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Cloudbuster - Chembuster (incl. VAT 20.00%)


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The Cloudbuster, also known under the name Chembuster is a a big orgonite with metal pipes extending out of it to purify/energise the sky. A complete cloudbuster weighs around 21kg, the cloudbuster base weighs around 13kg, it is made of polyester resin, aluminium shavings, about 100g of chips of white/transparent quartz and 100g of chips of rose quartz. Like other orgonites, I add rose quartz to center the energies of the orgonites on the heart chakra, I like rose quartz! The aluminium shavings contain a tiny amount of wood shavings (1-2%) to also include the energies of nature, which are also well centered on the heart chakra energies; joy, peace, love and gratitude; the energetic aspects that seem the most important for all living beings.

The pipes of the cloudbuster are made of copper and have an external diameter of 28mm (standard plumbing size in Europe and almost across the entire world, or 1.1 inch in imperial units).

The cloudbuster is either available only as a base (6 x 25cm of copper pipes of 28mm in the base and a spacer disc to hold the pipes) with 6 connecting parts and you can add the pipes of 28mm of the length you want on your own. Or you can also order it as a complete cloudbuster with the extension pipes, 12 x 87.5 cm and another set of 6 connecting parts, which will make a total length of 2m for each of the 6 pipes (25 cm in the base + 2 x 87.5 cm).
The torsion cloudbuster is also available as a base or complete.
Like the standard/induction cloudbuster, the base has 6 x 25cm of copper pipes of 28mm, a spacer disc and 6 connectors.
The complete version has 7 pipes, you need 7 x 1.5 m. The complete kit has 12 x 75 cm for the 6 surrounding pipes (1.5 m total) and 2 x 75 cm for the central pipe (1.5 m) and 7 additional connectors. However, this central pipe should not be connected to the base, it slides down the middle and should extend around 50-60 cm above the 6 other pipes. For more mounting details please consult this page: Questions about Cloudbusters > Mounting instructions of a torsion cloudbuster

If you can find the extension pipes yourself, I highly recommend you to do that, as going through me is adding another middleman which increases the price uselessly without even mentioning the added shipping costs. Additionally, with extensions in one piece, the cloudbuster will be more stable.

Important detail, the discs to hold the pipes of the torsion cloudbuster are made of MDF 18mm thick, because it could not be produced in plastic. It is not treated to be excessively water resistant, if you live in quite a rainy area, it will be almost fully decomposed after 4-5 years. In that case, I advise you to paint the discs with some kind of waterproof paint sooner or later.

Another useful detail; to hold the discs well in place it’s practical to use some kind of an electrical insulating tape where you place the disc, to force the disc on the tape to block it properly. As shown on the photo below. For the torsion cloudbuster it is essential to maintain the central tube in suspension in the middle, put the tape above the disc in that case, because it is there to prevent the pipe from sliding down.
Cloudbuster disc

Cloudbuster base and all what’s included (disc and 6 connectors).
(from left to right: standard base, induction base, torsion base)
Cloudbuster standard baseCloudbuster induction baseCloudbuster torsion base

Complete Cloudbuster.
(from left to right : standard kit, induction kit, torsion kit)
Cloudbuster standard kitCloudbuster induction kitCloudbuster torsion kit

(from left to right : standard cloudbuster mounted, induction cloudbuster mounted, torsion cloudbuster mounted)
Cloudbuster standardCloudbuster inductionCloudbuster torsion

Concerning shipping, if you chose the complete cloudbuster, shipping will be in 2 parcels, because the parcel containing the base is cubic, whereas the extension pipes must be shipped in a rather unusual sized parcel of a bit less than 1m length.

