Range of the effects of an orgonite

Please note that these explanations cannot be precise to the nearest centimeter, here we try to explain the phenomenon. Measuring the exact distances is yet another subject, because for that we would need to have measuring instruments, but to date our technology is still too primitive for that. No device can measure these effects! We can only rely on many observations.

Some people or some sites, indicate a specific radius of action by orgonite. You won’t find that here, because giving a precise and unique radius of action does not, in my opinion, make any sense.

First: many factors come into play.
An orgonite will not have the same radius of action if it is surrounded by other orgonites, it will not have the same radius of action if it is alone in the middle of nature or if it is in an urban environment surrounded by many sources of electromagnetic pollution.
An orgonite will not have the same radius of action depending on the people around, we could speak of psychic pollution.
An orgonite surrounded by very young and very happy children will not have at all the same radius of action nor the same power of action as the same orgonite placed in the middle of a prison with a very degraded atmosphere.
We humans are also a source of orgone, we can also influence/amplify/decrease the power and range of an orgonite depending on our state of mind. A depressed, angry, resentful person, etc. will be a source of psychic pollution; a happy and stable person will not have the same effect at all.

Using a metaphor; what is the maximum propagation distance of sound for a 100w or 1000w speaker, or light for a 50w or 500w lamp?
Many factors are important! Is the environment flat, or with hills, or obtuse angles, .. is the air humid or dry, or dusty, what is the level of ambient noise already present, or the surrounding brightness, etc. .

Second: there are also different radii of action, you have to think in terms of harmonics.
The first harmonic has a stronger and less wide effect, the second harmonic has a less strong effect than the first but wider, etc.
Defining a single radius of action is of little use.

Based on the observations, we can generally distinguish 3 distinct radii of action.

  • The first (strong): the strongest and very local which acts on a radius of a few tens of centimeters to a few meters.
    For TBs (about 100g) this range is about 10cm.
    For orgonites of 5-10-20kg and more it can go to a few meters.
    It is this field which gives the effects of pseudo gravitational attraction on frozen water, the one which causes the lines of field visible in frozen water, the one which causes the big positive changes on the plants, the one which neutralizes curry or negative energy crossings.

  • The second (medium): an order of magnitude 10x weaker than the first and which extends over an order of magnitude 10x larger than the first.
    For TBs this radius of action is about 1m.
    For orgonites of 5-10-20kg and more this can go up to a hundred meters.
    This field can still cause some lines in icy water at 1-2m distance, but under not yet well determined conditions. Otherwise it is this field of action which is ultimately beneficial for almost everything and which dowsers often measure with a pendulum ;)

  • The third (weak): very weak and very wide.
    For TBs this range is about 100m.
    For orgonites of 5-10-20kg and more this can go up to a few kilometers.

We can also notice that if there are plenty of orgonites (like TBs) with a medium effect (the second) of 1-2m scattered/spaced by 5-10m, the field of global effect on the place becomes as if it were the medium field of action everywhere. The effects of orgonites add up and amplify each other; the more orgonites there are in a place, the more the fields of weaker actions are amplified between themselves.

A person who bought on this site had found a way to determine the fields of action that corresponded quite well to the observations. It is certainly not perfect, but it is very practical to quickly estimate ranges of the effects.

Strong effect: 1g of orgonite for 1mm of action radius (or 1kg for 1m)
Medium effect: 1g of orgonite for 1cm of action radius (or 1kg for 10m)
Weak effect: 1g of orgonite for 1m of action radius (or 1kg for 1km)

This curious way of measuring corresponds quite well with many observations.
For example, for a TB to really boost the growth of a plant, it is true that it works much better if it is a few centimeters away; the same is true for a cloudbuster that massively affects plant growth only a few meters around.
The large-scale effects of the Cloudbusters match too; the holes in the clouds that occur from time to time are generally over a few kilometers or ten kilometers maximum. The sporadically observable weak effects of a TB on the climate when it is placed near a mobile telephone antenna correspond as well, in this case placing a TB at 1m, 5m, 10m or 30-50m from the antenna seems to do the same effect.

By applying this measurement scale, this is what we obtain for the basic orgonites on this site.

Strong effect Medium effect Weak effect
TB (100g) 10 cm 1 m 100 m
Induction TB (150g) 15 cm 1.5 m 150 m
Cloudbuster (13kg) 13 m 130 m 13 km

For custom orgonites weighing between a few hundred grams and a few kilos this gives:

Strong effect Medium effect Weak effect
Small Cone/dome (200-500g) 20-50 cm 2-5 m 200-500 m
Big pyramid or dome (1-2kg) 1-2 m 10-20 m 1-2 km
Torches (4-8kg) 4-8 m 40-80 m 4-8 km