Orgonite and 5G

2020: Questions about this subject come up often, so I offer you a detailed answer.

The questions that come up the most are like this:

  • What is the best orgonite to protect from 5G?
  • Does orgonite work to protect against 5G?
  • How to use orgonites for 5G?
  • What can we do against 5G?
  • etc.

You are invited to take the time to read this page very calmly and in all its length, because as with other complicated subjects, people panic, mix and amalgamate the subjects without even understanding much about the subject. I have already seen the same frenzy pass at the time of the transition from 3G to 4G, people said that it was going to be the end of the world, etc.
For your information, I am neither for 5G, nor against, as in any subject, I find that there is good and bad, what is shocking each time is the panic of some and the frenzy of others, there is never a good middleground to study subjects patiently and in detail. Some humans tend to go headlong in new directions without taking their time, which means that sooner or later the consequences of these impulsive actions have to be faced. At the same time other humans panic at the idea of ​​a change and strongly criticize these advancing people, without really trying to understand the subject. We need to find a good middleground, not to advance too quickly, nor to be resistant to change, unfortunately for the moment this good middleground exists only too rarely in our society.

What is 5G?
5G is an evolution of 4G, it has 3 major technical evolutions that we will discuss without going into too much detail. The deployment of 5G is also planned in two fairly distinct stages which we must also be aware of.

New technical features
The 3 main improvements compared to 4G are: shortened connection “paths” between two communicating devices (reduced latency), multidirectional antennas and higher frequencies.

  1. The first improvement is important for the telecommunications network, but in terms of waves it does not change anything. It is a technical evolution of the network which allows a communication to find the shortest path, ie. imagine that you send an SMS to a friend living 100km away, at present your SMS will be received by the antenna connected to your mobile, then the data of the SMS will be propagated towards several other network points (by wired network or aerial) until it arrives at the antenna which will transmit it to your friend’s mobile. The problem with the current technology is that data can pass through lots of useless points (and even very far away) which only lengthen time from one point to another and overload certain parts of the network unnecessarily. Each additional interconnect adds about 5-10 milliseconds more. It’s nothing for a call or a text message, but if it is a matter of controlling a very precise machine from a distance, a reaction time of 10ms or 50ms can make a big difference. With the improvements of the 5G network, data will pass through the shortest paths possible, which will make the network less congested and have less latency/delay. This is important for the vision of connected objects that some technophiles of this world have, the more there will be connected objects the better it will be that the networks are the least congested possible.
  2. The second improvement is the use of multidirectional antennas. Currently, a 2G/3G/4G antenna transmits the same signal in all directions, which means that it transmits the signal for your mobile in a lot of unnecessary directions. The antennas provided for 5G work with a principle of “phased array” which allows to orient the signal and there are several dozen mini antennas (even hundreds) per antenna. So a 5G antenna (here we are talking about an entire panel placed on a mast) contains a lot of mini antennas which allows it to transmit specifically in a more precise direction, this saves energy by not transmitting in unnecessary directions and also to use one or more antennas in the same direction to boost the signal when necessary.
  3. The third improvement is the use of higher frequencies. Until now the frequencies used by 2G/3G/4G generally did not go beyond 3.5 GHz. With 5G it is planned to use much higher frequencies, especially around 26-28 GHz, but also more widely from 3 GHz to 60 GHz. This is necessary in order to be able to increase the bandwidth of the connection, because at present, being globally limited between 800 MHz (0.8 GHz) and 3.5 GHz, the speed cannot be significantly increased. Because for that it would be necessary to be able to allocate, for example, a single frequency band from 2 GHz to 3 GHz for a single mobile, which will limit the number of other phones that can connect at the same time. From 0.8 GHz to 3.5 GHz, you can make 2 connections of this kind, one from 1 to 2 GHz, the other from 2 to 3 GHz and everything is almost used. Whereas with a much wider frequency band from 3 to 60 GHz, you can allocate 3-4 GHz to one phone, 4-5 to another, 5-6 to another, etc. There is enough to do this for 50 simultaneous connections. With the current frequencies between 0.8 and 3.5 GHz, a connection to a mobile allocates in general around 100 MHz (0.1 GHz), which limits the transfer rate quite significantly.