The name cloudbuster is quite explicit, it is made to bust clouds. The other known name, Chembuster comes from ‘Chemtrails’ buster, chemtrails being a short abbreviation for chemical trails. Chemtrails are chemical exhaust trails released by some planes in the sky, it is not really important if you believe that this is a reality or just over-exaggeration of a problem that isn’t one. I’m personally not really into that subject, I just know that airplanes are like any car or any vehicle with a combustion engine, they release by products from the combustion of fossil fuels in the atmosphere. This is not good knowing that commercial planes use an average of 50kg of kerosene per minute, they pollute the sky and not by a tiny amount.

This is what happens often above my house, it is not that easy to show on a single picture. Please do note that it’s more effective in a well gifted area, a cloudbuster on its own won’t work that well!
Often does not mean always!

The same day at 13h and 18h​​.
2013.04.14_13h_pano 2013.04.14_18h_pano

Also the temporary effect of clouds that align in a circle around the area.
2012.11.30_pano 2012.12.18_pano

You can see more examples on this page: Effects of orgonite on the climate

I insisted on often and not always because there are also days with skies like those:

Very seldom also days with the high altitude haze creating a milky sky etc. If you come here just because of chemtrails, I’m forwarding you on these chapters, Questions about Cloudbusters > A cloudbuster brings good weather? and Questions about Cloudbusters > Chemtrails?, for more details. Don’t expect to see every single trail disappear fully every single time, it’s an abusive oversimplification of the topic.

The cloudbuster purifies the sky like orgonite purifies pollutions on the ground. The pipes are a sort of antenna (technically wave-guides) to receive/emit orgone from/into the sky. The six pipes are placed in a hexagon pattern, because this shape comes from the seed of life, which itself comes from the Merkaba in 3D projected onto a 2 dimensional plane.

Seed of life (with the superposed Merkaba):

Seed of life and superposed 2D Merkaba

The seed of life is also the base of the flower of life..

One last, but important, information is that there are 2 types of cloudbusters and they don’t ‘work’ exactly in the same fashion, one complementary of the other if used together. As you can see it on the pictures, some cloudbusters have pipes in direct contact with the orgonite base, whereas others have the pipes isolated with orange tape from direct contact with the base. The one without tape is a normal cloudbuster, the one with tape is an induction cloudbuster.

Please read first the explanations about induction on this page: Induction Tower Buster before reading on.

According to some friends who can see energies and my own comprehension of the subject. In the normal cloudbuster, the pipes attract the deadly orgone (DOR) from the sky, the orgonite base transmutes it to positive orgone (POR) and then the POR is re-emitted through the pipes. Whereas the induction cloudbuster does not ‘strictly’ attract deadly orgone (DOR) from the sky, it almost entirely emits only positive orgone which is inducted inside the pipes in the base, here it is more the DOR around the base that helps produce POR to be emitted (by induction) by the pipes.
In that sense, the normal cloudbuster is a bit more effective than an induction one, because it ‘pumps’ the bad energies from the sky on top of transmuting them and re-emitting positive energies. Whereas the induction cloudbuster almost entirely emits POR, inducted in the tubes; the POR being produced thanks to DOR present more around the orgonite base.

Don’t take this explanation too literally, both are effective, it’s really a subtle difference, as far as effects on the climate or environment are concerned, there are no observable differences.

However this is also an advantage for the induction cloudbuster, because the fact that the normal CB attracts DOR from the sky also means that the pipes can temporarily be charged with DOR, whereas the induction cloudbuster doesn’t have this drawback. For electro-sensitive people an induction CB is much more suited thanks to the fact that it cannot accumulate DOR temporarily in/on the pipes and is hence easier to tolerate when it is placed in a location surrounded with DOR and other ‘pollutions’. In fact if you are electro-sensitive and would like to get an induction cloudbuster, you can contact me, I’ll make it more suited by adding even more wood shavings and rose quartz in the base, the cloudbuster will be slightly less ‘powerful’ but much softer and easier to tolerate and hence even good to place on a balcony just next to where you live.

