“Operating Instructions” for orgonites

Where/how to place/use orgonite?

As a general rule just place the orgonite the closest to where you want the positive effect. If it’s to transmute the electromagnetic waves of a WiFi router, place the orgonite on it, or under, or next to it. If its’ for a plant place the orgonite at the base of the plant. If it’s to purify/energise water or drinking water put the orgonite just next to the bottle/jug etc. If it’s for yourself, just keep it in your pocket or bag or wherever you can keep it, close to your bed or under your bed if you are prone to sleeping problems, it might help, even a lot for some. There are dozens of other examples, however the general rule is quite simple as you probably figured out by now: just put the orgonite(s) the closest to where you want the effect, because as it is explained on General questions about orgonites, the effect is much stronger a couple of inches away from the orgonite as shown by the effects in frozen water. If not possible, just place the orgonite as close as possible, a tower buster still has a radius of influence of approx. 100m.

Which orgonites for which use?

When I discovered orgonites in 2006 there wasn’t much diversity, we had the Tower Busters as a kind of all purpose orgonite, the Cloudbusters for the sky and HHGs for a stronger effect for specific places, since they are bigger than Tower Busters. Nowadays, it’s still the same! Tower Busters are small and for all purposes to be placed wherever you want, often easy to hide or put in a place where it will remain for a very long time, good to transmute the electromagnetic pollutions of electric/electronic appliances for example. Tower Busters are also ideal to place aroudn nature, in a vegetable garden or just in a garden, indoors, outdoors, in car, in an office, etc.

The cloudbuster being much bigger, the base is equivalent to about 100 Tower Busters in one block, as such it will have a much stronger effect which is easily visible on the growth of plants around it if placed outdoors in a garden or nature. The whole garden will benefit from it, but also the sky, it’s not so easy to describe, the climate kind of becomes more dynamic when there’s a Cloudbuster, the effect is even more profound when wireless antennas masts (TV, mobile phone, radio, etc.) in the close surroundings, some kilometers around, have been gifted, e.g. some orgonites have been placed next to them or not far. With a cloudbuster you can say goodbye to acid rain (if you have that problem) and aerial pollutions (plane/car exhausts, industrial exhausts etc.) will be cleaned up quiet a lot. If you have a cloudbuster in the garden it’s great to place the water can or sprinkler for a couple of hours or even on top, plants love well orgonised water!

The induction Tower Busters are quite useful when there are a lot of electromagnetic pollutions to transmute, if there are no kind of pollutions around induction tower busters won’t be of much use, they’ll just be like normal Tower Busters. These orgonites are great to place near big antenna masts (TV, mobile phone, radio, etc.) because that’s where they shine! and work at full capacity, or for large electric transformers stations or other big places that involve a lot of electricity or/end wireless transmissions.
For more information: How to place orgonites near sources of electromagnetic pollutions?

The other more subtly made orgonites, with several different stones and/or metals can also be used for plants, outdoors, energizing water, in a car, etc. They work like any other orgonite, but you generally do not get them for this purpose, they have subtleties for our personal development and/or to harmonize a place affected by certain more specific problems. If it is an orgonite for, for example, having less troubles with collaborators at work, it will obviously be best placed near you at work, so put them in the right place for you and/or the place.

Where/how to place orgonites in an habitation?

Wherever you want! Where you think it’s needed. Here’s what I can propose for ideas:

  • Near sources of EMF radiation (DECT, TV, microwave, computer, smart meters, WiFi routers, bluetooth emitters, etc.)
  • Near the beginning of the water pipes to energise the water for the house (or along the pipes)
  • Near you bed
  • Around the places where you spend most of of your time
  • Near windows, hence they’ll always be exposed to the sun once in a while (..if you’re really afraid that the quartz inside the orgonties can become negative or less effective..)
  • In pots of indoor plants or at the base of plants generally
  • where you keep most of your food, vegetables, fruits etc.

Just let your intuition guide you, you’ll have clear ideas where to put them by yourself!

Where/how to place orgonites in a garden?

