Effects of orgonite on living things

Effects on human beings

The effects of orgonites on living beings can be many-fold. I will focus on the effects they have on humans, but you should know that animals and insects also benefit from them. For example, there are wild cats around my house and I find them often sleeping near my cloudbusters.

To begin with, here’s a testimony of an electrosensitive person to whom I shipped a few dozen tower busters.

Thanks for the orgonites and for the small attached message, I was a bit slow to give you my feedback about the uses of these orgonites and the results.

I placed the orgonites at home as follows:
- On the electrical meter which does not disturb me anymore when I walk past the entrance to the cellar
- 3 on the television screen
- 1 on the TV decoder
- On the computer tower, 1 stronger
- On the screen, one stronger and 2 normal
- On the internet modem, 1 stronger
- 1 on the radio

I also placed one orgonite above the radio in the car, the car by chance is not recent and hence not equipped with much electronics.

I can certify that orgonites are really effective, but must be well placed. I say this because I’m still feeling a consequent disturbing sensation in front of the computer, I had my doubts about the effectiveness of orgonites with regards to my computer screen. On that occasion, I asked a professional magnetiser who I consulted with for my health to test it. He found that I absolutely had to place the orgonite above the monitor screen, and not in front of the monitor, as I had done! I did notice during that test that the screen radiated more that my computer tower, hence I put a bigger emphasis there by attaching 3 orgonites above the screen with rubber adhesive!

Once all that was done I had significant improvements, and yet at certain times, whenever i entered the room that I use as my office I felt not at ease straight away and that despite the orgonites, I continued to search and hence found that it was the wifi of the neighbouring houses. I thus looked to find a solution for the wifi other than a disgracious metallic wired curtain, and I’m currently experimenting with shungite pyramids as shungite is a very useful stone to protect oneself from electromagnetic waves.

I’m going forward slowly but surely towards less pains and greater resistance with regards to waves.

These kidn of people really feel the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves hence I take their comments into consideration like pure gold. The majority of people won’t feel the effects as clearly or as quickly, like myself, I noticed a lot of small subtleties over the course of many years.

The subject of the effect of orgonites on human beings is quite complicated to address because we’re all different and hence we also don’t feel the effects in the same fashion.

The presence of orgonites can beget a lot of different effect, or not at all in appearances, that really depends on ourselves and our physical and mental health. The effects can be unpleasant at first, but also very pleasant, that all depends on us.

The presence of orgone or orgonites energize the close surroundings and thus also energize ourselves. Many different things can happen, I will try to give you enough examples and analogies so that you can make up for yourself a global understanding of what can occur.

When our body is subjected to a good dose of orgone, that will ameliorate our immune system and our health in general, but this can occur in many different ways. If you are healthy you might feel even more dynamic and more energetic, if your health is bad this amelioration of your health might at first seem harmful. You can compare that to a liver cleanse for example, for those who know, if the liver is quite filled with toxins, this cure can produce some flu-like symptoms, headaches, a global drop of your physical strength before showing the beneficial results. Which is completely normal, because the liver accumulates a lot of toxins and if you force it to expel them quickly, these toxins must come out one way or another and it’s not always pleasant. You can compare that to a person that never has any physical activity which from one day to the next starts running a marathon everyday, at the beginning it will be like hell, after a couple of kilometers the person will be out of breadth, lacking energy, but as the days go by this person will be more and more at ease. The final effects will only be positive, but the transition to get there won’t have been that pleasant. The person will probably be very tired every evening during the first days, because the entire body is at work re-strengthening the legs, with many, many muscular pains everywhere, this intense activity is also cleaning the body and expelling a lot of toxins, this person will probably change a bit his/her diet to follow the changes.. The bigger picture is that the changes will happen, but at the beginning it will be more exhausting, weakening and engender pains before producing any positive changes that will show up in the long run.

This example illustrates well what happens when someone tries to improve his/her health. This is exactly what can happen in the presence of orgonites, but in a less brutal fashion that in the example of the marathon I described above.

You can try this small test to realize for yourself how much our skin absorbs toxins with each contact. Take an object made of copper and rub your hand on it for 30 seconds and afterwards wear a latex glove on that same hand, you will see that your hand will sweat copper during many dozens of minutes (the glove will turn orange/brown due to the copper oxide being released by your skin). 30 seconds of contact.. and it takes you hand dozens of minutes to evacuate the absorbed copper.

With this example you can easily understand that people working in the industry (metallic industries, places making chemicals, solvents, mechanics..) absorb many toxins all the time and not only through the skin, but also by breathing etc. Cosmetic products are not better for example. Many things we touch are not good for us and our body has a limited ability to eliminate these toxins, hence if we’re in contact with toxins all day long it’s obvious that our body can’t get rid of all those toxins as quickly as they are absorbed and they end up accumulating in our kidneys, in our lungs, in our liver etc. This also applies to our dietary habits, or those who smoke a lot, or drink a lot of alcohol.

If you are in such a case, you can expect to experience detoxification effects when you’ll receive orgonites, because the presence of positive orgone reinforces our immune system and hence your body will be able to get rid of these toxins better than before. This can be a bit unpleasant and produce flu-like/cold-like symptoms or make you sleep more, because of your immune system being more active and sleep being good to heal, more sleep might be necessary.