Deployment steps
Overall there are two quite distinct, right now, in 2020, we are only in the early stages of the first step.

  1. The first step of deployment.
    Right now we can say that what is being deployed is 4G+, it is not yet the planned 5G as expected when it will be fully deployed. The telecommunication companies are in the process of deploying the improvements 1 and 2 mentioned above, ie. improve the interconnection network between the transmission antennas to reduce latency times/delays and set up panels with multidirectional mini-antennas.
  2. The second stage of deployment is the use of higher frequencies, beyond 3-3.5 GHz.
    It is far from being tested in full-scale, there are still lots of technical problems to solve, mobilephones are still totally not ready, the higher frequency bands are not yet allocated in lots of countries, etc. The panels currently deployed do not yet support these new frequencies.

I therefore allow myself to take a quick tour of the erroneous information that is present on the internet at the moment.

  • Use of very high frequencies
    The use of frequencies beyond 5-6 GHz is technically very problematic, for 5G it hasn’t even started. The attributions of these frequencies to the mobile operators are hardly started in a majority of countries in the world and the technical problems associated with the use of these frequencies are multiple.
    Do note that high frequencies are already in use since 10-20 years for radio-relay systems, with these drums that everyone can observe at the top of large telecommunications masts.
    They can use frequencies between 0 and 80 GHz.
    These drums are used to propagate a signal in a straight line, in front of one of these drums, at 5, 10, 20, 50km there must necessarily be another drum opposite perfectly positioned for communication to take place. These drums are used to avoid digging trenches and pulling cables from one antenna to another. It would be really better if they pulled cables to avoid having all these extra waves… Just know that they have been around for a long time and that high frequencies are already used.
    These drums are even already used in cities for communications from one building to another for certain companies, in a straight line in very high floors where there is no obstacle between two buildings.
    Orgonites have already shown their effects thousands of times with these drums, so we also know that they are ready for the massive arrival of these high frequencies in the urban world. Even if once again, I am not very happy with these technological developments made without paying much attention to the health impacts.
    Very high frequencies cannot generally be easily used in a dense urban environment, that’s why there are still a lot of technical problems to be resolved for the real 5G as it is imagined. High frequencies, beyond 5-10 GHz, penetrate very badly through buildings, human bodies and any other obstacle. You need free air, windows, paper/plastic and nothing else. It will always be the lowest frequencies that will be used to make connections through denser walls and materials. So to receive 5G at 1Gbps in an apartment it will be necessary to have a 5G antenna in a straight line somewhere not far away and which passes through the window, the use of these high frequencies will be completely impossible if there is a wall in the path. This is why the principle of very precise multidirectional antennas is important. These antennas must detect when it is possible to use such or such frequency towards a telephone, based on the obstacles which are between the antenna and this mobile.
    It is also why it is true that there will probably be a frenzy to cut trees and other obstacles in the environment to allow 5G to pass and why antennas will be needed everywhere. Because it must also be understood that the high frequencies of microwaves cannot emit very far, the signals at 60 GHz for example cannot emit a well detectable signal further than 1-2km (on the contrary a signal of 800 MHz/0.8 GHz can easily be received several tens of kilometers away, this is why television by antenna uses frequencies between 500 and 800 MHz).
    That said, at the moment there has been a lot of false information about trees that have been cut in cities and where it has been blamed on 5G, when it was always for reasons of urban planning, too old trees, reconstruction of an avenue, etc. even if sometimes these actions are sometimes still absurd. At present, in 2020, this is useless because no equipment deployed on a large scale in an urban environment emits at those frequencies, but it is good to remain vigilant on this aspect. If one day it will really be necessary to cut a lot of trees everywhere to allow for the arrival of 5G at very high speed, this will probably not be done so easily and will even be an obstacle to an all-out use of 5G, because it will really have to disfigure our environment. But it will also be necessary to construct buildings with walls made of materials other than concrete, the use of frequencies above 10 GHz in a dense urban environment is a real headache. Just as the use of these high frequencies in a sparse rural environment, because it will take a lot of antennas close to each house to serve signals at 10-30 GHz, this is simply absurd and economically unsustainable. Burying fiber optic cables will be much cheaper.

