Aluminum shavings, rough

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These aluminum shavings are really big and heavy. They are not suited for small orgonites.
For large orgonites they are useful for filling the bottom of the resin mass.
These chips obviously sink to the bottom of the liquid resin.

The Cloudbuster bases on this site are composed of a mixture of these big shavings, Aluminum shavings, medium twisted and Aluminum shavings, fine. The fine shavings scattered everywhere allow for the polyester resin mass not to crack, the medium shavings serve to fill a little more densely and the large shavings serve to line well the bottom of the bucket in which the base is cast. These shavings at the bottom allow for the placement of the pipes of the cloudbuster in the mass with the certainty that they will not touch the bottom.

The shavings are not very suitable for aesthetic uses because their thickness cracks the resin around the chips when it shrinks during catalysis.

For your information, the Cloudbuster bases on the site are made with 8L of resin and about 2L (250g) of Aluminum shavings, fine, 1.5L (200g) of Aluminum shavings, medium twisted and 0.6-0.7L (280g) of big shavings.

Volume: approx. 2 – 2.5 L of shavings for 1kg

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