Gifting september 2016


again another small trip, I took the opportunity for my trip to the Morbihan for the Orgonites Workshop to gift a bit along the way, I had around 150 TBs, I just gifted along the roads. But I forgot to make photos of the stock, here’s what was left toward the end before I scattered them as well.

Approximative map:

And the following week I went to the south of Dijon to deliver 3 complete cloudbusters, so I used the trip again as a quick opportunity :)
I took around 150 orgonites again to distribute them on the roads and I also gifted an antenna near Nancy, finally, I went by so many time by the motorway but never ahd the opportunity to go to it.
I placed around 30 TBs all around it.

Approximative map:

see you next time :)