Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

  • Orgonites
    • General questions
      • How to use orgonites?
        Go to this section Information
      • How to make orgonites?
        There are so many video tutorials on video websites (youtube, dailymotion, vimeo…) that I strongly suggest you to go look for ‘how to make orgonite’ on these websites. There are also simple instructions on this website Else in the section How to on this website you’ll also find, I hope, enough useful information. There are tutorials spread out all over the internet on different websites, I can’t list them all because some websites spring up regularly, others disappear… Look for ‘how to make orgonites’ on any search engine, it should lead you to enough websites, as you probably ended up here with similar search terms!
    • Why are my orgonites so cheap?
      If my prices make you believe that the orgonites are of bad quality, or that it is a scam compared to others, it’s just because I focus on very basic orgonites, the prices here are quite similar to ones proposed by other sellers for these same basic orgonites, for example:

      Overall there are many more sellers that sell decorative orgonites, they are really nice too and having one like that in your living room is quite a piece of art, but these require more expensive resins, also the included materials add up to the costs; gold leafs, copper shavings, very nice looking stones etc. the amount of work needed to make them nice looking also adds up into the price. I have nothing against these orgonites, however if it’s to use orgonites in the garden, or place them around the house in some dark corners, behind electronic appliances etc. They don’t need to look very nice to work, hence the cheapest resin with the strict minimum is more than enough, i.e. 50/50 resin/metal shavings and a bit of quartz, that’s one of the great advantages of orgonite: it’s affordable for anyone if we keep it simple!
      My prices are more than appropriate, I put all the time I need and enjoy making the orgonites I sell. I like making orgonites, I used to make orgonites for many friends for a couple of years, at cost of the materials, just giving the time I had, since I had student benefits I didn’t need to be paid more, I also had many opportunities to go gifting in many countries (place orgonites in nature, cities, seas, lakes to clean up all types of pollutions). Since I finished my studies (2011), I’d like to make a living out of one of my favorite activities; while helping the planet and everyone and everything that lives on it and at the same time keep financing my own expeditions to keep distributing orgonites in places that need it, mostly around France and Europe, as I did while I was studying.
      If you want to see a bit where I went, my ‘adventures’ are (in french) on the Forum Orgonite France forum (you have to signup to have access to all of it) and on Ethericwarriors (UK, Nordsea Gifting, Geneva Gifting And Department 74 France, Greece, Athens Gifting December 2010, Paris France, Cyprus Gifting, Germany Gifting, Iceland Gifting …)

  • Orders, deliveries and payments
    • What are the accepted payments?
      I accept card payments (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), bank transfers, checks (only for France) and PayPal payments. You mush chose PayPal to pay by card.
    • Card payments?
      Select PayPal as a method of payment, once redirected on PayPal you won’t need to have a PayPal account to make the payment, you will have the option to pay directly without registering. <<Click to see>>
    • Where to find the details to pay by bank transfer or by check?
      While ordering, when you choose the payment method, if you choose check or bank transfer (and PayPal also) you will be redirected at the end of your order to a page giving you all the details and address to send your check and bank details for a bank transfer (IBAN, BIC). You will also receive all these information in your confirmation email.
      You can also find them below : Personal information > Banking information
    • How much time does it take for the orders to be sent?
      Your orgonites will be shipped up to 10 business days after your order (unless otherwise stated on the order page), this period will largely depend on the amount ordered and the time required to prepare the package depending on availability (especially for large commands). In case you have to wait for more than 10 business days for me to ship your order, I will keep you informed.
    • Can I order from outside of France?
      Yes. To know if I ship to your country and to have a look at the shipping prices you can find all these details on this page: Shipping rates
    • Can I track my order?
      Orders sent to France (and French islands), Europe (Benelux, Germany and Austria excluded) and any other destination can be tracked on this website with the tracking code you will receive in an email sent once your order is shipped:
      Orders sent to the Benelux (Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg), Germany and Austria can be tracked on this page: Track and Trace
    • How can I change/cancel my order?
      Simply contact me by email, or by using this page (where you can find my email): Contact
    • I didn’t receive a confirmation email?
      The confirmation email may end up in your spam folder. The email is sent by the server from the address … but listed as coming from so you can reply if necessary. But emails sent from an email address and marked as coming from another are considered as phishing/spam by most email servers. I apologize for the inconvenience. Double check your spam folder!
    • PayPal fees?
      Some websites do not add the PayPal fees, it’s not my case. You should know that PayPal charges 3.4% + 0.25€ per transaction (for less than 2500€ received in a month for a seller accepting payments, which is my case), I pass on these fees. Bank transfers exist since the 1980s at least and are free throughout the euro zone since many years (by internet banking at least; if you’re reading that you have internet :) ), it just requires a couple minutes more than a payment by card. If you don’t want to use this free service (in the euro zone, outside the euro zone PayPal can be more advantageous), you’re free to pay the fee imposed by PayPal.
  • Personal information
    • Contact information
      You’ll find everything you need to contact me easily on the Contact page. Except a land-line, because it is for the whole house and I don’t want to disturb my family too much, if you want to call me on it (a land-line is obviously cheaper than a mobile), just contact me by any other way and I’ll be glad to give it to you in private.
    • Banking information
      The account is registered at the ‘Banque Postale’, in France.
      Account name: Scienvo
      IBAN: FR78 2004 1010 1010 0528 9H03 157
      Bic/Swift: PSSTFRPPNCY
      All PayPal payments are made through the email:
    • Company information
      I am registered as an SASU (Société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle) named Scienvo, by 2020 all of bargainorgonite will be moved to this company and its domain name
      Siren/Siret (Company code): 809723679-00019. Code APE (Company category code): 3299Z
      EU VAT number: FR 49 809723679.