Greenhouse 2014 (Setup, first uses)

This project was also an important one for 2014. There isn’t much to be said, I leave you to enjoy some pictures.
We built a 3x6m (18m²) greenhouse to have some space for early sowing.

2014.02.08 - SDC10074 2014.02.09 - SDC10080 2014.03.04 - SDC10090 2014.04.10 - SDC10103 2014.04.10 - SDC10104 2014.04.10 - SDC10105

The greenhouse was already quite useful for the tomatoes I sowed, after staying at home for 1 and a half month (already way too long) in a small indoor greenhouse, I moved them to this greenhouse so that they could keep on growing while waiting to be put outside mid spring. I always was careful to keep them well oriented wrt. the north, as you can see, there’s a magnetized grid underneath, it needs to be aligned with the earth magnetic field.
2014.04.19 - SDC10184

2014.05.01 - SDC10094

Many more sowing from my friend and partner in all the gardening experiments! :) :)
2014.05.01 - SDC10096 2014.05.01 - SDC10097

Other plants coming from other people joined in the adventure (mostly tomatoes).
2014.06.08 - SDC10015

We planted some tomatoes in the ground to not have to water them.
A l’avant de la photo sur la droite, ce sont des poivrons! Ils sont vraiment lents, semés en même temps que les tomates.
2014.06.08 - SDC10016

2014.06.08 - SDC10017

The are also aspargus, that was a try, but that’s very complicated, you need a good installation to let them grow happily, it’s quite an art to start from the seed (they all died at the beginning on 2015…)

A bit more planning in front of the greenhouse, but that’s more for 2015!

I didn’t enjoy any of the fruits of the greenhouse, but my friend did (he lives very close to it, I’m much farther!), he got quite a lot of tomatoes!