Names of orgonites

Here are the original names given to orgonites, they were the names given to the different orgonites when they were created/discovered. These names were originally created in the English language (more precisely in the United States) and some names are used on the website on purpose to make it simpler. I you feel like doing more research on orgonites you’ll easily find quite a lot of information by looking for these original names.

TB (Tower Buster)

The name stands for itself, these orgonites are made to bust towers. They are relatively small (this is what is sold here), they weigh usually a bit less than 100g (3 oz. ~ 85g being the most general weight). These orgonites were made for the specific purpose of gifting antenna masts and various wireless transmitters that pollute our atmosphere with electromagnetic radiations. Because of their size, they are quite multi-usage and easy to hide or place almost anywhere one wants to leave them, they are also good to give as gifts. Nowadays they are still mostly used for gifting antenna masts and other wireless transmitters.

HHG (Holy Hand Grenade)

This name might sound a bit religious; it comes in fact from the movie ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, in which, in the comic spirit of the movie the Holy Hand Grenade (of Antioch) is a weapon with great devastative effects, the name was probably chosen with respect to the great transmuting capabilities that a HHG possesses. That’s the name that is mostly used now, hence I also keep it. These orgonites are the ones that are in the shape of pyramids, or pyramidal cones and also domes. Depending on how one wants to make them, they can either have 5 pointed quartz or 1 pointed quartz and one or multiple coils. The 5 quartz method (single or bi-terminated quartz) has 4 quartz placed on the base in the four cardinal directions and on pointed toward the point of the pyramid. With one quartz it usually is the same setup with one quartz pointed toward the point of the pyramid with a copper (could be another metal..) spiral wounded around the quartz, though there are variations with the coil flattened on the base, or placed from the top to the bottom around the pyramid etc. These orgonites are usually quite larger than Tower Busters at least 12-15 Oz ~ 400-500g and often more..

You can find instructions to make those with one quartz and a coil here: Holy Handgrenade

EP (Earth Pipe)

This is an orgonite poured inside a metallic tube (usually copper) that acts as an ‘antenna’ to transmit orgone far down inside the ground to transmute underground DOR to POR. It can however be used in the opposite direction too to affect the sky or any other direction as a matter of fact. In this orgonite, a single terminated quartz is placed inside orgonite with a small spiral wound around the quartz.

You can find instructions to make those here: Earth Pipe

CB (Cloud Buster)

Sometimes also called Chem Buster, which comes from chemtrails. Chemtrails are supposedly CHEMical trails released by planes in the atmosphere. It is not really important to believe in this or not, because even with or without this, planes are still polluting the skies in massive amounts, since the use kerosene, they release combustion by products like any car on ground. There by-products also contain other chemicals in any case, similar to cars which release carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful by products. Cloudbusters clean/transmute these pollutions and if chemtrails are real they also clean those things too. Moreover, even in the absence of any pollution, the effects of a cloudbuster on the surrounding environment and atmosphere are relatively easy to observe. Often there are more birds and rare species of birds that make their nests, also more beneficial insects and plants. But you still need a natural habitat, if there’s just cement all over the place, it’s fairly obvious that effects of fauna/flora won’t really occur. Apart from that, the effects on close-by plants is easily observed, they will be more healthy and small effects on the climate are also quite evident to observe once a cloudbuster is set up.