Gifting september 2016

braikar : October 9, 2016 12:27 pm : Blog


again another small trip, I took the opportunity for my trip to the Morbihan for the Orgonites Workshop to gift a bit along the way, I had around 150 TBs, I just gifted along the roads. But I forgot to make photos of the stock, here’s what was left toward the end before I scattered them as well.

Approximative map:

And the following week I went to the south of Dijon to deliver 3 complete cloudbusters, so I used the trip again as a quick opportunity :)
I took around 150 orgonites again to distribute them on the roads and I also gifted an antenna near Nancy, finally, I went by so many time by the motorway but never ahd the opportunity to go to it.
I placed around 30 TBs all around it.

Approximative map:

see you next time :)

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Gifting in Nantes, june 2016

braikar : July 13, 2016 9:17 pm : Blog

I used the opportunity of my visit in Nantes for my conference (Orgonites Conference in Nantes (FR), 30th of june 2016) to gift a bit out there.

The friend who hosted me wanted to gift 3 blocks of low rent housings and a water tower.
We placed around 6-8 orgonites in each place, mostly TBs with 1-2 ITBs as well.




Then before leaving I had 2h in the morning, I did what I could by going gifting along the water canal Erdre, I gifted around 60-70 TBs/ITBs.



Here’s an approximative map for the buildings.

And the Erdre.

See you another time :D

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Gifting in Lombardy and a little more, in May 2016

braikar : June 20, 2016 7:19 pm : Blog

I used the opportunity of a small trip in italy with my mum to go gifting in the region.

It was mainly the Mount Mottarone that was important. At an altitude of about 1400m, overseeing the lake Maggiore and of Orta. There were 3 big bunches of antennas in 3 different spots less than a kilometer apart from each other.

The first (around 15 TBs)

The second (around 10 TBs)

The third (around 10 TBs)

And a tiny thing on another side of the summit (3-4 TBs)

There was a small sympathetic release of humidity in the afternoon, viewed from below on the lake from Orta.

Apart from that, during these couple of days I used the opportunity to gift the lake Maggiore more to the north, to complete previous giftings that were done more south in january 2013.

And also a bit on the lake of Orta that is west of the lake Maggiore.

Else, on the way home, having seen that the way to the ‘Grand Ballon’ in the Vosges wasn’t far from our road, we went there too. There I placed around 20 TBs, very good timing, because apparently there is always quite a crowd up there, this time it was almost desert, I could go around it quite quietly.

Here’s the approximative map of what was gifted in Lombardy:

I learned when I came back that some germans had already gifted the Mount Mottarone some years back, this may explain why I didn’t see effects that I had expected there, clouds opening up, it was already done.. Well, the more orgonites, the better :)

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Gifting september 2015

braikar : October 5, 2015 10:48 pm : Blog

As we organized a workshop to teach how to make orgonites in Normandy at the end of September, I used the opportunity to continue the trip by gifting in places I had never been to.

On the way from Paris to Louvières with Lucas we gifted a couple of antennas along the N12.

But the largest part started after the workshop, I had approx. 500 TBs, 40 ITBs and 4 IEPs.

On the way from Louvières to Lisieux I encountered this unplanned antenna.. might as well gift it :)

The I arrived in Lisieux, there there were 4 antennas close to each other on the highlands/west of the city. I gifted each with +/- 5 TBs and one ITB.

Map of the zone:

Then I headed toward Le Havre for the main tv transmitter of the region. There, as usual, I used around 20 TBs and one IEP.

And I saw another 2g/3g closeby, hence I gifted it as well.

I had a lovely company of sylphs :)

Then I went toward Rouen for the principal transmitter of that region, in St. Désir.
I forgot to take a picture of the orgonites at the beginning of the trip, here’s a part of what was left at that point, I had already used around 150 TBs.

The transmitter, again one IEP and around 20 TBs and a couple ITBs.

I emptied the first bag of TBs on the road to Neufchâtel-en-Bray, here’s the next and last bag :)

I slept the night in my car somewhere close to the next transmitter and then went to the said transmitter in the morning. There I just used around 20 TBs/ITBs.

Then, again one IEP and around 20 TBs for the next antenna near le Plessis-Grimoult. And if you’re interested, there are many Boletus in the surrounding woods! I didn’t take any because they would have rotted during the rest of the trip :( That being said, it’s a good virgin spot to know, I doubt anyone goes there to pick mushrooms. :)

Then I continue the trip to the last antenna, in Mortain.
There were two antennas in teh same spot.. I did as usual, again 20 TBs/ITBs and one IEP.

