Vegetable Garden 2014: Landscaping, sowing, planting

This year i’m finally getting to the end of the plan I wanted, finally, after having replaced all the soil last year on a dpeth of around 30-40cm, to no have anymore clay, but have an approximate mix of 25% wood shaving, 25% cut grass and various organic matter, 25% clay and about 25% loam. This year I could start the final phase, make raised beds (9 of 3x1m and 3 of 3.5x1m) and a place for a pyramid shaped greenhouse of 3x3m. The purpose of the raised beds is to demarcate the zones where we can walk and the zones where to plant, to not ever again walk on those to not pack the soil, so that I won’t ever need to dig/aerate the soil manually because it won’t pack itself as when often trampled on.

In the beginning of December 2013 I prepared all the wooden beams for the raised beds:
2013.12.08 - SDC10002

Here’s the initial plan, which is quite close to the final result, the pyramid is just a bit offset to the east and there will be 3 raised beds on the left, not 4.