It is necessary to bind many domains to study orgonite.

I will try to explain how an orgonite works and subtle energies in general. I will also try to explain what positive and negative orgone are. The terms DOR/POR are very appropriate but also very simplistic, if we want to understand it all more precisely, we have to dig much more.

It’s complex. I’m trying to simplify the subject for people with no advanced knowledge of physics while keeping it precise enough for those who have the same knowledge as me. There will be approximations that are sometimes simplistic for the point of view of a physicist or electronic engineer, I am forced to do it because the explanations are complex. Please also note that the meaning of some of the terms used will not be equal to their strict meaning in physics because there is a lack of many terms to describe these phenomena like I want.

How quartz oscillators work


First, in order to understand a large part of the functioning of an orgonite, it is necessary to understand how a quartz oscillator works. Like the one on the example above, a quartz oscillator based on a Colpitts design.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand anything about the schematic. :)

The way any quartz oscillator works is always the same, an initial random signal is injected into the circuit, it is generally the background noise of the circuit itself, then the signal passes through the quartz, a new signal at a more precise frequency emerges, then this new signal returns to quartz, which provides an even more accurate one, etc. Until a signal with a perfect oscillation is obtained. In practice this occurs in the blink of an eye, when a quartz oscillator is switched on, a signal with a perfect oscillation is almost instantaneously produced.

In an electronic circuit, the quartz is precisely cut and embedded in a metal container to produce the desired oscillation frequency.

In practical terms, we start with an electrical signal like this:


And we get a signal like this:


Hence the utility of quartz in watches, because a perfect signal oscillating at a very precise frequency is availble. For example, the value 32768 Hz is very used, which means that the signal oscillates exactly 32768 times per second. Thus with another measurement circuit one can calculate a second precisely because it is known that there is a clear reference signal which oscillates exactly 32768 times per second.


A quartz oscillator works thanks to the electrostrictive properties of quartz. The latter, subjected to an electric field, deforms (microscopically) and then regains its original shape and generating another electric field in return.

Electrostriction is a property of all dielectrics, i.e. all electrically insulating/non-conductive materials. The majority of all semi-precious stones fall into this category, quartz evidently, quartz varieties (rose quartz, amethyst, citrine..) and all other kinds of non-conductive stones, tiger eye, tourmaline, jasper, calcite, etc. The resin itself, glass and any insulating material. It is a property of all dielectrics known since a long time, but science is not very interested in the study of electrostrictive reactions of minerals or semi-precious stones. When it comes to discovering better ways to produce polymers for the industry, improving the structural properties of these materials, there is plenty of research…

Just remember that almost all minerals are electrostrictive, i.e. they react to the electric fields to which they are subjected. Take good note that we are speaking of electric fields, and not electromagnetic fields.

Please note that I am ignoring many very technical aspects here. For those who will understand, here are some details. In the case of electrostriction, the strain produced in the material by the application of an electric field is proportional to the square of the electric polarization. This means that a change of polarity of the electric field will have no effect. Whereas in the case of the inverse piezoelectric effect, the effect is linearly proportional to the electric polarization. Electrostriction is a general property of all dielectrics, whereas piezoelectricity and inverse piezoelectricity is restricted to certain crystals with specific symmetries, notably quartz. For the effects of energy generation, it is the piezoelectric effect that is used, but in the quartz oscillators, it is electrostriction.

Properties of materials in orgonite

A basic orgonite is composed of metal chips bathing in resin with a quartz stone (and more). Metal chips in orgonite, like any metal, have the capability to receive and emit electromagnetic fields. The resin is an organic material, therefore electrically insulating. However, an electrical insulator, more technically a dielectric, may possess electrostatic dipoles on an atomic scale that react to external electric fields. These electrostatic dipoles are present in the resins used for the creation of orgonites. There is all the beauty of the orgonite, the resin/metal mixture creates an electric conductor of acceptable quality, orgonite has a rather low resistance of a few ohms, current passes well through it, like in a very poor quality electrical cable. We can suppose that caramel and natural resins, which also work to make orgonites, also have this presence of electrostatic dipoles, unfortunately there is no research on the subject…

One of the arguments often used naively here and there is that the orgonite absorbs negative waves and transmutes them into positive waves. But if this were the case, an orgonite would massively disrupt wireless communications as it is supposed to change the disturbing electromagnetic signals of these devices into something else that is no longer negative for us. This is not the case at all, wireless communications work very well in the presence of any number of orgonites.

