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Orgonite very connected to the violet flame, as the name suggests it. :) It deploys a main field of action of about ten meters of radius and subtly much wider. It unifies all the energies of a place in the vibration of the violet flame, it transmutes and purifies constantly smoothly, but all with power too. It is gentle, but you should not underestimate its power.

At the beginning it brings up all the incoherent energies of the place to harmonize and transmute them in depth. Once the bulk of the work is done, the energy of the place becomes very stable, fluid and soothing.

It is made to be moved, do not hesitate to bring it here and there if you feel like it (outside or inside), afterwards if you feel that it is too strong in a place, for example next to your bed after months ;) , move it further away. If you want to enjoy it personally, you can also point it towards you for a good bath of transmutation of violet energy. It does not need to stay in the same place in your place, it will continue to work anywhere no matter where it is placed for more temporary personal needs.

It needs to be reconnected to nature a few times (2-3) in the year for a few hours or days depending on your envy, placing it outside for it to breathe and recalibrate. Compared to almost all other orgonites here, which are immutable, ie. that their energy does not change; If it is so it is always mentioned. The violet torch has an interesting aspect in that it updates itself with the terrestrial energies, it needs a little update of the nature (just fresh air, or sunlight, or some grounding is enough) from time to time, not to purify itself, it is made for life to transmute indefinitely without ever accumulating any negative charge. It is so that it recalibrates with the energies of the planet which are in constant evolution.

Created by Fabien, Julien.

Composition: gold, copper, aluminum, soil, amethyst, hematite, rock crystal, rose quartz.
Dimensions: diameter, 16 cm. Height, 45 cm.
Weight: 4141g

Torch size: M (Torch sizes)

Finish: complete (Types of finishes)

General information:
The description is made by a friend sensitive to subtle energies.
This description can not be more precise, just as it is impossible for a psychologist to tell an individual immediately and exactly why he/she has such a concern, nor how long it will take to be settled, nor how it will happen.
What will happen between you and the orgonite will be unique and suited to you and/or the environment.

All orgonites have the same basic effects:
  • Neutralize the negative effects of EM fields.
  • Energize water, food, minerals, etc.
  • Harmonize/neutralize natural faults, such as Curry lines cross, Hartmann, etc.
  • Globally strengthen the vitality of all living things: plants, animals, humans.

Each addition (stone, plant, seashell, etc.) has a unique influence that adds itself to this common base, like spices/herbs added to a basic dish.

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