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This cone activates in a very balanced way the yin/feminine energies with an ascending spiral that lets energy circulate from bottom to top through us. It is strong and gentle at the same time. It crosses all the chakras, from bottom to top, to gush out this energy at the top.
It does not connect us specifically to the earth or the sky, this effect is felt inside the body.
This orgonite radiates a very joyous energy, harmonious and soothing.

Created by Fabien.

Composition: copper, brass, bronze, cupro (aluminum/copper alloy), magnesium, amethyst, orange calcite, carnelian, citrine, red jasper, peridot, rose quartz, selenite, black tourmaline.
Dimensions: diameter, 10.5 cm. Height, 7 cm.
Weight: 370g

Finish: complete (Types of finishes)

General information:
The description is made by a friend sensitive to subtle energies.
This description can not be more precise, just as it is impossible for a psychologist to tell an individual immediately and exactly why he/she has such a concern, nor how long it will take to be settled, nor how it will happen.
What will happen between you and the orgonite will be unique and suited to you and/or the environment.

All orgonites have the same basic effects:
  • Neutralize the negative effects of EM fields.
  • Energize water, food, minerals, etc.
  • Harmonize/neutralize natural faults, such as Curry lines cross, Hartmann, etc.
  • Globally strengthen the vitality of all living things: plants, animals, humans.

Each addition (stone, plant, seashell, etc.) has a unique influence that adds itself to this common base, like spices/herbs added to a basic dish.

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