My name is Fabien Broquard, I discovered orgonite in 2006 and was quickly convinced of its beneficial effects. I almost exclusively gifted for around 5 years, i.e. place orgonites here and there to transmute bad energies in cities, restore some places in nature, neutralize the harmful effects of wireless transmission masts and various electrical installations, depollute/energize water streams, lakes etc. By doing that, I observed quite clearly the positive effects of orgonite on large scales, I gifted more than 20000 orgonites (TBs) during these 5 years, in France, in the UK, in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Italy…

One thing the really bothered me during all these years was the unavailability of affordable orgonites, TBs (Tower Busters). Here I’m mainly speaking about France. There are sellers for these simple orgonites in Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Malaysia, South Africa, since many years. But never anyone in France until I started supplying them myself in France (around mid 2012). There are many sellers making decorative orgonites in France, nice looking and I have nothing against it, but it’s not affordable for all budgets and not even necessary in some cases; for example to put them in the garden or for gifting. I wanted to fill that void, because basic orgonites are quite efficient, there’s no need to make them complicated to have working ones. Also, some sellers don’t have the means to buy materials in bulk and thus reduce their prices, I’m well aware of that. I’m trying to complement what is missing from other sellers, while not competing with them either.

I also supply Cloudbusters/Chembusters, because I find other prices quite prohibitive, once again because the bases are often quite decorative. I offer them in the most basic version.

I mainly want to fill in the unavailability of basic and affordable orgonites, which are the TBs (Tower Busters), such that anyone can have orgonites if he/she wishes, most importantly for people who for one reason or another can’t make them themselves or don’t have the means to buy more expensive decorative orgonites.

The best and cheapest method being always to make orgonites on your own.

This website is mostly aimed at delivery in France and Europe (mainly France, Germany and Benelux), because shippign charges are more expensive for other countries. I can chip anywhere in the world, but the shipping charges are very prohibitive for delivery outside Europe!

If you want functional, affordable and slightly decorative orgonites, or if you want to try without investing hundreds of euros, I think you’ll be quite happy with what I offer.

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