To understand what happens when an electromagnetic wave interacts with an orgonite, it is necessary to return to the resin and metal mixture. The metal captures all the surrounding electromagnetic waves. Any external electromagnetic field captured by metals is decomposed into its electrical part and its magnetic part. The resin containing electrostatic dipoles transmits only the electric fields in the orgonite. This will stimulate the electrostrictive response of the stones (and other additions) included in it and will return new electric fields that will be re-emitted in electromagnetic fields by the metals.

The original electromagnetic fields are not directly modified by the orgonite, which is why it does not disturb any wireless transmission system. Orgonite acts, in part, by interfering with these original signals and with the electromagnetic emanations of living beings, these interferences modify the deleterious reaction of our body w.r.t. to these external waves. These interferences also modify the reaction of our bodies in relation to our own deleterious electromagnetic emanations. You will understand slowly and surely as you keep on reading. We will also have to address the property of wave polarization to explain why orgonites have this effect of neutralizing the harmful effects of artificial waves. :)

The electrostrictive reaction of the minerals in orgonite is one of the centerpieces of this magnificent creation.

Many attempts to explain the functioning of the orgonite explain that it works due to the piezoelectric effect of quartz, this is not correct.

The piezoelectric effect is an effect in which the quartz being compressed mechanically emits an electric field back when the compression is released. To maintain the piezoelectric effect, the quartz would have to be compressed and decompressed repeatedly, but this is not the case in orgonite. When the resin of the orgonite hardens, it shrinks a little and everything is compressed once and stays like that indefinitely. Once the curing has been completed, there can no longer be any piezoelectric effect.

However, the piezoelectricity of quartz in orgonite is also of some important, the piezoelectric effect of quartz is active at the time of the hardening of the orgonite. It is certainly for this reason that during this stage the orgonite seems to be very powerful according to the feelings of people sensitive to subtle energies.

We will come back to this later.

Interaction of the orgonite with the electromagnetic environment

In a extremely simplified way, orgonite picks up the electromagnetic fields around it, modifies them and re-emits new ones that interact by interfering with the previous ones to make them more beneficial to life at each interaction.


It is all, all, all the surrounding electromagnetic fields that come into play, no matter how weak they may be. All living things emit electromagnetic fields of low intensity, humans, animals, plants, microscopic organisms, absolutely everything. There are of course also artificial sources, Wifi transmitters, radio waves, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, digital TV signals, etc.

For your understanding, an electromagnetic wave is carried by a photon, which means light. The waves that we use for our wireless devices usually have frequencies between a few MHz up to a few GHz. But it’s not just that, UV, infrared, etc. are also electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic waves have frequencies in the THz regions (thousands of GHz). Visible light is the only frequency band of electromagnetic waves that we can see with our eyes.
The whole environment is electromagnetic.

There is also another essential point to understand, the notion of background noise. Unlike an electronic device that detects electromagnetic fields only down to a certain degree of power, orgonite has no limitations on this aspect.

In a device which has to receive an electromagnetic signal, when the power of the signal to be picked up is too low, it is no longer detectable by the sensitivity of the device. This does not mean that it no longer exists, the signal still exists, but it is mixed and indissociable from background noise, the device can no longer distinguish it from background noise.

Background noise is an electromagnetic disturbance of very low power present everywhere, all electronic devices are subject to it, the pre-requisite for a device to detect a signal is that the signal is of sufficient power/amplitude to be well distinguishable from the background noise.

