Orgonites workshop in Brittany, the 3/4 of june 2017

This workshop took place in France and was made in french, hence it is only available in french. ;)

For your enjoyment here are some photos of some of the creations made by the workshop participants. :)

Some results of the first pours, to learn the basics, TBs.
P1040015 P1040016 P1040018 P1040019 P1040021

The second part of the first day, a pyramid or half-sphere with a transparent top and the rest more or less opaquely filled. unfortunately there is no picture of the results unmoulded…

P1040026 P1040028 P1040029 P1040031 P1040032 P1040033 P1040034

Some creations of the second day.

P1040036 P1040041 P1040042 P1040043 P1040044 P1040046 P1040047