Aluminum shavings, fine long twisted

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(Temporarily out of stock, when collecting new aluminum shavings in July 2019, these shavings were not available. There will be new ones available, but it is impossible to know exactly when.)

Like the Aluminum shavings, fine, these aluminum shavings are also produced by aluminum/PVC windows/doors manufacturers. But this time in turning machines, they are between 1 and 5cm long and are also thinner than paper.
As you can read below, for 1kg you have a volume of about 20L, it is huge and normal, because there is a lot of air in the middle, they are a bit like metal sponges/scrapers.
You can for example fill a square pyramid of 15x15cm base with resin and use only 30-40g of these chips to fill the whole pyramid! They keep their shape, you can lay a quartz in these shavings in the direction you want and it will remain in place exactly where you put it.
Thanks to these chips it is possible not to wait for the catalysis of certain layers in large orgonites for the minerals and other additions that are put in place, these chips act as mesh which keeps everything in place. They are also nice on the outside because one can obtain a certain transparency through the shavings since they don’t clump.
They are also very useful for making light orgonites. If we fill an orgonite of a volume of one liter with the brass shavings sold on this site, which weigh around 1 kg for 650 ml of volume, one kilo is easily added to the weight of the orgonite, whereas is we do the same thing with these light twisted aluminum shavings, we can at most, by pushing a lot, add 50g.

Volume: approx. 20 L of shavings for 1kg

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