Meanwhile, if you’re not electro-sensitive, i.e. you don’t feel bad next to a mobile phone or next to a wifi emitter or other electromagnetic sources, you have nothing to worry about, you won’t feel anything bad by being next to a cloudbuster, be it normal or induction. But beware, it’s still a very powerful orgonite if you’ve never had any orgonites before. Reactions like temporary headaches, small detox crises manifested as colds/flus, etc. should not be excluded at the beginning. Questions about Cloudbusters > Keeping a cloudbuster indoors?

One last thing, the complementarity of both types of cloudbusters can be explained thanks to what you read above. Since the normal cloudbuster more or less attracts DOR from the sky, if it is placed next to an induction cloudbuster it will be a source of temporary DOR which will in some way make the induction cloudbuster work more powerfully, since there is more DOR, there will be more POR generated by the base of the induction cloudbuster and hence it will induce even more POR in the pipes to be re-emitted towards the sky!
These are only personal interpretations, without being able to measure something concretely it’s hard to end up on precise conclusions. :)

The gaps between the pipes of the standard cloudbuster and induction one are not the same.
The spacer discs are not of the exact same size.
This is based on my own personal researches on the flower of life The 144 pattern

For the standard cloudbuster, for a pipe of diameter D, the spacing between the center of the 144 and the center of a pipe is, 3 x D x cos 30°, for example for a pipe of 28mm diameter, the spacing is of 7.27cm or 14.55 for two pipes opposed from the center. The position of the pipes is indicated by the bold black circles.

For the induction cloudbuster, for a pipe of diameter D, the spacing between the center of the 144 and the center of a pipe is of 3 x D, for example for a pipe of 28mm diameter, the distance is of 8.4cm or 16.8cm for two pipes opposed from the center. The position of the pipes is indicated by the bold black circles.

Don’t ask me questions about this subject (except if you have more insight to add to the topic! :D ), I cannot tell you more than that. I just followed my intuition, these schematics seem too perfect to just be a coincidence. :) From my understanding, the energy of the standard cloudbuster, with 7.27-14.55 cm spacing, gives a more yin/feminine energy and the induction cloudbuster, with spacing 8.4 – 16.8 cm, gives a more yang/masculine energy. The subjective feedback from my friend, Ia Orana Feng Shui, matches well with my intuition. According to his impressions, for cloudbusters with that precise spacing, the standard cloudbuster seems to form more of an energetical half-dome whereas the induction cloudbuster seems to create a vertical column spreading out at higher altitudes.

Torsion cloudbuster
This cloudbuster follows to the letter, instructions made by another very sensitive person in 2005, laozu, you can find the details here: Torsion Cloudbuster.
According to my friend cited here above, that cloudbuster seems to create a vortex opening up at the middle height of the cloudbuster, just like laozu describes it in his schematics.

More in depth, all cloudbusters (and orgonites for that matter) generate more or less a torus-shaped orgone field, like on the illustration below (but spiraling):

Depending on the orgonite the torus can be smaller, larger, higher, flatter, etc.
Concerning the cloudbusters, the standard cloudbuster seems to make the torus the least high and the least wide and therefore the densest (rather close to a spherical shape). That said, don’t forget that the size of the field is still in kilometers… The induction cloudbuster seems to make a torus much more elongated in height and not too wide. The torsion one is a little in between, less dense than the standard cloudbuster, but also less tall and wider than the induction one.

Remember also that there are several fields of action, it is impossible to define an exact field of action; closer, it will be stronger; further, it will be weaker and this is affected by the environment; the more the environment is natural, the more the field will be naturally wide because it will not have to be condensed to neutralize lots of close things around.

The following page will answer some other frequently asked questions about cloudbusters: Questions about Cloudbusters

The normal and torsion CBs are shipped with 6 single terminated quartz of about 5-7cm length, one for each pipe. The induction CB is shipped without any additional quartz for the pipes since they are not needed.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question about cloudbusters.

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Size copper cloudbuster

Size torsion:
Size cloudbuster torsion