In a vegetable garden it is obvious that you won’t place an orgonite at the foot of each and every plant/vegetable, else you’ll probably need hundreds of orgonites! The simplest is just to distribute them approximately evenly over the whole area, one Tower Buster per square meter is already quite good to have good effects on plants. I’m going to talk about geometric dispositions more in depth later, nevertheless one of the best geometrical disposition is that of the hexagon (6 sides). After these there are other shapes, like the seed of life, or flower of life that are even stronger, but for that you’ll need more and more orgonites, 18 for the seed of life, 108/114 for the complete flower of life! Another good way to place them is to follow the hexagonal pattern of bees’ nests.

Hexagonal pattern

Imagine each point as one Tower Buster, replicate that pattern on the whole vegetable garden by making not too small hexagons, 1-3m. Just remember that the hexagonal pattern is very important, it’s not for nothing that the cloudbuster tubes are placed in an hexagon shape. It is also the arrangement that makes it possible to cover the surface as evenly as possible with the least TBs.

You can also just simply put the orgonites as you wish where you want, it works very well also; just avoid too squared/gridded patterns, it’s not what’s best, nature likes curves and varied angles, it’s the same for the flow of various energies.

About the question of putting the orgonites above ground or burying them, it’s exactly the same. Just think of the practical reasons why you’d want to use one or the other option. For example if you plough your soil every year it might be best to not bury your orgonites, else you’ll have troubles figuring out where they are! If you want the orgonties to stay where they are forever, then bury them.. Anyway, buried or above ground doesn’t change anything as far as the effects of the orgonites are concerned.

Where/how to place orgonites in a car?

The best place to place orgonites, at least for me, is near the tank. Most cars have the spare tire in the trunk, it’s a great place to block some orgonites easily. The best effect is obtained by induction, so the orgonites must not be in contact with the metal of the car directly, surround them with cellophane or place them in a plastic bag. Look a little around, there are lots of places to place the orgonites in the trunk not far from the tank, by unhooking the fabrics you will surely find room behind to put some orgonites. Otherwise anywhere where there is room is fine too, under the front seats, under the back seat, etc.

Regarding the quantity, a good dozen of orgonites (Tower Busters) in total will have an effect that you will notice if you are used to always making the same trips and seeing your odometer at the same point when you fill up. However the effect does not occur immediately, it takes a few days for it to start. This is because you have to let the petrol sit in the car with the orgonites next to it to energize the petrol. But it is also because orgonites have a slow effect on the entire metal carcass of the car (subtle changes in the atomic arrangement of all molecules, including gasoline), which takes a few weeks to set up, after that, the whole car is “energized” and then it spreads this effect to petrol more quickly too.

You can find more information about this subject on this page: Other effects of orgonite > Decrease in fuel consumption.

Keeping an orgonite on yourself.

There’s not much to say on the subject, you can keep one or many orgonites on yourself, it can only be good, I just don’t provide pendant because they are a work of art and require quite some time to be made, the smaller it is the more work is needed! Some orgonite makers can provide you with different stones for various chakras and subtle effects. There are already enough sellers proposing orgonite pendants out there. For Tower Busters sold here, since they are not so small, it’s best to keep them in a pocket of trousers, or a jacket, or a bag etc.

Where/how to place orgonites in nature?

As you wish! There are not strict rules, apart from the common sense rule to place the orgonite the nearest to where you want to have the beneficial effects. If you plan on leaving it somewhere forever, you might as well bury the orgonite so that it stays in place forever, but if you move an orgonite from spot to spot, or from plant to plant depending on the needs, don’t bury it, buried or not, they have the same effect. The direction, larger side up or down doesn’t matter either, except for specific shapes like pyramids for example. In full nature I must warn you that some animals might come and dig out the orgonites, as they can often smell what we can’t. I’ve seen that 3 times near my home, there are wild pigs in the forests around here and when I went back to some antennas where I had buried some Tower Busters I saw orgonites that were dug out and left next to the hole. It was done by curious wild pigs all the three times I saw it (I guess), because twice I saw their footprints as well close by… hence if you want to bury some orgonites near antennas close to a forest in which you know that some relatively large animals live, you might want to bury more than one in case an animal digs one out; they won’t dig out more than one, once they’ve seen what one is they won’t bother to dig out the other ones. That’s what I observed, the wild pigs dug out only one of 3 orgonites I had placed at each separate antenna.

