What’s gifting

I’ll reuse and translate the nice description made by my friends at Présence Unitaire:

Gifting is the act of placing orgonites in places that are devitalized and saturated with frequencies incompatible with the living. Also to support nature and water, improving their vibrations.

These are the adventures I talk about on my Blog.

As the name suggest, Gifting is the word ‘gift’ which has been transformed into a verb to explain this activity since there’s no word to explain it quickly. You will also see that often it is used/conjugated like a real verb (or participle past); i.e. I gifted, they gifted, we went there to gift etc. (we know full well that ‘gifted’ has another meaning, but from the context it’s easy to know if it’s used in relation to orgonites or something else..)

I prefer to focus on gifting antennas and water, because I don’t often have the necessary psychic intuitions to locate other important places. Because there are many other places that can be gifted, religious places/temples, historically important locations and many other locations that can have an energetic influence on the planet. Most of the time we gift to transmute bad energies from a place into good, or at least to make the place less negative.. These bad energies can be caused by electronic/electric apparatuses, physical pollutions (petrol, radioactive waste, etc.) but also by people, for example where there’s a large concentration of stressed people, or the history of a place; for example places where mass massacres or strange rituals happened… There are often trapped souls and blocked energies in such places.

Sometimes it’s also gifts just to support/amplify natural energies that are already good, like leylines crossings or natural vortexes etc.

Anyway, my friends summarised all that in one sentence so there’s no need to write more!