Terms and conditions

Orders and Conditioning

Your orgonites will be shipped up to 15 working days after your order (unless otherwise stated on the order page), this period will largely depend on the amount ordered and the time required to prepare the package depending on availability (especially for large commands). In case you have to wait for more than 15 working days for me to ship your order, I will keep you informed.
The orgonites are conditioned as described here: Additional information > When you’ll receive your order

Returns and Refunds

I do not offer any refund, except if I should exceed the 15 days mentioned above for shipping, in which case I will completely reimburse you if you do not want to wait. Any command that was sent and received will not be returnable or refundable. I just do not want to take care of returns or refunds, that is a lot of work and it seems pointless because I am convinced that you will be satisfied.

Shipping, delivery and postage

The parcels are packed in at least two layers of plastic bubble wrap in order to protect them in case of possible rough handling during transport; the heavier the weight, the more the layers. In France (and Dom-Tom) the shipping price includes an insurance covering possible damage during transport, up to 23€/kg; parcels shipped to other European Union countries (except Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands) are insured if their weight equals or exceeds 10 kg, for a weight of 11-30 kg the value of the contents is insured for a value up to 300 €. No insurance is available for parcels shipped to countries outside the European Union; such parcels are therefore not insured and I can neither be held liable nor be asked to pay for damages incurred by the goods during transport. In case of damage in countries and for quantities that are insured, it is up to the addressee to claim compensation from the post service. If the addressee so wishes I will be able to use all or part of the amount of such compensation to make another shipment in replacement of the goods that have been damaged.
If the addressee is absent from his place of residence for a long time or if a wrong address has been given on placement of the order, parcels sent either to France or to another EU country will be returned to me. The cost of a new shipment will be at the addressee’s expense. If she/he does not wish to receive the parcel again, I can only make a partial reimbursement, i.e. deducting shipment costs, possible Paypal fees and any other cost(s).
For the same reasons as above, if parcels sent to countries outside the European Union fail to be delivered, the post services of the said countries will consider them as lost. In such cases it will be up to the addressee to try to locate them using the tracking number and she/he shall support the costs inherent in this procedure; under these circumstances I shall have no obligation nor will I be able to provide help.

Resale conditions

My orgonites cannot be resold at other prices, except if there is an agreement between me and the person reselling. Any person not complying with these simple rules can and will be prosecuted.