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Induction Tower Buster (incl. VAT 20.00%)


Order ITB (~1kg, 6 ITBs)
1 kg (6 ITBs) (€11.30/ITB) @ €67.80

Induction orgonite TB (Tower Buster) with sanded/smoothed edges, made of polyester resin, aluminium shavings, a chip of white/transparent quartz and a chip of rose quartz. I add rose quartz to center the energies of the orgonites on the heart chakra, I like rose quartz! The aluminium shavings contain a tiny amount of wood shavings (1-2%) to also include the energies of nature in each orgonite, which are also well centered on the heart chakra energies; joy, peace, love and gratitude; the energetic aspects that seem the most important for all living beings.

Only available in grey/silverish (colourless)

One ITB weighs around 150 grams, the are sold by the kilo, one kilo containing 6 ITBs.

These orgonites can have some imperfections and coloured spots on the sides.

Specificity of induction orgonite:

The name ‘induction’ has been chosen, because orgone is transferred from one place to the other without electrically conducting contact, which is somewhat similar to induction applied to electric circuits, where a current flow can be transferred from one wire to the other without direct contact.

If you are familiar with the concept of the orgone accumulator of Wilhelm Reich, you will easily understand what is different in the orgonites compared to standard ones.

The original Wilhelm Reich orgone accumulator is a box composed layers of organic/inorganic materials (conducting/insulating) which accumulate orgone in one direction, as shown on the image below.

Orgone accumulator

Simply imagine that this box is closed on the top, then orgone on the outside of the box would be accumulated toward the inside as indicated by the green arrows. The only downside to these accumulators was that they could accumulate Positive ORgone (POR) as well as negative orgone (Deadly ORgone, DOR).

Induction orgonites uses exactly the same principle, except that here we place the orgone accumulator right in the middle of an orgonite, since orgonite transmutes all negative/deadly orgone to positive orgone, we are sure to only accumulate positive orgone!

Orgone induction accumulator

Here the orgone accumulator is simply an electric cable which acts exactly like an orgone accumulator, hence the name: The orgone generated by the orgonite is induced inside the cable to be directed wherever needed.

The induction TB is based on that simple principle.

Induction orgonite

There is a cable in a ‘U’ shape plunged in normal orgonite, in which the orgone generated by the orgonite is accumulated.

Finally the induction TB is built as shown below, there is a layer of pure resin acting as an electrical insulator to separate the orgonite part from the part where the accumulated orgone is transmitted (which is just resin and metal without quartz).

Induction orgonite

This induction principle makes these orgonites more ‘effective’ than standard orgonites, because a standard orgonite simply transmutes (Deadly ORgone) DOR into (Positive ORgone) POR (which is still more than good!), but in an induction Tower Buster, not only the orgonite part transmutes DOR into POR, but the more DOR is transmuted, the more POR is accumulated by the cable and transmitted to the other part which will emit even more POR on top of the DOR transmuted by the normal orgonite.

However, do not think that normal orgonites are useless, they are still very useful, I use them everywhere. But in terms of price/efficiency the induction TBs are better, as one of those is approximately equivalent to 2-3 normal TBs, just because of the simple fact explained above, the more DOR is transmuted, the more POR is accumulated on top of the POR generated by the orgonite itself. These ITBs can transmute more DOR than standard TBs for equivalently sized pieces.

In fact just a simple insulated electric cable plunged inside an orgonite adds that orgone accumulation property to the orgonite, the small resin/metal layer is just added to make the ITB nicer. An orgonite with copper wires extending outside of it randomly is just not very nice or practical…

Also based on this principle you can easily understand that an orgonite placed on a piece of plastic (or something electrically insulating) which is then placed on a metallic surface will also create that accumulation/induction effect in the metal. All is simply based on the original orgone accumulator of Wilhelm Reich; alternating layers of organic/inorganic (insulating/conducting) materials direct/accumulate orgone in a specific direction.

But also remember what a Faraday cage is when you do that. For example if you think that putting an orgonite inside plastic wrap and then inside aluminium wrap would accumulate orgone toward the exterior. It would work, but the aluminium casing will also prevent any EMF (electromagnetic fields) signals from penetrating inside the orgonite (it is a Faraday cage) thus such a setup would not be very useful to transmute DOR coming from surrounding EMF sources!

Don’t forget that even is the absence of any EMF pollutions and other pollutions, orgonite still produces POR anyway. And if there are EMF pollutions around the orgonite will still generate the basic POR and on top of that even more POR from the transmuted pollutions. An induction orgonite will generate even more POR, since it will also have accumulated POR on top of the generated/transmuted POR.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. (you can use the contact page for that)

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Weight: ~150 g