  • The frequency of 60 GHz and oxygen
    There is a lot of false information on this subject right now too.
    The frequency of 60 GHz corresponds to lines of absorption of oxygen and water vapor, so the weakening of radio waves at these frequencies is very important. Put more simply, water vapor and oxygen greatly block the passage of signals at frequencies of 60 GHz, which means that these frequencies have not been allocated historically, more precisely the band of 57-64 GHz, because nobody considered them interesting. Nowadays, imagining a wifi router just for a room is possible, even sometimes preferable because it prevents the signal from going out of the room, which is a good measure of security. So the 60 GHz frequencies are starting to interest the industry, for people/objects detection/counting radars too. Since these frequencies were not attractive at one time, there is no license to use these frequencies today in most countries, which makes them very attractive. Otherwise one has to pay dearly to create devices using such or such frequencies.
    These frequencies, due to their technical characteristics have advantages of non-interference between them, because they only go in the desired direction, for any other direction, since oxygen and water vapor absorb them, they do not spread.
    There is already, since around 2013, a WiFi standard (IEEE802.11ad) called WiGig using frequencies at 60 GHz to offer theoretical speeds of 2GBps, but it is the industry that is trying to go too fast. Because in practical use few people manage to get a better speed than WiFi in 2-5 GHz. These extraordinary speeds only work a few meters from the router and very badly. Yet these WiGig routers began to be marketed in 2016, in 4 years of existence this technology is still almost unusable in the real world.
    We can already see the limits of the absurd use of these high frequencies. There is sensational publicity for real results that are actually completely unusable.
    Even in a very narrow straight line, as explained above for the drums, these very high frequencies only work for distances of 1-2km, drums which transmit at 10, 20, 50km use much lower frequencies. At the moment there are no wireless technology capable of competing with the transfer rates of fiber optics.
    There are already 60 GHz drums used for urban communications of less than 1-1.5 km, but for these drums to work they must be placed in areas where there is absolutely no obstacle between them, otherwise they cannot work. They are generally used in high places in large cities to pass a signal from one building to another not too far away.
  • Hundreds of birds killed by 5G
    These types of stories were already widespread for the transition from 3G to 4G too, there is none that has been proven true over time, there are cases where there is no answer. But for example, a recent case about dead birds in the Netherlands at the Hague in the Huijgenspark in 2020 or at the end of 2019 for the 5G test. However it turns out that this mass death took place in October 2018 for partially understandable reasons (dead birds with bruises, due to high speed shocks).

    Or this photo, which was massively shared about a 5G bird slaughter.
    This photo is real, that being said the death of these birds is due to a storm in Rome which brought down a tree which brought tons of birds with it, the death of the birds is really located around this tree.

The frequencies used today have not changed much. The connection of the mobile panels/antennas, as in the photo below, shows it.

The connexions of these antennas have always been very similar for years, the frequencies are always between 0.8 GHz and 3-3.5 GHz. Since the era of 2G…
37423-rv4-65d-r5-v5-connector-end-view-4-9-18-jpg tbxlha-6565c-vtm_1

5G antennas can actually use higher frequencies, but for the moment it is generally limited to 6 GHz.

Health implications
Having explained all the broad outlines of the subject, in these technical details, I must approach the health aspect, but calmly.
It was necessary to straighten out the subject, dead birds in droves, 60 GHz, breathing difficulties due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and many other aberrations published on social networks are just false.
I understand the panic of many people who are afraid of health repercussions, large-scale tracking, overuse of technology, etc. But this panic also makes people believe in a lot of things that only amplify the panic, when they are false.