After that I spent 2 days at a friends’ place in the Brocéliande forest before goign back to Paris to then get back home. The last ‘mission’ on my list was in Mantes-la-jolie. To continue to gift the large water streams in the extended region around Paris. In this case, La Seine which goes through Mantes.

Here’s more or less what I used, I had around 80 TBs and 10 ITBs left, I used them all there!

Here’s a global overview of the trip, going from one place to the other, as usual I gifted along the roads where possible.

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Gifting? end of may 2015

braikar : June 14, 2015 2:00 pm : Blog

Hello :) with a question mark! Because I had twisted my ankle, in quite an invalidating fashion one week before that small trip around Paris, end of may (23rd to the 31st), I left with about 450 TBs and one IEP, but I had no idea how I would be able to gift, given that I could barely walk! Well, I came back with 0 orgonites, thank you universe for having answered the call. :)
A friend (who had already hosted me in Lille in April 2014) took around 100 for Lille, because we met in Paris, on the following 4 images you can see his hands and those of his girlfriend, they gifted around the Citadel. Fantastic, thank you both. :)

2015.05.27_image 2015.05.27_image_1
2015.05.27_image_2 2015.05.27_image_3

Afterwards I visited 2 people around the north of Paris, I gave about 50 to one near Apremont and about 20? near the Isle Adam. And with my trips here and there in this zone I gifted the other orgonites along the roads. In the end I had almost none left, just enough to gift a big TNT antenna at the end of the week near Saint-Just-en-Chaussée, my foot was already much better :)

I planted the IEP and around 20 TBs.

And here’s the approximate map of the orgonites dispersed around the north of Paris.

A big thank to everyone that was involved in these encounters and gifts :)

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Gifting in Paris, january 2015

braikar : February 19, 2015 3:43 pm : Blog

During the week I was in Paris at the end of January for my conference, I used that opportunity to go gifting, you know, just to change a bit from my usual habits :)

I left with about failed 120 ITBs.

I just took pictures to remember where I started and where I ended my runs! Here are the beginning and end photos of my first trip on Wednesday.

And the second, Friday morning.

I wanted to go gift around that rich neighborhood, following the events that happened at the beginning of June, it seemed right, in the end, the ones that were the most scared were the most well-to-do. I used around 60 ITBs on Wednesday from Pont de Sèvres toward l’île Saint Germain and again another 60 on Friday from Pont de Sèvres toward Boulogne – Pont de St. Cloud. I think a friend already gifted around the area in 2010, but it’s never bad to add another layer! It continues my wider plan of gifting the Seine from one end to the other all through Paris and around the far edges of Paris.

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Gifting in the Aube, Haute Marne, Côte-d’or, Vosges and Paris. august 2014

braikar : September 29, 2014 7:11 am : Blog

This summer I went to the Lothlorien Festival in Foulain in Haute Marne. I used these small holidays there to gift around the place.
I had around 600 TBs, 100 ITBs and 6 IEPs. In the end I gave one IEP to someone in the centre, hence Ijuste used 5 for gifting and it was fortunate, as you’ll see, there was one antenna I had planned to gift, but somehow made a mistake, it wasn’t where I had marked it on my map!

I started by a trip, goign from Foulain to the TV transmitter of Chalindrey, with a small stop at the Fort on that same hill.

I arrived in a fog with some rain and grey sky.

After having placed the first IEP, the climatic results were almost immediate, thankfully, I was soaking wet, some sunshine was just nice. Then I continued by surrounding the emitter with around 10 TBs and 10 ITBs.

Then I went to a spot between Luxeuil-les-Bains and Vesoul, but I don’t know what I had done, I had clearly marked that place on my map, but there was nothing there to be found! I had marked that this place had a huge TV transmitter.. Anyway, I still gifted the roads along the way and some small water streams.

Then I headed to the TV transmitter on Contrexeville. Which was also blessed with one IEP and 10 TBs and 10 ITBs approximately. And a tiny bit more because there was also a mobile phone transmitter.

I planted the IEP in a piece of forest, because from what I could see in the fields around, the soil was full of stones, it was impossible to dig more than 10cm deep anywhere else! It’s interesting, the soil was like that everywhere in the 100-150km around Foulain, a thin layer of dirt on top of plenty of limestone.

There again I saw an almost immediate reaction in the sky, which opened up for a couple dozen minutes.

I must have spread around 150 TBs all along the trip on that day.

The following day I went toward the TV emitter of Nuits-Saint-Georges, south of Dijon. As usual, one IEP and about 20 TBs/ITBs.

Then I went to Mont-Afrique, closer to Dijon, for a radio transmitter. There again, and IEP and around 20 TBs/ITBs.

