Information for electrosensitives

Some details on that page Additional information are very important for electrosensitive/chimicosensitive people, if you want to use the orgonites indoors and you are very sensitive to chemical products, clean/wash them as indicated in the page above. There’s also the post-curing process at around 80°C. A really easy way do to it is to put the orgonites in water at that temperature for 2-3 hours.
You also have another temporary solution, it’s to keep the orgonites in hermetic containers/bags so that the rests of non 100% inert resin won’t be able to go in the air.
However the best is really to clean/wash/scrub them and then put them in hot water, that way they reach a food grade status once and for all.
And it’s also good to know about all orgonites, the polyester resin I use (for it’s price), can’t hide itself, you can smell any residual component and it’s obvious that it’s not great for our health. But epoxy resin are not much better (epoxy is more solid and transparent), the epoxy resin doesn’t release smelly odours, but it’s not because you can’t smell it that the residual vapours are not equally as toxic as that from polyester resin. I don’t know well the curing process of epoxy (are there any residual non catalyzed parts?), anyway the best solution is always to put them in hot water for a while to force the end of any non fully cured part. However, that being said, I know epoxy resins that require a post-polymerization phase at 40°C for 6-8h to become fully inert, if it’s done in water it leaves visible marks. Hence it’s best to go for drying in hot air when you have no idea what’s required.

There’s also another method, but I don’t find it particularly great, because it is to use another product to cover the previous one!
You can add an acrylic finish spray (Spray cans, brilliant/dull available in DIY shops to apply on wood, plastic, metal etc.) to add a layer around the orgonite to encapsulate it…

However, I repeat it again, bathing them in hot water is by far the best option!

Now also, don’t forget that orgonites won’t and can’t solve all your problems. Orgonites protect from the dangerous side-effects of EM waves, but here again, depending on your level of electrosensitivity, for some electrosensitives it’s great, for others it doesn’t change much!
Even worst, it makes things worst, why? Orgonite stimulates your immune system to clean itself up, do it veryy slowly, start by trying with one orgonite, 2, then 3 etc. Keep the other as far as possible in the beginning, most people can’t imagine how powerful the effects can be of such a tiny thing on us.
If your immune system is stimulated too brutally, it’s not good! I invite you to read that page for more information: Effects of orgonite on living things
If your immune system is stimulated to expel way too quickly a lot of toxins, your gut flora (which is generally in a horrendous state) will let these toxins to be absorbed again in the gut, it’s even worst than if nothing had happened.
Please take the time to read this page: The ultimate solution for human health, it’s very long, but electrosensitive people must know these things, these are obvious facts that are ignored more often than not, without the appropriate diet, a full restoration of your gut flora and also a diet that will keep your colon 100% free of fecal impaction, you’ll never be able to free yourself from your suffering without is evidently auto-immune.

I wish you a lot of courage!