That is not to say that the deployment of 5G should be taken lightly. I am personally generally against it, but I also see some good things in it, unfortunately they come linked with many bad aspects!
For example, the principle of very precise multidirectional antennas is really a principle which makes sense, the antennas would no longer emit unnecessarily in unwanted directions. But on the other hand there is no limit for the moment to how many antennas could transmit towards a mobile, a person could be somewhere with 8 antennas transmitting towards it.
The principle of energy saving is also useful.
The principle of having faster connections (especially response time) is also useful and this evolution has nothing to do with changes in the radiowaves.
On the other hand, the use of very high frequencies when it is clearly demonstrated that these frequencies are strongly absorbed by living beings is very bad, given how it is developing at present. Because from a purely theoretical point of view, normally this would be good, because the antennas should only transmit when the conditions are good, that is to say that there is no obstacle between the antenna and the object to connect to. In this case there is no reason to worry about the direct health effects on an animal/human, since there will be nothing in the way of the waves.
But, in practice, the theory is not applied, we can already see it with manufacturers who have been trying to sell WiFi routers (WiGig) at 60 GHz since around 2016, these routers still do not implement any of the selectivity rules of 5G wave emission, that is, emit only when there is no obstacle. This is what is fundamentally wrong every time, the ideas are good, but they are deployed so quickly that in the end it lacks three quarters of the original idea. Obstacle detection technologies are still in research, it will take time for them to work well, meanwhile manufacturers will most likely already try to deploy 5G without all of what it is supposed to be.

That being said, even if antennas emit at 30-60 Ghz only when there is no obstacle, it still does not take into account the effects of these radiowaves on the environment. They will obviously not have a direct impact on living beings, since they are not supposed to be emitted on a living being, but these waves interact with matter in ways that are still almost not documented. With orgonites we have very striking results of the effects of these waves on a large scale on the climate, even if they are non-ionizing and supposedly harmless, their effects on the climate are clear in certain situations.
In Spain, there are antennas along the whole coast, with drums (radio-relay systems) which relay signals from one antenna to another, a person had placed orgonites at most of these antennas around 2010, on almost 2000 km of the coastline. These antennas clearly created a kind of invisible barrier that prevented rain coming from the Atlantic from entering Spain. Once all these antennas were gifted (orgonites added close) there was much more rain coming from the Atlantic. Before that they were really blocked.
Of course, it would also be necessary to take into account the effects of atmospheric pollutants, which tamper with precipitations or modify the movements of air masses by causing or preventing rainfall, warming/cooling the atmosphere by reflecting the sun or infrared rays, etc. this is still relevant. The subject is very broad.

Non-ionizing waves, even in the open air, have effects that are still largely ignored by science. Thus, since science and industry do not consider these effects, they do not conduct any researches. We continue to deploy technologies whose effects on a large scale are completely unknown.

The effects on living beings do not even need to be mentioned, there are so many studies that are ignored. If 5G was really properly deployed it could help mitigate the effects of the waves by transmitting only in the desired directions and when necessary, but we unfortunately know that private companies are still going too fast and do things always halfway.

Thus, if 5G is deployed without all the technology it is supposed to be, the fact that the waves in the frequencies of 10-60 GHz and more are very absorbed by any obstacle is one of the subjects of most concern for some scientists. Because these frequencies have wavelengths that will make human hair act like antennas, insects with their antennas will pick up these frequencies too, etc. It is undeniable that this will have harmful repercussions on the health of many living beings. Again, as in the past, these effects are subtle and mild in most cases, but accumulated over long periods of time these effects become harmful, like those that are now known with regards to brain tumors that form after heavy use for more than 10 years on the side of the ear which has been very exposed to a mobile phone. At the moment we cannot predict exactly what these new frequencies will do, but it is obvious that they will have deleterious effects.
The effects of high power waves have also been proven for years, some trees placed in front of transmitting antennas have a large part of their foliage which is totally killed.

A study has been done on this subject, the results are clear.
Review: Weak radiofrequency radiation exposure from mobile phone radiation on plants
Our analysis demonstrates that the data from a substantial amount of the studies on RF-EMFs from mobile phones show physiological and/or morphological effects (89.9%, p < 0.001). Additionally, our analysis of the results from these reported studies demonstrates that the maize, roselle, pea, fenugreek, duckweeds, tomato, onions and mungbean plants seem to be very sensitive to RF-EMFs. Our findings also suggest that plants seem to be more responsive to certain frequencies, especially the frequencies between (i) 800 and 1500 MHz (p < 0.0001), (ii) 1500 and 2400 MHz (p < 0.0001) and (iii) 3500 and 8000 MHz (p = 0.0161)

Having said that, it should be remembered that you mustn’t believe in everything and anything too quickly, there are also trees that die from prolonged, repeated droughts and empty water tables. With the waves, the trees show signs, often with one part of the tree dead and the other alive, but an antenna will not kill an entire forest.
EH5l6a3X4AI_Ejj EH5l6a2X4AEDTIx
On the other hand, as explained above, artificial waves have little documented effects on the climate, the accumulation of artificial waves in the environment can very clearly cause disturbances which lead for example to exacerbate droughts and therefore cause the slow death of forests.