With a small detour on the way down, through Chénove, to gift 2 antennas close to each other, in the middle of both these antennas there was a big education centre…

You can see it on this photo, it’s the pyramid shaped roof. I gifted around 40 TBs/ITBs in that place, no IEP.

The next stop was in Molesmes, not too far from Auxerre, there again 20 TBs/ITBs, but I didn’t manage to place an IEP, the soil was way too stony! Thankfully I had a small HHG with a shorter copper tube that did the trick.

The last emitter on the day was in Les-Riceys, I arrived at sundown, I buried the IEP in darkness, I hope it’s well buried! And another 20-30 TBs/ITBs.

Then I headed back to Foulain. I used again around 150 TBs all along the roads on that day. I didn’t gift much of the A6 or A31, because I had already done that in previous years.
Here’s a approximate map:
The red dots are the antennas, the green dot is for the antenna I thought was there, but wasn’t…

After that, when back in Paris, we went with a friend to gift around the 15th arrondissement and at the limit of Paris, in between TV studios, Microsoft and some radio studios..
Most of the orgonites ended up in the Seine, but some are also well hidden a bit closer. It’s a nice justice! After having gifted so many TV antennas in france, gifting the source of these transmissions seems righteous!

The Seine in the 15th arrondissement got a nice big boost of energies, around 250 orgonites in 2 days. And the friend with whom I gifted has some left, she’ll place them slowly and surely around the 15th arrondissement.

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Gifting of the channel, Guildford, Maidstone june 2014

braikar : June 18, 2014 2:45 am : Blog

When I went to the UK to collect my polyester resin pigments I also used this opportunity to gift a tiny bit, I had about 220 TBs of which just a couple ITBs.

Here’s what was left after having gifted a bit less than 100 in the channel on the way to the UK.

I gifted a small part of the canal in Guildford with around 40 TBs.
SDC10025 SDC10026 SDC10027 SDC10028 SDC10030 SDC10032

The map of what I have done.

I also gifted a small dozen of TBs in Tonbridge, of which for in that canal.

And another day I gifted the Medway river goign through Maidstone with about 50 TBs.
SDC10034 SDC10035 SDC10036 SDC10037 SDC10038 SDC10040

Here’s the map for Maidstone.

On the way back I gifted the remaining TBs in the channel once again. If I counted properly while throwing, 27 exactly.

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Gifting of the Marne in the department 93, may 2014

braikar : June 6, 2014 4:05 am : Blog

i didn’t really think of making photos of anything this time, hence here are the photos that my friend made.

That’s me.

We gifted about 150 TBs/ITBs on a very small stretch of the Marne, about 4 km, with 2 well gifted spots on purpose, because my friend sensed stagnant energies in these 2 places, the ones on the west/south. I gifted well two other spots on the east/north by following my intuition.

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Gifting of Lille, April 2014

braikar : May 1, 2014 9:31 am : Blog

Hi everyone, the 24th and 25th of april I was welcomed by a new friend in Lille before going to an expo in Calais for the weekend of the 26-27th, it was great a great encounter and thansk for welcoming me. Btw. all the succeeding days were just filled by great new meetings and people!

In Lille I took that opportunity to gift, a gift I had already wanted to do since the summer of 2012, but it materialized only now, things happen as they happen and when they should! On Thursday I gifted orgonites in the waterstream Deûle on the south side of the CItadelle and towards the south of Lille, around 80 TBs/ITBs.







I went till Lomme, in front of these rather new buildings with small man made water-ponds that didn’t look very healthy, so I also gifted there.


And the following day I went at it again to do the same thing in the morning and beginning of the afternoon on the east side of the Citadelle and toward the north. Again with about 100 orgonites.


I gifted north up to that train track.


And this antenna was really calling for a gifting, for the inhabitants of this building forced to live with these antennas above their heads..

Then for the end of that friday we went together by bike to finish gifting around the Citadette (west side) and also drop the large 4 IEPs around it and again with around 50 TBs/ITBs.

My friend made me notice that Lille is a city with many great taggers, hence on these following photos you might as well enjoy them too, here the fish on the top left side of the wall, near where we dropped an IEP.



And some more tags.

And again with tags in the background.

Here’s an approximate map of the gifting in Lille, the center is finally well covered with a bit more than 200 TBs/ITBs and 4 IEPs.

Then after the weekend in Calais, when I went to visit friends in Belgium near Gosselies, we went gifting aroudn there, some high-voltage power lines (some of which had antennas on) and also a bit of the water canal Bruxelles/Charleroi.


See you soon for new adventures, and a big thank to all the people I met during that short trip, it was just great!

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