Induction Tower Busters

The steps I go through to make the induction tower busters are presented here below, except the last step of dusting, which is exactly the same for all the orgonites I make. This last step is just shown once here: Tower Busters > How to make round TBs (dusting)

IMPORTANT: I am not wearing any protecting mask on these videos while working with the resin just for practical reasons, the sound volume is already very low, so, were I to wear a mask, no one would understand anything from what I’m saying (I’m talking in french). It’s not very bad to work with resin without an air mask once in a while, however if you are very often in contact with non-cured synthetic resin it is highly recommended to wear a protection mask because resin vapours are toxic before the resin has hardened. I wear a mask (which I usually wear all the time) during the sanding step, you can see it at 20sec on this video: Tower Busters > How to make round TBs (sanding).

1. Manufacturing of ITBs (pouring of antenna part, resin/metal)

2. Manufacturing of ITBs (pouring of insulating layer)

3. Manufacturing of ITBs (pouring of orgonite part)

4. Manufacturing of ITBs (demoulding)

5. Manufacturing of ITBs (sanding)