Gifting? end of may 2015

Hello :) with a question mark! Because I had twisted my ankle, in quite an invalidating fashion one week before that small trip around Paris, end of may (23rd to the 31st), I left with about 450 TBs and one IEP, but I had no idea how I would be able to gift, given that I could barely walk! Well, I came back with 0 orgonites, thank you universe for having answered the call. :)
A friend (who had already hosted me in Lille in April 2014) took around 100 for Lille, because we met in Paris, on the following 4 images you can see his hands and those of his girlfriend, they gifted around the Citadel. Fantastic, thank you both. :)

2015.05.27_image 2015.05.27_image_1
2015.05.27_image_2 2015.05.27_image_3

Afterwards I visited 2 people around the north of Paris, I gave about 50 to one near Apremont and about 20? near the Isle Adam. And with my trips here and there in this zone I gifted the other orgonites along the roads. In the end I had almost none left, just enough to gift a big TNT antenna at the end of the week near Saint-Just-en-Chaussée, my foot was already much better :)

I planted the IEP and around 20 TBs.

And here’s the approximate map of the orgonites dispersed around the north of Paris.

A big thank to everyone that was involved in these encounters and gifts :)