To understand the problem of background noise, imagine that you are trying to recognize the voice of a specific child in an oversized and overcrowded schoolyard in the midst of billions of children who are all making noise. The background noise is the equivalent of this yard, it is a mix of countless frequencies that means that when a signal that has the same power as the background noise, or a lower power, it becomes very difficult, even impossible, to distinguish it from the rest.

Technically, in our electronic devices we often have volt voltages of the order of volts, or millivolts (10^-3 or 0.001 V), when we start reaching microvolts (10^-6 or 0.000001 V) and especially nanovolts (10^-9 V), picovolts (10^-12 V), and so on. It requires extremely precise equipment and we’re completely inside the background noise.

The raw materials of an orgonite do not have this limitation, they react to all the waves that they can capture and to all the degrees of power. The metal in the orgonite captures all the electromagnetic fields with the background noise and the stones in the orgonite respond electrostrictively to everything with multi-frequency responses.

For physicists, I know full well that each material has its structural limitations and is also limited to a certain spectrum of what can be captured, reflected, refracted, and so on. However, there is an obvious and enormous difference between the limits of raw materials compared to the limits of an electronic device. The precise details of the materials would be interesting to have, but there is little research focused exactly on the subject and it goes far beyond the simplicity of these explanations.

Structured electrostrictive response

As explained earlier, the electrostrictive response of minerals in orgonite is a centerpiece. Because the stones have a precise crystalline structure, or in other words, a very orderly atomic structure.

Since resin is non-conductive, it is also electrostrictive, but it does not normally have a very orderly crystal structure. However, in the presence of music and/or other vibrations during the hardening of the resin, it is possible to give it an ordered crystal structure as well. We will come right back to that afterwards.

Every crystalline structure coordinates the waves that circulate and interact through it. Like a philharmonic hall which is designed to produce optimum acoustics thanks to the coherence and spatial harmony of the sound waves.


Each mineral has its respective oscillation frequencies, due to its unique crystal structure.
We speak of frequencIES in the plural, because in the simplified example of a quartz oscillator the stone is cut precisely to have a single frequency, or maximum 2-3 harmonics of the base frequency. Raw and uncut stones can have thousands of different and simultaneous oscillation frequencies.

The mix of electromagnetic waves received by orgonite is modified to reemit others more coherent ones, which by interference bring more harmony in the electromagnetic environment.

Another essential point that can now be addressed is that of the piezoelectricity which occurs only at the moment when the resin hardens. It is said everywhere that quartz (or a variety of quartz, amethyst, pink quartz, etc.) is essential to the composition of the orgonite. Indeed, this is of a primordial importance at the time of catalysis, when the resin hardens. The fact that it is compressed at this time generates multiple harmonic electrical signals that promote an ordered crystalline structure that will remain forever imprinted inside the orgonite. In the same way music and any other type of vibration will have these effects. If coherent/harmonic vibrations are present while the resin catalyses, they all induce a certain crystalline arrangement which will remain permanently in the resin.

Additions of various plants extracts or remains of living things, hair, etc. Will all have an influence on the coordination of electrical signals in the orgonite. DNA is a complex molecule with an extremely complex structure that also reacts to electric fields, DNA even reacts directly with many other fields. The addition of shells and other natural shapes with a geometric structure will also have an effect, these shapes, just like a philharmonic hall, also have properties that affect the displacements and interactions of waves. Do not forget that everything that is insulating is electrostrictive, there are plenty of things that fall into this category.

Almost everything in the orgonite will have an effect. But it is good to count on some sure bases that should always be present, i.e. The basic quartz, which crystallizes a crystalline structure during catalysis and minerals/stones which are certain to have a crystalline structure and electrostrictive properties. We’ll be able to come back to these subjects later in the less scientific part. :)

We can summarize “simply” the whole process that occurs in an orgonite as follows.
The crystalline structure of stones, minerals and resin in the orgonite coordinates the waves that circulate and interact within it. Any other addition that has an harmonizing/structuring effect on the waves participates in this coordination. Orgonite amplifies the structuring/harmonizing effects of everything it contains and thanks to it these effects can propagate in the surrounding electromagnetic environment.

