Information on metal shavings

We supply metal shavings here in response to a lack of wholesale distributors of averagely large quantities of shavings for orgonite makers.
The shavings recycling circuits are quite closed and mostly only accessible for purchases by the tonne or by a few hundred kilos minimum.
It is hard to get some shavings when one is looking only for quantities lower than those available in industries.

The metal shavings we supply are obviously also aimed at those who are looking for small quantities.
But our goal is to fill above all a void for those who want significantly larger quantities, which are of the order of a few kilos.
While still remaining very far from hundred kilos, we are not bulk wholesalers, such quantities cannot be sent by post! ;)
You can also, if you wish, very well come here to pick up a large volume of shavings on the spot with your car.

There is another detail that may be important to some people, all the shavings available here are steadily available. We have large quantities, more than 500kg of global stocks permanently and the circuits from which they come are also stable, the industries that produce these shavings always produce the same shavings with the same forms and this is not likely to change very often.