Gifting in the Aube, Haute Marne, Côte-d’or, Vosges and Paris. august 2014

This summer I went to the Lothlorien Festival in Foulain in Haute Marne. I used these small holidays there to gift around the place.
I had around 600 TBs, 100 ITBs and 6 IEPs. In the end I gave one IEP to someone in the centre, hence Ijuste used 5 for gifting and it was fortunate, as you’ll see, there was one antenna I had planned to gift, but somehow made a mistake, it wasn’t where I had marked it on my map!

I started by a trip, goign from Foulain to the TV transmitter of Chalindrey, with a small stop at the Fort on that same hill.

I arrived in a fog with some rain and grey sky.

After having placed the first IEP, the climatic results were almost immediate, thankfully, I was soaking wet, some sunshine was just nice. Then I continued by surrounding the emitter with around 10 TBs and 10 ITBs.

Then I went to a spot between Luxeuil-les-Bains and Vesoul, but I don’t know what I had done, I had clearly marked that place on my map, but there was nothing there to be found! I had marked that this place had a huge TV transmitter.. Anyway, I still gifted the roads along the way and some small water streams.

Then I headed to the TV transmitter on Contrexeville. Which was also blessed with one IEP and 10 TBs and 10 ITBs approximately. And a tiny bit more because there was also a mobile phone transmitter.

I planted the IEP in a piece of forest, because from what I could see in the fields around, the soil was full of stones, it was impossible to dig more than 10cm deep anywhere else! It’s interesting, the soil was like that everywhere in the 100-150km around Foulain, a thin layer of dirt on top of plenty of limestone.

There again I saw an almost immediate reaction in the sky, which opened up for a couple dozen minutes.

I must have spread around 150 TBs all along the trip on that day.

The following day I went toward the TV emitter of Nuits-Saint-Georges, south of Dijon. As usual, one IEP and about 20 TBs/ITBs.

Then I went to Mont-Afrique, closer to Dijon, for a radio transmitter. There again, and IEP and around 20 TBs/ITBs.

With a small detour on the way down, through Chénove, to gift 2 antennas close to each other, in the middle of both these antennas there was a big education centre…

You can see it on this photo, it’s the pyramid shaped roof. I gifted around 40 TBs/ITBs in that place, no IEP.

The next stop was in Molesmes, not too far from Auxerre, there again 20 TBs/ITBs, but I didn’t manage to place an IEP, the soil was way too stony! Thankfully I had a small HHG with a shorter copper tube that did the trick.

The last emitter on the day was in Les-Riceys, I arrived at sundown, I buried the IEP in darkness, I hope it’s well buried! And another 20-30 TBs/ITBs.

Then I headed back to Foulain. I used again around 150 TBs all along the roads on that day. I didn’t gift much of the A6 or A31, because I had already done that in previous years.
Here’s a approximate map:
The red dots are the antennas, the green dot is for the antenna I thought was there, but wasn’t…

After that, when back in Paris, we went with a friend to gift around the 15th arrondissement and at the limit of Paris, in between TV studios, Microsoft and some radio studios..
Most of the orgonites ended up in the Seine, but some are also well hidden a bit closer. It’s a nice justice! After having gifted so many TV antennas in france, gifting the source of these transmissions seems righteous!

The Seine in the 15th arrondissement got a nice big boost of energies, around 250 orgonites in 2 days. And the friend with whom I gifted has some left, she’ll place them slowly and surely around the 15th arrondissement.