These toxins accumulated will be slowly forced out of your body in all ways possible. In the end the result is positive, but the transition can be a bit unpleasant once in a while and it can last many years! During that time you’ll also probably notice that your dietary habits will change to be more in tune with what your body requires to be in good health.

Personally I discovered meditation before orgonite and for me that’s what started this process, when I was 18 years old I discovered audio CDs that force a meditative state and during around one year and a half I kept on having flu-like symptoms, running nose, cough, the need to sleep a lot. During this evolution I started to radically change my ways of eating. Before 18, the only vegetables I would eat were green peas and Paris mushrooms, now I’m more vegetarian than anything else. I eat a lot of vegetables of all types, not a lot of meat, quite a lot of oils (olive, hemp). And it keeps on evolving all the time. That being said, the way I eat is adapted to myself, I don’t recommend that anyone does exactly the same as me, it’s convenient and suits me but it might not be exactly suitable for others. Everyone has to figure out their own appropriate diet. Another effect I noticed on myself over the years by being surrounded by orgonites and all sorts of good energies, is that I get rid of toxins more quickly now, if I eat a ready cooked meal with lots of salts and bad ingredients not good for health, I’ll have pimples in the next days for sure, my body gets rid of toxins very quickly and I can notice it easily because it comes out directly through the skin and my digestion.

Listen to your body!

Getting back to the effects of orgonite; the presence of positive orgone strengthens the immune system and that can hence produce many changes in your body, slowly or quickly, that depends really from person to person, there is no specific instruction manual. The effects can be very beneficial and come very quickly as well, there are many examples of people who had various articular aches and that after having bought or made orgonites felt a great and quickly lessening of their pains.

Other examples I can expose are with regards to sleep; I gave 2-3 orgonites to old people all living in the same building (building of 4 apartments), they all reported that they sleep better since they put an orgonite on their bedside table.

On the contrary, other people also reported worsening sleeping patterns at the start, they had more nightmares or strange dreams, but in the long haul, their sleep also improved, but first they had to get through a period of ‘psychic’ cleansing that was slightly disagreeable.

These two examples about sleep are very different at the beginning, but the final result is the same, better sleep. There are also people who slept well before the orgonites and still sleep well and haven’t noticed a change with regards to their sleep.

That’s why I have to insist on the fact that the ‘visible’ effects are different for us all, it all depends on our physical and psychological health.

The presence of orgonites or positive orgone has effects on our body but also subtle effects on our psyche. Some people are very serene, calm, not affected by stree, without many fears; whereas others are very stressed, easily irritated, subject to all sorts of fears. It’s because of that that the effects of orgonite can be very different.

Positive orgone has an effect on our thoughts and spirit, in the end it will make us happier and more peaceful. But before getting there, if a person has a lot of mental disorders, they’ll first need to resolve these issues before anything else. For example, someone can’t be at peace if they are always afraid of what others think of him/her.

Nightmares are the results of a normal ‘cleansing’ of our spirit too cluttered with all sorts of fears; the unconscious fears will come out of our mind under teh influence of positive orgone until we’ve figured out were the problem stems from. It’s a rather well known fact: childhood traumas affect us during our adult life. Orgonite; or the presence of positive orgone; will (as with physical toxins) once again force these traumas buried deep inside our psyche to come out of the shadows and be exposed consciously and that can result in nightmares or temporarily disturb our sleep (and even some of our days). To solve our psychological issues we first have to be consciously aware of them, to know why and how and dreaming about them is the easiest; afterwards, being faced face to face slowly with our fears is the best way to tackle the issue.

Many people also told me that, at the beginning with orgonites, they dreamed about many people they had forgotten about for many years.

The effect of orgonite on our spirit is the most complicated to describe, we’re all very different, hence I cannot really say what is going to happen. Sleep can be disturbed in the presence of orgonites in the beginning, as much as nothing happening or immediately improving, it’s very variable depending on the people. Our entire lifestyle can be affected in one way or another, there are so many possible subtle changes that I cannot describe them all.

In the end, the result is always more or less the same, more joy, more energy and health, be it for the psyche or for the physical body.

I will end with a personal example, I sleep with many orgonites near me since many years, under the bed etc. I decided in 2009 to make 7 HHGs (pyramid shaped orgonites), one for each chakra and I placed them under my bed approximately where the chakras are physically located when I sleep. It’s quite a brutal test, but I didn’t have much else to try anymore! During two months I had a very disturbed sleep, I woke up my times during the night, sometimes I didn’t even manage to sleep for many days, I had quite often very strange dreams, some that I’ll still trying to understand to this day. But after this initial period of tormented sleep, my sleep improved again and I slept very well before already! This is just an analogy of the person having no physical activity at all and starting a marathon everyday overnight; the effects are more brutal. It’s best to start slowly and run one kilometer, then two, then three etc. It’s the same with orgonite, it’s wiser to start slowly and softly and to not surround ourselves with 1000 orgonites directly without having been exposed to the influence of orgonites previously.

Effects on insects

I never really had time to observe these effects in details, the only observations I made these last years regards the bees; there are many people talking about bees vanishing; at my house it’s completely the opposite, there are more and more every year, they are present by hundreds everyday during many months every year.

You can read the feedback of a beekeeper that reported many positive results on this page (only in french) of the ‘orgonite france’ forum: Abeilles et orgonites (you have to register to have access to it)