Reconnections in the dark (Basic finish)



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This orgonite makes us feel a sweet oppression of fire in the heart. This expression seems paradoxical, but it is the best way to express its effect on us.
It’s like being in a hand of fire, soft, but at the same time that squeezes very strongly.
There is garnet at the top and at the bottom of the orgonite, one is encircled by an energy similar to the fire.
The rutilated quartz connects to the unconscious layers of us and hypersthene connects to the “exconscious” layers (unconscious out of the solar system) of us. It allows us to have very deep connections with ourselves, to recognize dark and negative areas of ourselves, but also completely unknown and beautiful areas.

This orgonite is inhabited by a very powerful dragon of truth who can show us and make to feel very strongly these parts still in the shadow of ourselves.
It’s not anyone who can have it and work with it.

If you want to go deep into yourself to reconnect to parts of other lives, whether in lives in this solar system or outside the solar system, it is ideal.

Created by Fabien.

Composition: copper, bronze, steel, garnet, hypersthene, magnetite, mahogany obsidian, rutilated quartz, black tourmaline.
Dimensions: diameter, 9.5 cm. Height, 10.5 cm.
Weight: 681g

Finish: basic (Types of finishes)

General information:
The description is made by a friend sensitive to subtle energies.
This description can not be more precise, just as it is impossible for a psychologist to tell an individual immediately and exactly why he/she has such a concern, nor how long it will take to be settled, nor how it will happen.
What will happen between you and the orgonite will be unique and suited to you and/or the environment.

All orgonites have the same basic effects:
  • Neutralize the negative effects of EM fields.
  • Energize water, food, minerals, etc.
  • Harmonize/neutralize natural faults, such as Curry lines cross, Hartmann, etc.
  • Globally strengthen the vitality of all living things: plants, animals, humans.

Each addition (stone, plant, seashell, etc.) has a unique influence that adds itself to this common base, like spices/herbs added to a basic dish.

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