Aluminum shavings, fine

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These aluminum shavings are those that are used in all our basic orgonites. It is one of the kinds of shavings produced by many factories that build windows and doors in aluminum/PVC. For this reason they always have a certain amount of small black/gray plastic/polyamides, sometimes other colors, which are the joints of these doors/windows which are also cut in the process, it is impossible to remove them without spending hours doing it by hand.
These shavings have a major advantage, they are small with an extremely large contact surface relative to the weight, they are thinner than a sheet of paper. For this reason, they remain very well suspended in liquid resin and do not sink easily to the bottom.
They are also useful in large masses of polyester resin, they act somewhat like a filler (silica, glass fiber, etc.) which allows the resin not to crack.

With one kilo of these shavings you have enough to make more than 200 TBs like those on this site.

Volume: approx. 8 L of shavings for 1kg

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