Orgonites workshop in Brittany, the 16/17 of june 2018

Order Workshop June 2018 Brittany

This workshop took place in France and was made in french, hence it is only available in french. ;)

For your enjoyment here are some photos of the workshop and the creations made by the participants.

20180616_182307 20180617_174752 IMG_20180617_124943 IMG_20180617_125048 IMG_20180617_125116

The energizing relaxation zone ;)

The pretty orgonites demolded/sanded before the final re-pour.
IMG_20180617_105322 IMG_20180617_105557 IMG_20180617_124803 IMG_20180617_131851 IMG_20180617_131944

After re-pouring/sanding/polishing/finishing.
20180619_214401 20180619_214420 20180619_214432 20180619_214441 20180619_214501

And other orgonites
IMG_20180617_124730 IMG_20180617_125005 IMG_20180617_132334 IMG_20180617_140702