We’ve just begun to tackle the surface of the subject, on these good bases we can soon begin to explain the beneficial effects of this harmonizing process of the electromagnetic environment. But first, some more essential notions of physics. :)

Basic principles of waves, oscillations, interference and harmonics

In physics there is a common basis for everything, the phenomenon of oscillation. Any wave is governed by the same basic rules, an amplitude and a frequency.
Electromagnetic waves, electric/magnetic fields, seismic waves, sound waves …

The difference between these wave phenomena is the speed of displacement and the space of displacement, for example, sound and seismic waves are physical vibrations, they only propagate in matter, on the contrary, electromagnetic waves move very well in the void of empty space.

All the same basic principles apply for these vibratory phenomena, reflection, refraction, interference…

It is especially this last point which is of interest to us here. Interference can be constructive or destructive. Waves interacting with each other can add up (constructive) or subtract (destructive).

Constructive interference

The most concrete example of constructive interference is resonance, the same vibration is repeated indefinitely and is added up to itself.

If 10 people tapped a spoon on a table once a second and they tapped all their spoons in rhythm, they will only increase the vibration, if they all hit the same table, the table will vibrate much more than if it was only one person doing it.

Constructive interference increases the total energy.


Destructive interference

Imagine two identical waves in the water coming one toward the other face to face, at the point of contact there is no more energy, because one wave perfectly cancels the other.

Many headphones nowadays use this principle for the active noise control, they record the noise coming from the outside and superimpose this audio stream 180° out of phase (inverted) on the audio stream of the helmet, this destroys the external sound for anybody using that helmet.

Destructive interference decreases the total energy.


Animation, click to view:

Harmonics (harmonic cycles)

The strict definition in physics is that the harmonic of a wave A is any wave B with a frequency which is a positive integer multiple of the frequency of the original wave A, the frequency of the wave A is called the fundamental frequency. We have to extend this definition to talk about the effects of orgonites, the definition in physics is too restrictive, we have to create a new definition: a harmonic cycle.


On the diagram above, the fundamental frequency is F for the black sine wave, the first harmonic (red) has a frequency multiplied by 2, the second harmonic (green) has a frequency multiplied by 3, etc.
If the black sine wave has a fundamental frequency F = 100 Hz:

  • The first harmonic has a frequency of F x 2 = 200 Hz
  • The second harmonic has a frequency of F x 3 = 300 Hz
  • etc.

We can superimpose all these waves on each other as follows:


As you can see below, this block can be repeated indefinitely.


In this repetition, when the black sine wave made a full oscillation (up then down), the red sine wave made 2 oscillations, the green sine wave made 3 oscillations, etc. The block repeats entirely for 1 full cycle of the black sine (which is the fundamental frequency).
What we want, to define a harmonic cycle is more similar to the definition of a musical interval which accepts all ratios and not just whole numbers. We will therefore also consider fractional ratios such as: 3/2, 5/4, 6/5, 9/8 etc. Mathematically it’s pretty much the same. The only difference is that the block that we have above does not necessarily repeat itself after 1 full cycle of the fundamental frequency.

Let’s take the example below. Considering the green sine-wave as the fundamental, for the 3/5 ratio, the green sine-wave must complete 3 cycles and the yellow sine-wave must complete 5 cycles for the block to be complete. In the same way for the 4/7 ratio, the green sine-wave must complete 4 cycles and the black sine-wave must complete 7 cycles for the block to be complete. This is what we will henceforth call a harmonic cycle.


To complete the example, how many cycles of the fundamental does it take to complete a harmonic cycle of the superposition of the two above harmonic cycles?
That is to say, if we have the 3 sine-waves combined, the green, the yellow (oscillating at 3/5 of the green) and the black (oscillating at 4/7 of the green)?
It will take 12 cycles of the green sine wave, an image is better than a long explanation: (the image is large, scroll down to see it in full.)


