General questions about orgonites

Orgonites composition?

The basic composition of all orgonites is:

  • resin (polyester, epoxy, natural) or caramel
  • metal shavings (aluminium, copper, iron, steel, …)
  • A small bit of white/grey/transparent quartz

The ones sold here are made of polyester resin, aluminium shavings (+1-2% of wood shavings), a small piece of white/transparent quartz and a small piece of rose quartz. More stones can be added in an orgonite, but it’s best to know what you’re doing when mixing dozens of stones together, they are not all suited to be mixed with each-other, it can create orgonites are not that effective in the end; it’s best to keep it simple. The white/grey/transparent quartz is necessary to allow the orgonite to transmute DOR (Deadly ORgone) into POR (Positive ORgone). However you can also use amethyst or citrine or other stones that are subsets of the quartz category, amethyst for example is made of quartz (SiO2) with iron (Fe), citrine contains iron oxide and quartz, etc. The orgonites I sell here are centred on the heart chakra. Different stones are more centred on different specific chakras, i.e. citrine is a stone mostly affecting the solar plexus chakra, amethyst is more active on the 6th (third eye) or 7th (crown) chakra. Orgonites on this website have a small bit of white/grey/transparent quartz and a small bit of rose quartz to centre the energies on the heart chakra and the energies of unconditional love. The tiny amount of wood shaving added are there to include energies of nature which are also quite centred on the heart chakra. Just for info, white/grey/transparent quartz is a ‘kind of’ all-purpose quartz which is centred on no specific chakra, that’s why it is good as a base for all orgonites.

Lifespan of an orgonite?

Polyester resin has a long lifespan, above 50 years. If orgonites are kept inside they can easily last many hundred years, polyester resin is a type of plastic. With time, at least a couple of years, polyester resin has a slight tendency to change colour but its almost imperceptible. This effect is actually very similar for epoxy resins with become slightly browner over the years. In contact with water, the orgonites made with polyester resin can whiten, especially on a side that cured in direct contact with air, it must be also noted that water breaks down resin slowly as the years pass by, this decomposition is even faster in salt water, that’s why the resin layers protecting boat hulls must be remade every once in a while. However even when plunged in salt water an orgonite made of polyester will surely last longer than 50 years while slowly breaking down around the edges, but it will quickly become whitish (in a couple of weeks often). Polyester resin, which I use to make all the orgonites here has a relatively long lifespan.

Are orgonites safe?

Quartz and aluminium are not toxic as is, except when aluminium is ingested or put in contact with food and heated (which will release microscopic parts of aluminium into the food), which is not really an issue here.. Orgonites cannot be eaten! Synthetic resins like polyester and epoxy are toxic in their non-hardened state, hence it’s highly recommended to use masks and protections when making orgonites. The smell of polyester resin is quite strong and breathing it is obviously not good, epoxy doesn’t smell as bad but it can still be quite toxic even is it does not smell much (some epoxies are less toxic than others). Resin/Epoxy should also not be put in contact with the skin when in the liquid/non-hardened state.

Once hardened with the catalyst the resins are completely polymerised and lose their toxicity, it becomes plastic. If you did not know it, polyester resin is the most used resin to produce all commonly used plastic packagings. Orgonites, from the point of view of the material they are made of, are not dangerous for health, the only moment when they are dangerous is before they are hardened, once polymerised it becomes inert and non-toxic. The process of polymerisation of the resin is quite quick, a couple of hours, however with polyester a couple of days are required afterwards for all the styrene vapours to be released. In terms of the effects on humans and living bodies/plants etc., orgonites have only positive results, but sometimes it can be too strong and produce temporary discomfort, for example if you’ve never been around any orgonites and suddenly are surrounded by hundreds of those, the healing benefits they have might happen too quickly and as with too fast detoxification if can be unpleasant. This topic is discussed more in depth on the following page: Effects of orgonite on living things

Are orgonites scientifically tested?

No, because no ‘renowned’ scientists considers this as science. The effects of orgonites are not accepted by modern science, orgone energy cannot be measured objectively and sadly most researchers do not really seem interested in doing researches in that domain. Having studied electronics and astrophysics for 7 years I’m always trying to figure out a proper scientific explanation of orgone energy, but from what I’ve studied I can boldly say many theories taught at university are flawed and/or incomplete. If you are interested in the topic, you might know what the Maxwell’s equations are, these famous equations that unify electricity and magnetism into electromagnetism. The problem with those is that nowadays they’ve been greatly simplified, transformed into vectorial form, whereas originally they used quaternions and fields have been discarded, the vector potential ‘A’ (of units: Volt x second / meter) and the electric potential ‘φ’ (of units: volts). Both these fields have disappeared since the simplifications, mainly because no one could prove their existence, it is commonly accepted now that these were mainly used as a mathematical construct without any real physical meaning. I think by ignoring these fields (which most scientists are not even aware of), scientists completely closed the path that could lead to the discovery of orgone/chi/prana. There are also, in my opinion, many gaps in other theories, like quantum tunnelling for example, where no one even questions what happens once particles are beyond their allowed potential, there are other such fundamental gaps in transmission lines theories and other domains that always bothered me but never seemed to attract the attention of anyone. Anyhow, all this to say that science doesn’t believe in the existence of ether or orgone, it’s existence has been mistakenly disproved by the Michelson-Morley experiment because of the hypothesis that ether is stationary and since the existence of ether (or orgone or chi/prana, which are just different names for the same thing) has been disproved, no scientist ever bothered to scientifically test orgonites..

