Gifting in Paris, january 2015

During the week I was in Paris at the end of January for my conference, I used that opportunity to go gifting, you know, just to change a bit from my usual habits :)

I left with about failed 120 ITBs.

I just took pictures to remember where I started and where I ended my runs! Here are the beginning and end photos of my first trip on Wednesday.

And the second, Friday morning.

I wanted to go gift around that rich neighborhood, following the events that happened at the beginning of June, it seemed right, in the end, the ones that were the most scared were the most well-to-do. I used around 60 ITBs on Wednesday from Pont de Sèvres toward l’île Saint Germain and again another 60 on Friday from Pont de Sèvres toward Boulogne – Pont de St. Cloud. I think a friend already gifted around the area in 2010, but it’s never bad to add another layer! It continues my wider plan of gifting the Seine from one end to the other all through Paris and around the far edges of Paris.