Other effects of orgonite

Decrease in fuel consumption

I can’t exactly explain how, but it’s a fact and a couple of people also noticed this effect, including me. I especially started noticing it when I was on gifting trips carrying more than 100 kg of orgonites in the trunk, even though I had a car that was quite loaded the effect was noticeable. It doesn’t make such a large difference, but if you’re used to making the same trip day after day, driving approximately at the same speed etc. and seeing your mileage meter approximately at the same point when you go to the petrol station, you will be able to notice the difference.

In my case, my car is supposed to consume 10L for 100km, nowadays I’m quite used to it consuming 8L per 100km. I really noticed the difference, because I was used to make back and forth trips from my place to Brussels and the total trip is around 450km, my tank has a total capacity of 45L. In the past (before orgonite) I had to drive 110km/h or lower all the way to be sure to have enough fuel to make the trip to Brussels and back without having to fill up the tank on the way. Since I have orgonite in the car if I drive 110km/h all the way I can make the whole trip without even getting to the reserve, I can drive 125-130 km/h all the way nowadays without having to fuel up.

Driving 110 km/h nowadays I can actually get close to 550km on one full tank. The difference in consumption for my car is around 20%. I cannot promise that you’ll get exactly the same results because many people haven’t tried yet and cars are all different, but you’ll notice a difference that’s one sure thing.

Here’s the observation from another person to whom I sent quite special orgonites:

Something else, I am much interested in the influence of subtle energies on the consumption of gaz-oil in my car. I drive a Dacia with almost no electronics in it (no reglage electronique of combustion)) and when I installed a “neoterre” (www.neoterre.com) in my car I got a comsumption of gaz-oil in summer of almost 1 liter on 20 kilometers, driving along on routes departementales. Now in winter it is 1on 18, 1 on 17 with this cold driving on local roads. Normal mean consumption for my car according to Auto Plus is about 1 on 14.

The remakable thing now was that when I was driving recently to Perpignan to gift in the mountains nearby I drove along on the autoroute A9 and normally with this cold and driving 120 – 130 km an hour I should have consumed 1 on 16 or less, but no it was again almost 1 on 20. Of course I have a lot of orgonite in my car, but never before did I observe that this made a difference in fuel consumption.

This time however I had your Induction Earth Pipe along laying on the front chair beside me, wrapped in tin foil with the copper pipe pointing forward direction engine. Beneath this chair was the “neoterre”. So it could be that this effect was caused directly by your IEP or it could be that the tin foil picked up the vibrations of the “neoterre” and the IEP projected them more efficiently to the engine by way of the copper pipe to get an even better combustion than usaul.

This special orgonite that he had in the car was quite a strong induction one of 2kg.

To have the effect you just have to put some orgonites (Tower busters) in the car, about a half-dozen not too far from the fuel tank should be enough to notice something. I myself have approximately a dozen of orgonites, of which some induction tower busters a bit everywhere in the car, but most of them are close to the tank. In my car the easiest was to place them under the spare tire in the trunk which is conveniently not far from the tank. The effect seems to be stronger with induced orgone (normal orgonite not in direct contact with the metal of the car..), because the strongest results I had were always when I had bags and bags (plastic bags) filled with orgonites, nothing was in contact with the metal of the car. Induced orgone, just means that since the orgonites are not in contact (electrical conducting contact..) with the metal, the orgone is induced in the metal, as with the principle of the induction tower buster, cloudbuster based on the Wilhelm Reich orgone accumulator principles. The ones I have under the spare tire are also in a plastic wrap to avoid contact with the metal. I think that placing most of the orgonites closer to the the tank is the best, but there’s maybe better?

If you try, I would be thankful if you keep me informed with your results!