Gifting of the channel, Guildford, Maidstone june 2014

When I went to the UK to collect my polyester resin pigments I also used this opportunity to gift a tiny bit, I had about 220 TBs of which just a couple ITBs.

Here’s what was left after having gifted a bit less than 100 in the channel on the way to the UK.

I gifted a small part of the canal in Guildford with around 40 TBs.
SDC10025 SDC10026 SDC10027 SDC10028 SDC10030 SDC10032

The map of what I have done.

I also gifted a small dozen of TBs in Tonbridge, of which for in that canal.

And another day I gifted the Medway river goign through Maidstone with about 50 TBs.
SDC10034 SDC10035 SDC10036 SDC10037 SDC10038 SDC10040

Here’s the map for Maidstone.

On the way back I gifted the remaining TBs in the channel once again. If I counted properly while throwing, 27 exactly.