How to place orgonites near sources of electromagnetic pollutions?

Always use the same rule: the closest possible. In a household it’s quite easy, just place it on or near the electric/electronic apparatus you want. Geometric patterns are very useful to increase the efficiency of a couple of orgonites, I present some known geometries in the next section. As far as electromagnetic pollution sources in urban areas are concerned, or in nature, it is not always easy to place an orgonite right next to it, in that case you have quite a lot of room to place them anyway, a Tower Buster has effects in a radius of about 100m around it, the local field of effect that is more evident as shown here General questions about orgonites > How can I observe/feel the effects? but even 50-100m away from a large source of electromagnetic pollution (TV mast, mobile phone mast, 2G/3G/4G/5G etc.) an orgonite will still fulfil its duty quite well.

For Housegolds specifically the three largest sources of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) pollutions usually are:

  • Wireless landlines bases (DECT): you can test for yourself with a meter for EMF radiation, these bases have quite a strong radiation (1-5 V/m) approx 1m away from it.
  • A microwave when being used: the faraday cage does not protect that much from the EMF radiations, when working the local EMF is in the range of (10-20 V/m)
  • New smart meters (electric/water), they inject a signal based on phased shift keying (like digital wireless signals) in the whole electric network of the house and even around the house.

The Ethernet over power line systems are also quite bad, they inject signals in the whole electric network of the house like the smart meters. In fact shielded electric cable should be used to propagate such a signal in electric wiring without any disturbance, else it’s just like with smart meters, signal modulated by phase shift keying are propagated and emitted by all the cables of the house.

Induction Tower Busters are quite suited to take care of these sources of electromagnetic pollutions. According to the feedbacks of electro-sensitive people, the worst source of EMF radiation in a house is the electric meter.

For you information, 3G/4G/5G smartphones emit much more than a 2G phone. Technically the transmission power in 3G/4G/5G is comparatively lower than in 2G (the spectral efficiency is better in 4G than in 3G, better in 3G than in 2G ..), but they transmit almost permanently, even in standby mode, when a phone in 2G mode (without data activated) on standby produces only one emission peak every 5 seconds to stay connected to the network. In conversation it is roughly equivalent for all modes (Also good to know. The worse is the signal strength, the higher the transmitting power), it is better not to keep it close to the ear. If you have a smartphone with data permanently activated, having an orgonite next to it even when it is in standby will only be beneficial.

How to place/dispose orgonites? (TBs more specifically)

I often get questions like:

  • How to place them, is there a direction, large side up or down?
  • To what depth can they be buried?
  • Buried or in a bush, what’s best?

None of these questions is important, I already answered these questions at the beginning of the page: “just place the orgonite the closest to where you want the positive effect.”. That’s it.
For gifting, no matter the depth, 2cm, 20cm, it’s the same, it will work. Once again some choices are more for practical reasons, if for example you want to place one in a public flower bed, it’s best to bury it as deep as possible because the gardeners won’t dig at that depth and hence there’s less of a chance that they find the orgonite and remove it. However in the middle of nature if you see a lot of brambles, go ahead and throw one right in the middle, here again it’s very unlikely that anyone will find it. It doesn’t matter how the TB is placed, it works, the ‘worry’ is mostly about placing/hiding it in a way such that it’s very unlikely to be found again and hence removed.
All these answers are from a practical point of view, orgonite will always work, no matter how it is placed, to which depth, large side up or down, that changes nothing, it will work! That being said, it applies to orgonites that have no definite shape, with a pyramid or a cone (HHGs) etc. there are orientations that are better than others for a given effect. (-page in the works- forms and geometry)
but even with a precise shape, if it is well oriented, buried at a depth of 5cm or 50cm, it changes nothing, it will work! And even if such an orgonite is not placed optimaly, it will still work very well.
Another useful thing to note, in nature you don’t have to worry about charging/purifying the orgonite, if it’s on the ground, it rains and there’s sun, so nature takes care of it, buried it rains and the orgonite is washes as well.

