Gifting in Lombardy and a little more, in May 2016

I used the opportunity of a small trip in italy with my mum to go gifting in the region.

It was mainly the Mount Mottarone that was important. At an altitude of about 1400m, overseeing the lake Maggiore and of Orta. There were 3 big bunches of antennas in 3 different spots less than a kilometer apart from each other.

The first (around 15 TBs)

The second (around 10 TBs)

The third (around 10 TBs)

And a tiny thing on another side of the summit (3-4 TBs)

There was a small sympathetic release of humidity in the afternoon, viewed from below on the lake from Orta.

Apart from that, during these couple of days I used the opportunity to gift the lake Maggiore more to the north, to complete previous giftings that were done more south in january 2013.

And also a bit on the lake of Orta that is west of the lake Maggiore.

Else, on the way home, having seen that the way to the ‘Grand Ballon’ in the Vosges wasn’t far from our road, we went there too. There I placed around 20 TBs, very good timing, because apparently there is always quite a crowd up there, this time it was almost desert, I could go around it quite quietly.

Here’s the approximative map of what was gifted in Lombardy:

I learned when I came back that some germans had already gifted the Mount Mottarone some years back, this may explain why I didn’t see effects that I had expected there, clouds opening up, it was already done.. Well, the more orgonites, the better :)