Garden with raised mounds 2017 (4th year)

It always continues. :)

2017.04.07 :
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This is just a review of what’s planned for this year, a lot of big works. Mostly terraforming and setting up the infrastructure to prevent outside hoes and deer from coming inside. Setting up an access to water, if we want to produce something we do need some water sometimes (some plants really need water to grow). Plants can withstand not having much water, which is good for them to improve their resistance and genetics, but to produce more at some point once the genetics are improved, we’ll still need some water for the driest parts of the season.
Also setting up a greenhouse on location is essential, we have a greenhouse 10-15km away, but it takes up a lot of time to juggle between both places.
And we’ll continue to add more shrubs around the outside fence. Meanwhile we’ll still care for some tomatoes, cabbages, kales, cucumbers, peas, beans, etc. But probably less than past years. The works this year will be so that we can focus on the plants more thoroughly afterwards :)

2017.06.12 :
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The continuation of the grand garden :)
Great year, everything carries on forward slowly, surely and well :)

2017.07.02 :
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It rained quite a good amount, everything is growing really well!