Most useful geometric arrangements for orgonites?

I describe these arrangements below because I have often been asked how to arrange orgonites. But they are frankly not necessary, it’s just that people always want to know how to “do it better” or “do it right”. Personally I hardly ever apply them, yes they can strengthen the effect of orgonites a little, but I repeat, even when placed randomly, it works very very well. For example, in an apartment in the city, it would be preferable to have orgonites everywhere, to more or less circle the whole apartment, than to try to make precise hexagon formations… It is sometimes good to make hexagons on a small scale if you want to energize a dish, or energize stones, or water, etc. But applying these geometries on a large scale is a bit daunting. Again, if a stone is small, putting it on or next to a TB will largely suffice too. So these are useful arrangements if you want to complicate your life. :)

All the most useful geometric patterns arise from the flower of life.

The placement of the pipes of a cloudbuster in a hexagon shape is evident by looking at the image, all circles intersect each others always in 6 points.

Placing 6 Tower Busters in that hexagonal pattern clearly increases the effects of the orgonites. The easiest way to test is with a bottle filled with tap water of a bad quality. Just leave the bottle for 2-3 hours in the middle of these 6 orgonites and you will be able to taste the difference (apparently with wine and a few more hours it is even more spectacular).

After that, another even more powerful pattern is based on the complete flower of life.

The 18 points represent the spots to place 18 orgonites. Once again it’s easy to test this with water, it will work faster than just with 6 orgonites, probably 1-2 hours are enough to get the same effect.

The most powerful pattern know to this day is just a full replication of the flower of life inside a flower of life, which gives the 108 of 114 (you’ll need 108 or 114 orgonites…), below is the 114.

The next image is clearer, without all the superposed mini flowers of life inside the large flower of life.

The 108:

The 114:

With orgonites of the size of Tower Busters sold here you will need at least an area of 1.5m x 1.5m to build these large patterns. Like the next example, a 108 which was drawn on a 1.65m x 1.65m surface.

Also based on these hexagonal patterns, you can understand that 3 orgonites placed in a triangle shape (equilateral) also have a stronger effect than 3 orgonites placed randomly.

How many orgonites are required for…?

To talk about sources of electromagnetic pollutions/smog, I will use observations from electro sensitive people, because I am personally not sensitive enough to feel subtle effects these electromagnetic transmitters have on me. Based on their feedback, a simple orgonite (Tower Buster) is more than enough to neutralise/transmute around 90% of the negativity of an electromagnetic source, be it a WiFi transmitter in a house, a mobile phone, or a mobile phone (2G/3G/4G/5G..) mast, radio mast, TV mast etc. For relatively big masts/towers like the one on the picture below:

big mobile antenna 2G.3G.4G.5G

you need more than one Tower Busters, maybe 2 to 4 Tower Buster (or one induction Tower Buster) to transmute/neutralise 90% of the negativity.

This 90% neutralisation is enough to produce many beneficial effects, like effects on the climate or nearby vegetation. However to reach a full 100%, and remove all the negativity of an antenna you would need at least 10 Tower Busters or even 20 of which many inductions. However only electro sensitive people will really feel these 10% negativity that remains after 1 Tower Buster, the majority of us are not affected. So to sum up, a simple orgonite (Tower Buster) is enough to get great positive results, more is always better, there’s no limit to the number of orgonites that can be placed somewhere, the beneficial effects can only get better. To use a simple analogy, you cannot overdose on vegetables, they are good for health, but at some point, if you eat to many it just becomes useless, it can’t be bad (except maybe diarrhoea) but it’s not really useful either. It’s the same for orgonites, but I frankly cannot tell you what’s the limit at which point it becomes useless to add more. Furthermore if you have 100 Tower Busters, it’s best to cover 100 masts with one orgonite each than to cover 5 masts with 20 each..