Not to mention the SpaceX/Starlink satellites etc. which will further increase the density of artificial waves in the environment.

The potential effects of artificial waves on living beings are well demonstrated by many scientific studies: Scientific publications on the effects of artificial microwaves on living beings

There is another important aspect to take into account on this subject, all artificial electromagnetic waves are polarized. This is the most important difference between natural electromagnetic waves, which have globally random polarizations, and artificial electromagnetic waves, which have fixed polarizations. The density of artificial electromagnetic waves has considerably increased in the human environment since the years 1990-2000, but what makes them have cumulative deleterious effects is their fixed polarization. Because there are lots of natural electromagnetic waves from everywhere, visible light, infrared, UV-A, UV-B, but these natural waves have random polarizations, that way they do not disturb the living world, which has been used to them for millennia.
The proliferation of artificial waves in our environment is clearly a problem that will one day have to be taken into account, because the cumulation of these polarized waves creates interference zones where the power of these waves becomes large enough to induce effects on living cells, at minimal scales of a few tens of millivolts, very locally, therefore difficult to detect by measuring devices. These electrical potentials are sufficient to affect the permeability of the cells and for example disturb the exchange processes of ions of calcium, potassium, sodium, etc. in the human body.
For more details on this subject: What’s orgonite > Polarization

The usage of orgonites in all of this?

So here we are with the recommendations to tell you which orgonites to use, how and why.
First there is this general message on all descriptions of unique orgonites:

General information:
The description is made by a friend sensitive to subtle energies.
This description can not be more precise, just as it is impossible for a psychologist to tell an individual immediately and exactly why he/she has such a concern, nor how long it will take to be settled, nor how it will happen.
What will happen between you and the orgonite will be unique and suited to you and/or the environment.

All orgonites have the same basic effects:
  • Neutralize the negative effects of EM fields.
  • Energize water, food, minerals, etc.
  • Harmonize/neutralize natural faults, such as Curry lines cross, Hartmann, etc.
  • Globally strengthen the vitality of all living things: plants, animals, humans.

Each addition (stone, plant, seashell, etc.) has a unique influence that adds itself to this common base, like spices/herbs added to a basic dish.

For a more complete explanation of something that can not be summarized in a few lines, you can visit these links:

This applies to all orgonites on this site, it is the basis of the effects of any orgonite.
They all have the effect to “Neutralize the negative effects of EM fields.”.
This is explained in more detail on this page: What’s orgonite > Technical explanations of orgonite

As also explained in the above section: Health implications, there are already a lot of past results from using orgonites on the climate during giting on a large scale on transmitting antennas. Because these already have drums (relays/radio-relay systems) transmitting at frequencies up to 80 GHz since more than 10-20 years, although in reality these drums most often emit around 5-15 GHz because the higher frequencies don’t go far enough.
Orgonites have already shown their effects on the climate with these antennas many times in the past, you can see it on the Blog which describes some of my own giftings. It is always a very similar effect, when the climatic conditions lend themselves to it, the sky uncovers itself and forms a sort of thinning/circular opening in the clouds above certain antennas and/or areas. It is an effect very similar to that which also occurs sporadically above a Cloudbuster.

Orgonites work on the frequencies of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 7A, 8G, etc. It’s that simple.
As explained above: Deployment steps, when the frequencies will increase, it will also work, even if this evolution is still far from being massively deployed.

Whether for WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 7G it’s the same, all orgonites work equally well, if someone says somewhere that it requires an evolution of orgonite (to add certain metals , certain stones, certain shapes, etc.), this is simply not true. Any well fabricated orgonite (Basic rules to make orgonites) works very well to neutralize the harmful effects of microwaves for any frequency.
This is explained in more detail here: What’s orgonite > Frequencies with which orgonites can interact
An orgonite works for waves at all frequencies present on our planet! All those that exist and are used today (artificial and natural), but also for all those to come.
This has been the case since the beginning of the existence of orgonites and it will remain so.