The illustration should allow you to understand the principle. The numbers in black, green, yellow at the bottom count the number of cycles of each wave of the corresponding color. For the block or “harmonic cycle” combining these 3 waves to be complete, the green wave must complete 12 of its cycles, the yellow wave must complete 20 of its cycles and the black wave must complete 21 of its cycles.

This notion of harmonic cycle is very important, because such a cycle has an important property: the result of all these interferences is stable. Even if it takes millions (see billions) of oscillations to complete a cycle, because in practice we will consider very complex cycles combining hundreds/thousands/and more.. of correlated frequencies.

A harmonic cycle which repeats itself indefinitely is in fact a form of complex harmonic resonance. The definition of a harmonic cycle formulated here is the general case encompassing all the possible cases which can produce a standing wave pattern.

It is interesting to note that new mathematical formulas will one day have to be invented to describe these vibrational patterns, because this is how we can describe complex vortices in physics in a more useful way. At present modern physics is capable of describing a vortex, but it is always based on an angular velocity (or otherwise expressed, a single frequency). It should be possible to easily express a frequency which represents a complex harmonic cycle. That said, I am well aware that the equations allowing to describe such vortices are very complex, to solve integrals, partial derivatives etc. including such equations seems impossible algebraically. This too is a problem.

Standing waves patterns

Here is a simple already well known 2-dimensional example: Chladni patterns.


A table with sand initially placed randomly starts vibrating at different sound frequencies. At certain precise frequencies the sand instantly structures itself in ordered and stationary patterns.

Another name for a process generating such figures is called cymatic, if you are interested in looking for pretty pictures…

The effect of an orgonite on its environment can be partly seen by imagining such three-dimensional patterns with billions of different vibrations, creating three-dimensional stationary patterns that are infinitely more complex than in the image/video above.
It is this structuring due to the harmonic cycles produced by orgonite that affects everything, on microscopic and macroscopic scales.

This happens at extremely low amplitudes with an unimaginable mixture of frequencies. The downside to this is that our technology is still far too primitive to have the precision necessary to measure such effects correctly.

Allow me to make a small off topic comment.
People who ask me to explain why/how orgonite works often expect a quick explanation.
If people accept that orgonite has effects, the quick answer is simple: “orgonite harmonizes all the surrounding energies.”
But those who are skeptical and want specific explanations cannot imagine how complex the answer really is.

To give you an idea of the complexity of the problem let’s take another example. Quantum physics defines the position of electrons in an atom by probabilities. The image below offers a simplified visual representation of the probability spaces where an electron can be found around an atom, according to the characteristics of this electron. When we try to measure the position of an electron there is a very high probability that it is in these areas defined by red, orange, yellow, green bubbles, etc.


These are only probabilities because, to date, defining the exact trajectory of the movement of each electron is impossible. Moreover, they can also be outside these areas…

Here is another image that shows 2D projections (black) of very basic 3D Lissajous figures (yellow).


It would therefore be necessary in quantum physics to define multidimensional oscillations for each electron which projected and added on each dimension give a result corresponding to the shape of the probability zones that we can determine in 3D, because we know that the electrons are not even always in these areas, they can cross reality in non-local ways that go beyond 3D (tunnel effect, quantum entanglement, etc.). The solutions to this problem are endless.
Let’s not forget another basis of quantum physics: measuring is interference, which gives rise to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, because to be more precise, orgonites help to promote coherent and harmonic wave patterns at all times. The patterns cannot be said to be stationary, they are permanently self-restructuring. Since all atoms, electrons, particles or subatomic vibrations etc. change position, speed, etc. permanently, we are already in a self-restructuring system which keeps a balance constantly. Orgonite improves the quality of this balance by introducing even more coherence and harmony. Note that we do not even use the term “waves”, or “electromagnetic waves”, because it is not possible to venture to try to explain what really seems to happen in the presence of orgonites. They promote coherent and harmonic patterns at all times of all types of vibrations. For the known energies, but very certainly effects of harmonic coherence also on quantum/non-local scales and in fields of realities quite simply not observable or quantifiable to date.

