Other effects of orgonite

Decrease in fuel consumption

Several people have already noticed this phenomenon, including me. I realized this especially when I was traveling with more than 100 kg of orgonites in the trunk, despite the additional weight, the effect is very clear, it is not huge but if you are used to doing the same trip every day at roughly the same speed and seeing your odometer always at the same point when you fill up, you will notice the difference.

Note however that it also depends on the car, older cars without electronics react much better because there is no controller to regulate the injection of fuel, so if it burns better it is natural that less is used. It also brings better acceleration and less pollution. It is for example fantastic for a 2CV. In recent cars with a lot of electronics, this is unfortunately no always always the case, because even if petrol burns better (and therefore less is necessary), the electronic system continues to inject as much petrol. It is like for HHO generators for which it is sometimes necessary to buy a new controller (Engine Control Unit) to take into account the changes in consumption.

In my case, my first car (2002 to 2019) consumed about 10L per 100km; I drove a lot with it between 2002 and 2007, before discovering orgonites and trying this effect on consumption. It consumed about 8L per 100km with orgonites. I saw the difference because before discovering orgonite I often went back and forth between my home and Brussels, the total trip distance forth and back is 450km and my tank has a 45L capacity (reserve included). At the time I had to drive at 110 km/h all the way to make sure I was getting back just just without having to refuel on the way. Since I had orgonite in the car, if I drove at 110 km/h all the way I made the round trip without arriving at the reserve, I could drive at 125-130 km/h all along and get back without having to refuel.

When driving at 110 km/h I could almost do 550km on a full tank. The difference in consumption with my car was therefore around 20%. I can’t promise you exactly the same results, but most of those who have tried have seen a difference, usually around 10%.

To have the effect, just place a few Tower Busters in the car. The best price/effect ratio is around 2kg of orgonite, it’s easier to count by weight. I therefore advise you to put about 2kg of orgonite (as basic as possible) anywhere in the car, either in TBs (therefore about 20) or in orgonites in any other form, provided that the total weight is at around 2kg.

How to place the orgonites is already described on this page: “Operating Instructions” for orgonites > Where/how to place orgonites in a car?

Most cars have the spare tire in the trunk, it’s a great place to block some orgonites easily. The best effect is obtained by induction, so the orgonites must not be in contact with the metal of the car directly, surround them with cellophane or place them in a plastic bag. Look a little around, there are lots of places to place the orgonites in the trunk not far from the tank, by unhooking the fabrics you will surely find room behind to put some orgonites. Otherwise anywhere where there is room is fine too, under the front seats, under the back seat, etc.

You can put more than 2kg, but it is not very useful, because according to my multiple observations when gifting, when I was driving with 100-200kg of orgonite in the car for thousands of kilometers, yes there was a difference with 100kg and more, but the little difference that such a large weight of orgonites produced is not worth it. I maybe had 2-4% more gain with 100kg, compared to 2kg.
10, 20, 30, 40kg,.. it really didn’t change much that was observable compared to 1-2kg of orgonites, it’s not worth the weight overload that orgonites cause.

The effect on consumption is due to the molecular reorganization that orgonite has on all types of materials. This is explained here: What’s orgonite > Standing waves patterns
The atoms and molecules are better aligned, better organized, whether for fuel or for the structure of the metal in the car. Even if it is minimal, what it does for the fuel which enters into combustion is that it produces a little more energy in combustion (for the equivalent quantity) and therefore a little less is necessary to have the same energy as when the molecules are not ordered. This is also why it takes 2-3 weeks on average for the effect to reach its maximum potential, it’s the time it takes for the molecules of the whole car to reorganize into a slightly more coherent structure. Once the entire metal carcass of the car has reached this state, the fuel is “energized” more quickly too (or more precisely, reorganized on an atomic scale).

Here’s the observation from another person to whom I sent quite special orgonites:

Something else, I am much interested in the influence of subtle energies on the consumption of gaz-oil in my car. I drive a Dacia with almost no electronics in it (no reglage electronique of combustion)) and when I installed a “neoterre” (www.neoterre.com) in my car I got a comsumption of gaz-oil in summer of almost 1 liter on 20 kilometers, driving along on routes departementales. Now in winter it is 1on 18, 1 on 17 with this cold driving on local roads. Normal mean consumption for my car according to Auto Plus is about 1 on 14.

The remakable thing now was that when I was driving recently to Perpignan to gift in the mountains nearby I drove along on the autoroute A9 and normally with this cold and driving 120 – 130 km an hour I should have consumed 1 on 16 or less, but no it was again almost 1 on 20. Of course I have a lot of orgonite in my car, but never before did I observe that this made a difference in fuel consumption.

This time however I had your Induction Earth Pipe along laying on the front chair beside me, wrapped in tin foil with the copper pipe pointing forward direction engine. Beneath this chair was the “neoterre”. So it could be that this effect was caused directly by your IEP or it could be that the tin foil picked up the vibrations of the “neoterre” and the IEP projected them more efficiently to the engine by way of the copper pipe to get an even better combustion than usaul.

This special orgonite that he had in the car was quite a strong induction one of 2kg.

If you try, I would be thankful if you keep me informed with your results!

Since around 2018 the moulds to make these orgonites no longer exist (Tupperwares for spaghettis, wide and round, from the brand Sistema, Klip-it). I can no longer do these 2kg orgonites mentioned here, because all my old tupperwares have been used to the maximum and have broken or became extremely distorted.

I started to make round trays/plates instead if you’re interested, it’s even more convenient.
Otherwise you can simply take 2kg of these orgonites: Gifting TB