Gifting TB

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Order Gifting TB (1kg, ~10 TBs)

Round orgonite TB (Tower Buster) for all usages (to gift..). made of polyester resin, aluminium shavings, a chip of white/transparent quartz and a chip of rose quartz. I add rose quartz to center the energies of the orgonites on the heart chakra, I like rose quartz! The aluminium shavings contain a tiny amount of wood shavings (1-2%) to also include the energies of nature in each orgonite, which are also well centered on the heart chakra energies; joy, peace, love and gratitude; the energetic aspects that seem the most important for all living beings.

Unlike other orgonites sold here, borders are not sanded (they can be sharp), some bits can come off from the non-sanded borders, they are not cleaned, metal bits can stick out, be quite deformed etc. These are basic orgonites for gifting, like I personally use since years.

One TB can weigh 80g or 120g, they are simply sold by the kilo, so for 10kg you might receive 110 or 90 pieces.. It all depends on the approximate sizes.

Additional information (Regarding all orgonites on the website)

Gifting TBs are not cleaned at all, a large parcel of those will have quite a smell of resin! Without any clean-up, the non-catalyzed layer of resin can take many years to dissipate by itself, when the temperatures are quite warm you’ll be able to smell the resin evaporating, and that’s slightly toxic, there are only bacterias in nature to take care of decomposing that stuff correctly, that’s why I mostly recommend these orgonites for outside use.