Is it bad to have a large quantity of orgonites?

No, there is no limit to the amount of orgonites one can have and you can have as many as you want it cannot have negative effects. I live with hundreds of orgonites around my place and know many other people in similar situations. But you should be aware that you can experience temporary discomforts, because of ‘too much’ of a beneficial effect. In the sudden presence of large amounts of orgonites you could feel the effects too strongly at first. I talk about this subject more in detail on that page: Effects of orgonite on living things

If you experience any discomfort you just have to put orgonites further away and reduce the number of orgonites close to you. It’s best to start with one, then two, then three, etc. So that you get used to their effects gradually. This is also explained on the above mentioned page. It’s like sport, it’s not recommended for a beginner in cycling to start with a 200km ride…

Can I wear orgonites on myself?

Obviously yes, this also allows the orgonite to more effectively protect you from the negative effects of electromagnetic waves emitted by any device you might have on you.

Does the shape and size of an orgonite change anything?

Yes, each shape has it’s own specific properties, pyramid, cube, sphere, there is a lot of information on subject available on internet, in libraries and elsewhere. The form of an orgonite can amplify the effects of that orgonite. The size as well; the bigger the orgonite, the more it can transmute/absorb energies, so obviously the bigger it is the more powerful it can become, like the base of a cloudbuster which is approximately equivalent to a hundred of Towerbusters in one bloc. However bigger does not always mean more powerful, if an orgonite is badly made, with a lot of resin and almost no metal, it can be very big, it might still not be as effective as a smaller one respecting the 50/50 ratio more accurately. Going back to shapes, it is hard to describe exactly each shape, one thing to know is that the cubic/square form is probably one of the worst, energies don’t flow well in 90° corners. You can just imagine water flowing in squared tubes, there is a reason why tubes are round, the corners of water pipes systems are also never bent perpendicularly.. In terms of electromagnetic waves it’s quite the same, a wave that comes in contact with a metallic surface straight in front of it, e.g. a surface placed perpendicularly to the displacement of the wave, the wave will be reflected and bounced backwards. If you have knowledge in the physics of fluids, or waves in general this will be quite evident to you, right angels are very bad for the flow of fluids and waves!

The round shape is one of the softest for the flow of fluids and waves, the same is true for orgone.

There are other shapes that amplify energies, for example the egg shape and pyramid shape.

The pyramidal shape is very interesting and should be extensively researched! Only Russians have published research papers on that subject, you will be able to find some information on this page: Pyramids (Golden Section) research in Russia by Alexander Golod.

An extract of the page:

Some of the scientific results of previous studies with Golden Section Pyramids built by Alexander Golod show:

  • The Immune system of organisms increased upon exposure in the pyramid (Scientific Research Institute named by Mechnikov, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)
  • Specific properties of medicines increase with decreasing side effects after exposure in the Pyramid (SRI of Virology named by Ivanovskiy, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)
  • Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid showed a 30-100% increase in yield
  • Russian military radar detected an energy column above the Pyramids built by Alexander Golod which is thought to have repaired the Ozone layer in Russia (the same can be done for example in Australia)
  • The pathogenic strength of different viruses and bacteria becomes less with exposure in the pyramid
  • The amount of radioactivity becomes less after exposure in the pyramid

Work with more than 5000 people in jails in Russia showed that in a few months most crimes almost disappeared and behavior was much improved. This was attributed to the crystalline structures, which had been placed beforehand in the Pyramid and faced around the territories of jails.

Shapes are important and each has subtle properties, the subject is to vast to be discussed here in depth. Geometric patterns are also very important, like the hexagonal shape which is quite abundant in all aspect of the universe, or (said otherwise) division by six, carbon creates chains of hexagons, time is based on many multiples of 6,the angles of a circle are also in base 6, bees create hexagonal patterns in their nests, snow flakes are mostly hexagonal, etc. Generally speaking, geometric patterns or shapes are important factors and the bigger the orgonite the more pronounced the effects should be. But even an orgonite without specific form will have a lot of effect, an amplifying form (or a geometric arrangement) can certainly make its effect even stronger.

How can I observe/feel the effects?

This is not a question that has a straightforward answer.

You can observe the effects on plants quiet easily, just place one or some orgonites near a plant in bad health and you will see changes for the better quite quickly (in a matter of days), you can see some examples of effects on plants here: Effects of orgonite on flora

To observe effects on the climate is a very different task, since climate is very variable and depends on so many variables, a lot of time must be spent to understand differences. Once in a while a very visible effect can happen, where clouds open up and align in a circular shape when there is a sudden large release of orgone, however this can be mostly seen on days where there are only cumulus clouds. I invite you to look at this page: Effects of orgonite on the climate

Orgonite has also a very local effect, only visible some centimetres/inches around it. It can be easily observed by putting an orgonite above a glass filled with water and placed in a freezer, you will observe lines quiet similar to a magnetic field shape form in water, btw. a magnet also has that effect in freezing water.