It is also good to re-specify, as it is explained in the first box here: What’s orgonite > Properties of materials in orgonite.

Do not expect artificial waves to disappear, orgonites do not work like this, they decrease the harmful effects of these waves on our body, they help living beings to react differently to waves, to be less affected. The sources emitting the waves cannot change, but the orgonites act on the environment and the artificial waves present with, described briefly, two complementary processes:

  • They reestablish a greater and more stable equilibrium in the coalescence fractals of the surrounding environment. Which is beneficial for all living things.
  • They promote a more random polarization of all waves and therefore artificial waves, when there are enough orgonites distributed fairly homogeneously.

This effect occurs with all types and frequencies of waves, it’s as simple as that.

There is just one type of orgonite on this site which seems to be more effective against the radiowaves than the others, these are the Induction TB.
It is still not clear exactly why, but the feedback from people who are slightly electro-sensitive, or very electro-sensitive, always go in this direction.
It is explained a little here: “Operating Instructions” for orgonites > How many orgonites are required for…?. Feedback from people who did gifting on antennas has often indicated that an Induction TB had as much effect as 2-4 basic TB.

How to place orgonites and how many?
This is explained in a very simple fashion here: “Operating Instructions” for orgonites > Where/how to place/use orgonite?

As a general rule just place the orgonite the closest to where you want the positive effect. If it’s to transmute the electromagnetic waves of a WiFi router, place the orgonite on it, or under, or next to it. If its’ for a plant place the orgonite at the base of the plant. If it’s to purify/energise water or drinking water put the orgonite just next to the bottle/jug etc. If it’s for yourself, just keep it in your pocket or bag or wherever you can keep it, close to your bed or under your bed if you are prone to sleeping problems, it might help, even a lot for some.

To go into more detail, specifically regarding electromagnetic waves, the best thing to do is to have some Induction TB(s) to place near the objects that emit the most, or in the path where the waves come from, if you know it. And a few more basic TB(s) to disperse in or around your home.
Gifting TB(s) do the job very well too, they’re just a little less pretty.

Having orgonites dispersed in a fairly homogeneous way in a house, or around a house, means that the harmful effects of artificial waves coming from outside are generally neutralized. As explained just before, by the two complementary processes. Firstly they restore a greater balance in the coalescence fractals in the close environment, secondly, if distributed everywhere on/in the place, they promote a more random polarization of the artificial waves.

The only concrete observation of these effects which has already been observed many times is in apartments surrounded by several wifi transmitters. Often a person can observe in this environment that there are 10-20 and more wifi networks picked up on a computer or smartphone.
After scattering 10-20 orgonites (TBs) around the apartment, many people observed that all the very weak wifi networks disappeared. This is due to the randomization of polarization that occurs. Polarization is a property of waves that is often forgotten, because everything is done nowadays to capture regardless of the direction of the polarization, with multidirectional reception antennas. But if you observe the transmitting antennas, they are often vertical, to emit a circular field around the antenna; a vertically polarized field.
Most of the artificial waves emitted have a fixed polarization, generally vertical.
The orgonites scattered in a house will pick up and re-emit the waves and randomize the polarization due to the totally random positioning of the metal shavings which pick up/reflect/re-emit (in addition to other subtle effects not measurable with devices today).
As a result, low intensity waves become very difficult to capture as they lose their fixed polarization.
It is also this effect which makes the artificial waves more bearable, a human being can bear waves as already explained above, it is the excess of polarized waves in a fixed way which is harmful. The more the polarizations are random, the more they are bearable by a human body. In nature, electromagnetic waves (at frequencies other than our artificial waves) are almost always randomly polarized except perhaps in certain configurations of places which favor polarization because of fairly ordered reflections.

That said, don’t forget that the more you place orgonites around you the more it increases the vibratory rate of the place, by what is described above as the greater balance of coalescence fractals. Be aware that this can lead to other effects in addition to protecting you from harmful wave effects: Effects of orgonite on living things.
These other effects are very beneficial in the long term, but initially it can sometimes be disturbing. That said, the most frequent initial observation is still very beneficial, better sleep.

