My name is Fabien Broquard, I completed studies in Computer Science/Electronics and Astrophysics. For years I have had interests in all sciences and the search for tangible explanations for phenomena still unexplained or little appreciated by modern science.

I discovered orgonite in 2006 and I was quickly convinced of its beneficial effects. While doing personal tests on orgonite, I also did a lot of gifting for about 6-7 years, i.e. place orgonites here and there to improve the energies of cities, nature, neutralize the negative effects of antennas and various electrical installations, to clean up/energize rivers, lakes, etc. I gifted more than 2 tons of orgonites over 5 years, in France, England, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy etc. I still continue a little, but much less since 2016, because my love for plants and gardening began to occupy more and more time since that time.

During all these years of gifting, I had the joy of observing the greatly beneficial effects of orgonite, on a small and large scale.

This site, started at the end of 2011, has 3 main vocations.

First of all, to be a place where to get simple and yet very effective orgonites: Tower Busters, or TB (s). You will always find these multi-purpose orgonites for sale on this site. They are particularly practical to use for outdoor use (garden, gifting), or to scatter around your home.
Gifting TB
Round TB
Heart TB

For the same reason, you will also find simple Cloudbusters/Chembusters, which are orgonites made to act on a larger space in the sky and the environment. For external uses, it is not particularly necessary to have very aesthetic ones.

Secondly, this site aims to regroup as much information as possible about orgonites to provide answers to questions everyone can ask, to give examples of the beneficial effects of orgonites, to describe the effects, to explain how to use them, how to make them, where to find the materials, etc. Because this information is available on the internet, but scattered and in several languages. It seems important to me to regroup as much information as possible in one place to make it easily accessible.

Moreover, science tends to ignore or ridicule phenomena that go beyond the current understanding of things. Being a scientist also means constantly questioning our own beliefs when something challenges us. The fact that there is verifiable and repeatable evidence with orgonites opens up research opportunities. Having done scientific studies, I can clearly say that there are some of the effects of orgonites that are scientifically explicable. I even think that almost everything can be explained, but science does not do the researches needed to deepen the knowledge in the required areas. On this site I also want to share my own, more or less, scientific understanding of orgonites.

The third vocation of the site is to offer very specific orgonites to facilitate the activity of people working with subtle energies, such as magnetisers, healers, feng-shui practitioners, geobiologists, etc. These orgonites are also here to help those who are on a path of personal evolution. You will find orgonites on this site that talk about connection to angels, higher levels of consciousness, karma, healing of wounds of past lives, etc. Despite appearances, I am a very down to earth person and these subjects a little out of the ordinary are all very acceptable if we dare to reframe our perception of reality.

I also encourage you to do orgonites by yourself if you have the opportunity, it can quickly become a beautiful creative pleasure. Especially since our own orgonites always contain some of our own energies, there is nothing more appropriate for ourselves than orgonites made by ourselves!

I bid you again a warm welcome. :)

To continue your discovery of the subject of orgonites, I invite you to visit this page: Information