Our electronic devices have effects on electromagnetic waves etc. But let’s never forget that raw materials like those that make up orgonite have an effect on everything that makes up our reality, even what we haven’t yet understood.
Science is constantly making new discoveries, but these discoveries only highlight phenomena that have always existed. Everything we discover already existed before, it’s just that our technology or understanding was not yet advanced enough to observe/control these phenomena.

What we can state with almost certainty is that the mathematical laws governing the interactions of vibrations are applicable to all the vibrational phenomena that we have discovered so far. So it is a fairly probable extrapolation to consider that they can similarly apply largely to the vibrational phenomena that we do not know, or that we cannot yet measure or detect. The harmonizing effects of orgonite can very well interact with energies and realities that we do not yet perceive.

Please note that I do not in any way demean current physics. It is thanks to what I learned at university that I was able to conceptualize what I am talking about. I’m just aware that our understanding of our reality is still in its infancy, as surprising as it may seem to some. Having said that, I’m talking about physics from a conceptual point of view, it’s simple. It is one thing to conceptualize a subject, it is quite another to transform that into a coherent mathematical model. I take my hat off to all the people who have succeeded at doing that in the past, here we will stay in the conceptual.

Positive orgone (POR), Negative orgone (DOR)

On the preceding bases we can define more concretely the concepts often used of positive orgone and negative orgone.
Because to say that an orgonite cancels negative energies, or produces good energies is a little too simplistic.
What is good energy?
What is bad energy?

Negative orgone, DOR, must be seen as the abundance/concatenation of presence/formation of destructive interferences in the environment, thus, the more destructive interferences there are, the more the sum of all energies present in this environment will be small and will tend to decrease continuously.

Conversely, positive orgone, POR, represents the abundance/concatenation of presence/formation of constructive/stable interferences and/or stable harmonic interactions, this means that the sum of all the energies present in this environment will be as high as possible and will tend to remain stable.

Common language uses many expressions that could be applied to interference. When two people get along well, we say that they go well together, that they are in harmony, that they have a harmonious relationship, etc. We could very well apply this vocabulary to constructive interference… When the environment is pleasant, we can say that the atmosphere is peaceful, serene, harmonious, etc. This vocabulary could be applied to describe the standing and stable wave pattern that we described above.
On the other hand, when two people do not get along, we say that they do not go well together, that they are in conflict, etc. again expressions which correspond well to the description of destructive interferences. These analogies are numerous…

To sum up: orgonites promote standing wave patterns in the surrounding environment.
But above we had actually addressed the fact that these patterns are constantly self-reorganizing because the whole environment is constantly changing, so for harmonic cycles to continue to exist, they must be adaptive to any change.

We are going to modify this description now and call it coalescing fractals.
The wave patterns are similar on many different scales, which is the primary characteristic of a fractal. In fact we need to imagine harmonic cycles of harmonic cycles, of harmonic cycles, etc.
In addition, it should also be understood that in 3D, when several waves end their cycles simultaneously, this is in fact a zone of singularity of a vortex (the tip of a vortex in more simplified form). In 3 dimensions (or 4, if we add time, to be precise) every node of a standing wave pattern is the singularity of a vortex, a place where several frequencies come together in a singularity, hence the name “coalescence” which means the fusion of multiple elements which come together into one.

Introduction to vortices

The zones with a node, are in 3D the singularity of a vortex. Marked by a black circle on the images below.


Orgonite promotes consistent, harmonic patterns at every moment of all types of vibrations, known and unknown.
It is clearly right next to an orgonite that the pattern is the most stable, this is also what explains why orgonites have a strong and very local effect which quickly decreases in intensity the further away from the orgonite one is.