What else can be done to protect oneself from artificial waves?
The best solution would be to go out in nature, far from everything… Since it is almost impossible for the majority of people to do this, there are a few general rules which are nevertheless good to follow.

  • Keep as far as possible all the sources of waves on which we can act. For example, turn off the WiFi function of routers at home and wire the whole house with Ethernet cables. Deactivate the “mobile data” mode of mobile phones when it is not necessary, activate it only when it is necessary. Even put them in airplane mode. Do not have a cordless landline phone, etc. If you’re not be able to turn off the wave sources during the day, do so at least at night, they really disturb sleep, even if these effects are very subtle and difficult to notice. Because according to many studies, all damage to DNA and cells caused by waves is reversible when they are not too serious, so making sure that we have at least a sleep without exposure to artificial waves is already better than nothing so that our body can regenerate well at night. If you live in an apartment and the waves come from the neighbouring wall, obviously it will probably be hard to motivate this neighbour to change his habits, in that case the best thing to do is to arrange our place to have the places where we stay fixed at home (sofa, desk, etc.) as far as possible from where these waves come.
    It is always the same recommendation, expose yourself as little as possible to the waves and if you cannot avoid it, try to be as far as possible from the source of these waves and/or stay there as little as possible.
  • If you are the owner of your home and have the means, a simple and effective method, for life, to remove all the radiation that can come from the electrical network of the house: PLC, pulsed signals of Smart-meters, pulsed signals leaking from the electrical network coming from neighbours, etc. is to install a shielded wiring with earthing. It has to be done only once, it has its cost, but once done, no matter what passes and will pass through the cables, they will never leak any electromagnetic pollution again. It is almost obvious that these cables will one day become the norm for all new constructions.
  • The third solution, which is less easy to implement, is to use Faraday cages. This is what is done in the above explanation with shielded cables, these are cables with a complete metal exterior, which has the effect of a Faraday cage. A completely closed metal box prevents any electromagnetic wave from entering or leaving it, this is the effect of a Faraday cage. Some extremely electro-sensitive people are forced to cover all the walls of their housing with metallic paints to transform their place into a Faraday cage. It’s really an extreme version of the subject. If you are not highly electro-sensitive it is not necessarily necessary, there are less complete alternatives, but very useful to protect certain parts of a home. If you cannot for example change the opinion of the neighbours who have many sources of radiowaves in their place, you can find canopies (curtains) for your bed in fine metal mesh, they have their price, but once again, it is a lifetime investment. You can also close it completely by doing the same above and below the bed, to at least have a sleep out of reach of any artificial wave, this is the most important. In a more simplified version, it is also possible to cover for example a door of a room with a metal plate, connected to the earth socket, this will pick up all the waves coming from behind the door and they will not be able to reach you. This is again a good option if you are in an apartment and disturbed by a neighbour’s WiFi, if you know where it is, behind which wall, you can place a 2m x 2m aluminium plate connected to an earth socket, the thinnest plate possible, the thickness is not particularly important. Since waves propagate in a straight line from the source point from which these waves are produced, this plate will almost completely protect you from all the radiation coming from this neighbouring WiFi.
  • Lastly, attention must be paid to diet, health, sleep, stress, etc. It is always very important to remember this, because a large majority of scientific studies nevertheless indicate that pulsed artificial waves have very negligible impacts on the human body if they are of low power. When healthy, the human body is normally quite able to withstand these effects. It is obviously even better if it would not have to withstand them, without waves it would clearly be better. It is a general observation that may be made, that highly electrosensitive people are in the vast majority also affected by one or more autoimmune diseases. The question of whether electro-sensitivity caused the weakening of the immune system or whether the weakened immune system caused electro-sensitivity is another question, such as the fact that perhaps there are also genetic predispositions, intoxication of the body with certain heavy metals, etc. It is too long to enter into this debate here, it is just to clarify that I do not denigrate electro-sensitive people, but this observation is often frequent, they have a weakened immune system for reasons sometimes hard to elucidate. For a rather healthy person, having a weakened immune system necessarily makes us more vulnerable, our body is normally very able to resist waves if they are of weak power and that the density of the radiations is not too dense.