Effects of orgonite on the climate

The examples below are examples on medium or large scale (with the use of many orgonites), because it is one of the only way where one can see significant visual results that can show the effects of orgonite and positive orgone on the climate. Please do remember that almost all of the effects are temporary or sporadic, they arise only when large amounts of positive orgone are generated in a rather short time, usually directly after having placed many hundreds of orgonites in an area, afterwards the climate returns to a normal state but improved (with more positive orgone in the surroundings). I cannot promise that you will see any such effects with only a couple of small orgonites or even a couple dozens! It is possible, I already saw that happen many times, for example seeing the sky cumulus open-up right above me after having places some orgonites near one antenna mast; thought this often happened with antennas with a lot of transmitting equipment. It is quite rare, for around 100 masts where I placed orgonites I would say that it happens maybe 2-3 times out of a hundred…

Cumulus clouds opening up

Let’s start with the example that convinced me that orgonites have an effect. About two months after discovering orgonites I made my first ‘large’ gifting from my point of view at the time! (Approximately 20 Tower Busters) to gift three radio towers from RTL Radio Luxembourg near Beidweiler during a bike ride, these three antennas have a transmission power of 2000 kW. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Beidweiler_RTL.jpg

And also 3 other very large antennas just 1km away, but I do not know what they are used for.

Here is a picture of the three antennas (RTL) just before we passed by at 15h on September the 19ht, 2006.

And the 3 others.

(click on the images to enlarge)

After that, we kept on biking forward so I could not take pictures to monitor the changes. The sky cloud cover opened up above the antenna until the clouds were completely spread apart in a circle around the antennas.

Here’s the sky around 18:30 on our way back.

In this photo you can see both sets of antennas

It is clear how the clouds line up far and around the antennas. It is this event that personally convinced me that something happens when gifting antennas. It was a little hard to believe! Fortunately, I am a real scientist, I try to understand things even if it seems completely unreal for my actual system of belief!

Below are other examples of clouds that openened up in a circle around a well orgonised/gifted zone. The first two pictures are 360° panoramas at my place where I have many cloudbusters and many or most of the surrounding sources of electromagnetic pollutions are gifted, there are more than 200 orgonites placed in an area of approximately 100 km² around my home.

And also the same effect in Cardiff, Wales, a medium-sized city (about 300,000 inhabitants) where I studied for 7 years and I also gifted on an area of approximately 100 km². Since it’s a town, there is a larger concentration of antennas and sources of pollution, there must be 400-500 orgonites scattered around the city.

Some other 360/180° panoramas (dozen of individual photos stitched together) above my house that show the same effect, the 30th of november and 18th of december 2012.

Below is yet another example of the sky opening up after more or less directly after a gifting of a U.S. spying/listening station in Bavaria, Ettringen.

When I got there the sky was overcast (10:36)

One hour (11:36) later after having already gifted a large part of the base, the sky began to open quite clearly above the antennas.

And when I had finished (13h): here’s a 360° panorama I made from a bit afar.

‘Explosions of clouds’

Lets look at another visual effect that I had the joy of watching during several days in a row in Cyprus after we had gifted three British military bases (with several hundred orgonites) on top of the Troodos Mountains (the highest summits, more or less in the middle of the island) with a friend.

Bases (A, B, C) on the google map

I was on vacation so it was not really possible for me to observe the effects from the same place every day, or even take a picture properly, because several days I was just below the clouds and they were so huge that it was impossible to take pictures without being at a distance of at least 100-200km away.

We made the gifts of three bases on the 9th and 10th of June 2009. We also gifted many other antennas throughout the mountain range from the 5th to 9th.

Here is the spectacular view on the 11th of June in the early afternoon. (These are not storm formations)

On the 12th of June I was in the mountains …

Here’s what I saw on one side around me (2:19 p.m.)

And another side (2:28 p.m., a cloud explosion which also ended in mushroom but I had no opportunity to make a photo of it later on)

A little later elsewhere in the mountains (3:54 p.m.)

On the 13th of June.

On the 14th of June.

We left Cyprus on the evening of the 14th so I do not know if it continued, anyhow, four days in a row with the same effect at about the same place (the place where we gifted the most), that’s enough of an indication that something is happening. I’m not sure I’m able to explain this phenomenon properly, which I’ve seen only one other time in France. It seems, from what I understood from books of Viktor Schauberger on water, that energized water tends to rise upwards in the opposite direction of gravity. So when we gifted the mountain (and all military bases and areas of antennas… Which abound in Cyprus because it is a very strategic area for surveillance of the middle east), all electromagnetic pollution transmuted positively had to generate a massive dose of positive orgone in the surrounding nature which caused the water in the soil to be very energized and hence rising up in the opposite direction of gravity and formed huge clouds.

Aircraft pollution less present over gifted areas

There is another effect that I often see in the sky at home, or in the sky in areas with a Cloudbuster and/or many orgonites, which will be interesting to those who do not like chemtrails (or planes pollution in general). These pollutants tend to disappear much faster, this is most noticeable at the end of the day. I would require a camera that takes photos at 360 ° / 180 ° to show the entire sky above me and unfortunately this equipment costing very expensive ..

June 2008 at home at the end of the day

January 2009 in Cardiff, aircraft trails clearly being cut midway and not appearing in the sky above the city! It is not always like this, there are a lot of factors to take into account to observe the weather, but when the conditions are right, it is a phenomenon that I’ve observed often.

End of June 2009 at home at the end of the day

July 2009 at home in the late afternoon

August 2010 at home at the end of the day

1st of April 2012: my first attempt at making a 360/180° panorama by stitching 25 frames together, aircraft trails can be seen to be more around the area than above my house.

Other 360/180° panoramas showing again that aircraft pollutions dissipate much better above my place.
5th of march 2013:

14th of april 2013 at 13h.

And at 18h the same day, it’s quite clear that the sky is much cleaner above my place.

Here again, as on the page Cloudbuster. I insist on the fact that it’s an effect that I see often and not always because there are also days with skies like those:

Very seldom also days with the high altitude haze creating a milky sky etc. If you come here just because of chemtrails, I’m forwarding you on these chapters, Questions about Cloudbusters > A cloudbuster brings good weather? and Questions about Cloudbusters > Chemtrails?, for more details. Don’t expect to see every single trail disappear fully every single time, it’s an abusive oversimplification of the topic.

Gentle breeze

This effect is also interesting and has already been observed by many people and I observed it dozens of times. It is an effect that can be observed/felt more during days where there is no wind. After placing a few orgonites at the foot of an antenna (gsm, tv etc..) a few minutes afterwards there is often a breeze which forms for a couple of minutes max and then disappears again. This effect is due, it seems, to positive orgone that is generated for the first time in the area and for some reason, which I can not explain scientifically, creates a temporary breeze. I also observed this effect several times after placing orgonites in ponds or lakes on days where there is no wind, after having reached a certain critical amount of orgonites dropped in the water the wind rises also for a few minutes and then everything becomes quiet again. In general when I gift lakes/ponds etc., if there is no wind, I often wait to feel that small breeze, which is my confirmation that I’ve dropped enough orgonites.