For those interested, the research on vortices and similar phenomena by people like Viktor Schauberger, Rudolf Steiner and Patrick Flanagan are a goldmine. :)

The multiple nodes of coalescing fractals, in 3 dimensions, are just what it takes to produce vortices, of electromagnetic waves and other waves.


With orgonites we have all the prerequisites for the formation of an innumerable quantity of vortices with harmonically stable components. In other words, stable, stationary vortices close to perfection. The characteristic of a perfect vortex is that the rotational speed becomes infinite at the singularity point and the singularity point is infinitesimal. With the harmonizing effects of orgonite on the environment, we theoretically have multiple perfectly added harmonics at this point of singularity. Such vortexes can carry immense energy, microscopically. These cumulative infinitesimal vortices, in a large fractal of coalescence, can produce visible effects on a larger scale.

A person managed to extract the frozen water in a tube from his cloudbuster with a copper spiral inside, there was a clear and sharp vortex.
Bildbeweise der Wirbelenergiebildung in Chembustern (CBs) und anderen Orgonit-Geräten

Obviously there are also vortices at other points, but these change position at every moment and they are not optimal because there are waves coming in one direction and the other, the rotary power of the vortex is not maximum, there are destructive or simply random interferences. All crossings between two and more waves are a potential temporary vortex, some are indicated by a small circle. But there is only one, marked by a larger circle, in the image below, which remains stable. At this place all the waves end and start their cycle again, the rotating forces of the vortex are at their maximum and its position in space and time remains stable, it is a node of the stationary pattern (or of the fractal of coalescence).


Frequencies with which an orgonite can interact

What we cannot accurately quantify is the frequency of the vibrations that make up the coalescing fractals. However the size of the metal shavings in the orgonites and the size of the orgonites physically give us a limit to the wavelength of electromagnetic waves that can be picked up and emitted. From a very basic point of view, a piece of metal 1 cm long can pick up electromagnetic waves with a maximum wavelength of 4 cm. If you want to understand why, you are welcome to go find out for yourself. We are not going to explain the laws for the manufacture of antennas here, it would be too long.
Simply by this rule, if we consider that a basic orgonite is about 6-7 cm on its largest dimension, this gives us a maximum wavelength of 24-28 cm or 1.25-1.07 GHz for the frequency of an electromagnetic wave. There is no maximum limit, orgonites can capture all frequencies with shorter wavelengths (or higher frequencies), beyond 1 GHz (to simplify our example).
However we can also set an upper limit knowing that the Earth’s atmosphere blocks all ionizing type waves, UV-C, X-rays, gamma. So we can globally estimate that the fundamental frequencies of electromagnetic waves (and other types) picked up by orgonites are in the range from the middle of the microwave spectrum to the end of the visual spectrum. From GHz (~30cm) to PHz (~300nm).

Orgonites may be interacting with neutrinos and other very high-energy particles that pass through our planet almost incognito. But this is far too complicated to study, so we will ignore it. Same for quantum or non-local effects which are also far too complex.

Orgonites can also act on low frequencies (current 50/60 Hz, PLC in kHz, etc.), but in this case one should not count on the “antenna” effect of the orgonite, because it is too small to pick up those frequencies with longer wavelengths. It is through another effect that they can interact, induction. Any alternating current flowing in a metal cable induces weak currents in any other nearby conductor. An orgonite being a conductor, placed near an electric cable, it will be affected by induction by the currents which circulate in this cable.
This interaction is also caused by eddy currents. An eddy current creates a magnetic field that opposes the change in the magnetic field that created it, and so the eddy currents react back on the source of the magnetic field. We usually don’t pay attention to them because they are so weak in everyday life that they cannot be measured, but they are there. Knowing that an orgonite is not an electronic circuit, but a material object with the only limitation being, those of the materials that compose it, it can clearly interact with all types of waves at extremely minimal degrees of amplitude.

