Vegetable Garden 2015: Harvests

2015.02.15: These are harvests from last year crops, but it’s important, I want to learn to have winter vegetables, other than just cabbages. Onions, carrots and beetroots seem to hold on fine when left outside as is in winter.

2015.02.21: When doing some tidying up in the garden I found this huge black radish, 1,8kg! I didn’t see it for almost 6 months… Because there were other smaller ones, but eaten by insects, with holes etc. thus I thought it was the same for this one and never took it out of the ground to check it, I was astonished, it remained good (about 90%, the top was a bit old) during all that time!

2015.03.01: Again a black radish I had never seen and a red onion. :)

2015.04.09: the first wild radishes of the year! They grew while the temperatures were between 0-10°C! They are much more rustic than the ones I sowed (bought) which didn’t germinate yet… They were quite tender, but I had to removed the hardened skin, it seems it was so to protect them from the cold!

2015.06.14: In the previous years I presented all harvests, this year I decided to stop because they’re starting to become overwhelming, I will only report interesting harvests, for example vegetables that adapted to the region, out of the norm plants, etc. In this end of spring, there were already wuite a lot of strawberries and currants, and aromatic plants. I didn’t sow radishes, because I’m on a specific diet for detox and in my case radishes are not well suited, so that’s it, else there would have been quite a lot already! I keep/sow some just for seeds this year.

2015.07.17: A small update. During the last month I had around 2-3kg of shelled peas to eat and also 2,5kg of unshelled peas harvested. Which are now in the freezer.

These peas were sowed as a support for the potatoes, to help them grow better (leguminous plants -> nitrogen fixers).

We also must have eaten between 1 and 2kg of wild strawberries, when they have good growing conditions they can become quite big! Warmth, sun and humidity. The place where they grow best is on stones, with a souther exposure, the back of the stones keeps humidity, the stones keep the heat and all of it in full sun.

And the first harvest of potatoes, ‘chéries’ I think. 12.5kg on 3m².