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Round Tower Buster (incl. VAT 20.00%)


Order Round TB (1kg, 10 TBs)
1kg (10 TBs) (€5.55-5.43/TB) @ €54.30

Round orgonite TB (Tower Buster) with sanded/smoothed edges, made of polyester resin, aluminium shavings, a chip of white/transparent quartz and a chip of rose quartz. I add rose quartz to center the energies of the orgonites on the heart chakra, I like rose quartz! The aluminium shavings contain a tiny amount of wood shavings (1-2%) to also include the energies of nature in each orgonite, which are also well centered on the heart chakra energies; joy, peace, love and gratitude; the energetic aspects that seem the most important for all living beings.

Available in 6 colours, included grey/silverish (colourless) which is in fact the normal appearance devoid of colour pigments.

One TB weighs around 90g, they are sold by batches of ~1kg, each batch containing 10 TBs.

To choose a colour, click ‘add to cart’ and you’ll be able to choose the colour.

The ‘mixed colours’ option for 10 TBs includes; 2 golden TBs, 2 violet TBs, 2 blue TBs, 2 green TBs and 2 red TBs.

The name ‘Tower Buster’ is the original name of these orgonites which usually weigh around 3oz (~85g), the name was chosen because originally these orgonites were made to be placed next to antennas masts and all sorts of electromagnetic transmitters to transmute/neutralize the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiations (EMR). They are still used mostly for that application, though these orgonites are great for all sorts of uses, indoors and outdoors.

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Orgonite Round Tower Buster

Weight: ~90 g