What must also be understood is that even if an orgonite cannot directly pick up certain frequencies, either because it is for example too far from an electric cable with PLC currents with signals at frequencies in kHz in it (and therefore induction is impossible) or either because it is too small to act as an antenna to pick up a frequency at 1 GHz for example (for an orgonite 4cm wide on its largest side, which could not act as an antenna only for waves with a maximum wavelength of 16cm, or 1.87 GHz minimum). This does not prevent it from being able to interact with these frequencies. Because the principle of harmonic cycles explained above can adapt to frequencies that orgonite cannot capture.
Let’s suppose for example that an orgonite cannot pick up frequencies below 5 GHz, while there are plenty of wifi signals around 2.4 GHz, 2G/TV at 800-1000 MHz, etc. A signal at 2.4 GHz may very well be affected by other higher frequencies that orgonite may interact with, or that orgonite may produce at other frequencies that it may pick up. Because in reality a 2.4 GHz signal will inevitably produce various harmonics at higher and lower frequencies, by interference, by reflection or refraction in the environment. We explain here, in more detail, what was simply said above (Structured electrostrictive response):

The mixture of electromagnetic waves picked up by the orgonite is modified to re-emit other more coherent ones which, through interference, bring more harmony to the electromagnetic environment.

Take this sinusoidal at 5 GHz.

One at 2.4 GHz.

And one at 800 MHz (0.8 GHz).

These three waves can be linked in a harmonic cycle:

  • The one of 5 GHz and the one of 2.4 GHz for a ratio of 12/25, ie. the 5 GHz wave must complete 25 cycles and the 2.4 GHz wave must complete 12. This also means that the 2.4 GHz wave vibrates 12/25 = 0.48 times slower than the wave at 5 GHz. (With 2.5 GHz it would be even easier, because 2.5 x 2 = 5)
  • The one of 5 GHz and the one of 800 MHz for a ratio of 4/25, ie. the 5 GHz wave must complete 25 cycles and the 800 MHz wave must complete 4.

You can also notice that the 2.4 GHz and 800 MHz waves are themselves part of another harmonic cycle, because 800 x 3 = 2400. Here we can even use the simple notion of harmonics, because 2.4 GHz is the second harmonic (x3) of the fundamental frequency of 800 MHz.

On this image, the harmonic cycle between the wave at 800 MHz and that at 2.4 GHz.

The complete harmonic cycle, including the wave at 5 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 800 MHz.


We can also link this wave at 5GHz with any other frequency, for example:


● Wave at 5 GHz
● Wave at 3.82 GHz, 13/17 x 5 GHz
● Wave at 3.57 GHz, 5/7 x 5 GHz
● Wave at 2.4 GHz, 12/25 x 5 GHz

There are several harmonic cycles and we could add an infinity of them, with higher frequencies too.
There may for example be a harmonic cycle with a frequency at 5 GHz and one at 817 MHz (0.817 GHz), but that would take a very long time to image because in this case the ratio 817/5000 would have to be used, because it would not cannot be simplified. For 2.4 GHz, the ratio was actually 2400/5000, which can be simplified to 12/25. With 817/5000 it takes 817 wave cycles at 817 MHz and 5000 wave cycles at 5 GHz to complete a harmonic cycle. This principle of harmonic cycle is universal, it can link any frequency to any other frequency.

Even if it is difficult to estimate the exact frequencies that an orgonite can pick up in each situation (exact measurements should be made on each orgonite and where it is placed…), it is easy to understand why this is not important to know. By interference with lower and/or higher frequencies, linking the effects of orgonite to multiple ambient harmonic cycles, it will have an effect on all surrounding energies and for all frequencies. Artificial electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic waves from living beings, and any other type of energy not yet measurable.

An orgonite works with waves at all frequencies present on our planet! All those that exist and are currently used (artificial and natural), but also for all those to come.

Now that we have defined some foundations, we can deepen the subject of coalescence fractals which is one of the keys to explain some observable effects of orgonites. For this, it is better to begin by describing some clearly observable phenomena with orgonites, effects which indicate that there is clearly a vortex effect present and observable in their presence.

Observable effects of orgonite on water


– still in the works –

To be continued