Orgonite suspended in water in a freezer

Magnet suspended in water in a freezer

An orgonite (or the orgone generated by it) will attract water. An orgonite placed on top of a glass with water placed in a freezer will create a sort of bump on top of the water in the direction of the orgonite, the water is going upward completely opposed to the gravitational pull.

With de-mineralized water in ice cubes containers you can even see stalagmites (upward spikes) form if you use a sufficiently big orgonite, for example a HHG. The following image comes from that page: Orgone Pyramid and Ice Experiment you can also find other examples on this page: Visibles effect of orgone generator on ice

An other fascinating example you will find on that page: Bildbeweise der Wirbelenergiebildung in Chembustern (CBs) und anderen Orgonit-Geräten is a photo of the water frozen in a vortex shape inside the pipes of a cloudbuster with copper spirals inside the tubes.

or without a copper spiral, just the frozen water inside the tubes of a cloudbuster: Picture of water in cloud buster pipes.

The local effects on water, plants and climate are quite easy to observe. Climate effects can require long observing periods.. The last effect and most complicated to talk about is the effect on living things and hence on humans, the direct effects can be absent, they can be very pronounced and they can also be very different depending on the person, since we’re all different! Some people feel much more energetic very early on, others feel a stronger/faster heart beat quite suddenly, others feel nothing, others sleep a lot at the beginning, others feel more tired at the beginning… It can be very different for all of us, because it depends on our health (physical and psychological) when we first are put in close proximity to orgonites and the orgone they generate. However in the long run the effects are almost the same for everyone, only positive, more energy, more happiness… Look at this page for more detailed information: Effects of orgonite on living things

Should I recharge/purify the orgonites?

Yes and no,it’s not really the orgonites that can be cleansed, but the quartz inside them. Quartz is known as a stone that can be programmed, or said otherwise, influenced by our thoughts and it’s the quartz that can be purified/recharged/cleansed. orgonite will always work, it’s more or less a piezoelectric effect, or more exactly electrostrictive, hence as long as the quartz is inside the orgonite (which is forever), the orgonite will work, but with our thoughts affecting the quartz and stones we can affect the subtle vibrations of the quartz. Quartz on their own can for example become negative if they are always in the presence of very negative people. A negatively charged/programmed quartz won’t have the same vibration as a quartz positively charged and this will be reflected in the generated/transmuted orgone. The orgonite will still transmute bad energies into good orgone, but this good orgone might not be the best it can be if the quartz is very negative!

That said, it is very easy to cleanse/recharge a quartz, it just needs to take a sunbath or be placed under cold water for a small duration, or even with your own thoughts. However as many people doubt their aptitudes to reprogram quartz by themselves, the easiest way is the sunbath. The same applies to orgonite, an orgonite is fairly transparent, the resin absorbs light a many different frequencies, if you don’t know that, electromagnetic waves are light waves, just at a frequency below frequencies that can be observed with the naked eye. To cleanse the quartz in an orgonite you just need to leave an orgonite in the sun for a small amount of time, a couple of hours is more than enough. This is also a reason why no one has to care much about the state of orgonites that are placed in the middle of nature or outside in general, they are always exposed to sun of flowing water at some point, nature takes care of keeping these orgonites in the best possible state! There is another positive aspect with these easy methods of cleansing/purification, if you are afraid that orgonites in your home might become negative, you just have to leave them close to a window and the sun will take care of the rest, these ‘charged’ orgonites will also have a tendency to keep other nearby orgonites in a energetic good standing.

Just as a side note, it is very hard to make an orgonite ‘quartz’ very negative, in the 5-6 years of making/giving/selling orgonites I’ve only ever heard of that 3 times in total. And even then, the people who told me that always said that orgonites were still effective, but not great that’s all. Just leave some of your orgonites close to windows, even better, outside if possible and you’ll never have to worry about this improbable inconvenient.

Why should I use normal orgonites if induction ones are more ‘efficient’?

To answer this question it’s easier to use an example. Imagine you have a pristine lake, with water completely natural, non-polluted and good energies. Is it really useful to place a highly efficient machine there for de-pollution? Evidently not! It’s the same for orgonites, induction ones are more effective when there are a lot of pollutions to take care of, but if there’s not much to transmute it’s pointless to have a super-effective orgonite. Now imagine that the lake is highly polluted, here a highly efficient de-pollution machine will be very useful. So if you leave in a rural area, surrounded by nature, without many electric appliances, antennas masts etc. in the surroundings, no wifi, not many source of wireless signals polluting the environment, induction orgonites are quite useless as well. But in an urban area, in an apartment, surrounded by 50 neighbours who all have a wifi router, 3 mobile phones, cordless phones etc. then induction orgonites will be most welcomed. They have basically a higher ratio of efficiency to price.