For plants it’s approximately the same, a simple orgonite (Tower Buster) at the foot of an unhealthy tree will help the tree a lot to get back in shape, 10 orgonites will help even more and a cloudbuster even more. But don’t ever underestimate the effects of a simple Tower Buster, just one will have already very surprising effects on a plant or even many, still, you can put more, it can only be better. Just remember that if you have many in one place you might want to place then in hexagonal patterns, triangle, etc. this will greatly amplify the effects compared to a bunch of nearby orgonites arranged randomly.

Now, concerning ourselves, humans, there is no limit either, if you can stand being close to hundreds of orgonites around you it’s great, that means you are in good health. Generally a healthy person won’t have any problem standing next to hundreds of Tower Busters, many Cloudbusters etc. though there there will be subtle long term effects. But we can not judge those in a couple of days easily, it’s as if we put a person with behaviour problems in a help centre, before noticing any definite result we will probably need to wait many months..

For someone quite sick or not very healthy, someone who has accumulated a lot of toxic products because of a work with polluting products, or substance abuse etc. for many years, many orgonites (50-100 Tower Busters and more) might have too much of an effect and cause many uncomfortable feelings due to the body healing too quickly, which usually can expel a lot of toxins at a pace too quick to handle painlessly! There is no limit to the number of orgonites you can keep around yourself, it might just cause temporary uncomfortable effects due to over-stimulation. You can read this page if you want more details on this subject: Effects of orgonite on living things

With Unique Orgonites it’s the same deal, there is no limit, but please go slowly preferably, have one orgonite to work on self-confidence, another to work on fears, another to release karmas, another to heal emotional wounds, etc. It’s a lot to work on it all at once, this kind of personal work requires time, often years, you can chose to work on everything at the same time, but beware it requires a lot of endurance and perseverance! This is also why I cannot make such orgonites all the time, before you have them, they have all their effects on me while I create them and I often have 10-20 of each made in same time…

How to cleanse/purify/re-charge orgonites?

It can be done simply like for the discharging/charging/purifying of a quartz. The metal/resin mix cannot really change, it’s just the quartz(s) inside that can be affected by the surrounding energies. Nonetheless in orgontie, quartz are auto-cleansed permanently, that’s what I explain in General questions about orgonites > Should I recharge/purify the orgonites? it is almost impossible to arrive at a point where an orgonite is saturated and the quartz starts to charge negatively. To discharge/clean the orgonite you simply have to do exactly the same you would do with a quartz, because resin lets in quite a lot of light frequencies, even if it’s not visible, and also a lot of frequencies outside our visual range penetrate the resin. hence you can just leave the orgonite to bath in the sun for a couple of hours. Or you can also rinse the orgonite (1-2 minutes) under gently flowing tap water, however don’t leave the orgonite immersed in water for too long, the resin has a tendency to whiten when left for too long in contact with water, rinsing won’t do anything, aesthetically speaking. It’s a bit harder to explain why water works too, I think in this case it’s the orgone directly contained inside the water the cleanses the quartz inside the orgonite, that’s also why it’s best to use flowing water, still/stagnating water is not the most energised water, the best waters are always from natural springs where water flows freely through curvy paths. To summarise, if you want to cleanse an orgonite, which is almost useless, the simplest way is to let it bath in the sun for a couple of hours or to rinse it for c couple of minutes. You can also just influence/program it with your own thoughts and prayers, just as with any other semi-precious stone.

It is recommended by some people like Mara from “Femme médeine” and Pierre from “Manche orgone” (French friends who asked me to add this here..) to rinse the orgonites 1-2 times a week to keep them the most effective possible, however this becomes completely useless when you have a rather good quantity (5-10 and more Tower Busters on a couple of square meters..) together, because as explained here General questions about orgonites > Should I recharge/purify the orgonites? they tend to auto-cleanse each other mutually. But a small orgonite on its own in a heavily polluted place can have ‘too much work’ to do, it won’t really become bad or negative, but it can become saturated and hence ineffective and hence in that case rinsing it once in a while could help to keep it at it’s best efficiency.