Maintenance and update (July 2014)

The website is closed until around the 20th of July, I have almost no more resin left and also almost no orgonites in stock. I’ll receive my next delivery of resin around the 15th.
But I also have ‘bad’ news to share, the time has come to increase my prices by about 25%, I don’t have a choice, I can’t keep on living with the actual prices, I’m closer to the minimum ‘social’ income of france (about 400€/month) than the minimum wage all the while working more than 60h a week. It’s becoming unbearable. Many of you have told me that my prices were too low and that I should increase them a bit. But I wanted to do that for as long as possible! I’m exactly at the end of my 22nd barrel of resin of 225kg, hence 4950kg and used around 500-600kg of aluminium in 2 years. That equates to approx. 55000 small orgonites of about 100g. I couldn’t be more thrilled, that was my first aim, spread orgonites (and the knowledge of it) around and I’m glad the response was so positive. To this day I’ve shipped orgonites to a bit more than 1000 people.

But here we are, what I had calculated on that page last year: Rough estimate of costs (May 2013) is completely wrong, even with the first increase of prices in 2013 I am far from being able to make a decent living, thankfully there are my parents behind (no rent, no utility bills, no household taxes, etc.). Without that I would have never been able to keep going with these prices. Though I must re-state, I am very happy that I was able to reach so many people with the knowledge of orgonite. I hope you’ll understand that I have to increase my prices by about 25%. In august I’m getting into my third year and my tax rate, for new company creators, is increasing from 14,3% to 20,6% aswell, that already meant 10% automatic increase anyway.

I had written on that page: Prices changes (May 2013) I quote:

In fact, I am really happy to send out those many orgonites every month, I would be even happier to send out more of them. Just by working on my own I should be able to go up to 3000 orgonites a month… But if I earned a little more (something close to the French minimum wage would be enough) I could again take some time off once in a while to go gifting; there are still so many places to gift, I would really like to continue being able to go gifting more often! Also, I would appreciate to have some time off to add more content to this website (and translate) so as to diffuse even more information, as there are many things I’d like to share: gardening methods, my insights about the relationship between sound, electricity, light and living beings and globally bring forth more useful information on a plethora of other topics mostly related to nature, health and physical/spiritual energies. There is actually a multitude of ways to promote good energies, orgonite is just a very simple and safe method; but by playing with water, sound, electricity, there are many other things to know! Take playing classical music to plants during day-light, I think that’s even better for them than orgonites…

And it’s still quite valid!! In a year I only managed to find a little time to add a couple of articles about electroculture and carry on with my experiments in the garden. There are still loads of translations that are missing and a lot of topics I’d like to share, but I need to find the time to be able to write!
Thanks again for all the wonderful encounters and email discussions.
I will also try, during this update period, to add minor changes to many pages based on a lot of feedback i got during these last 2 years. Also update the page for the cloudbusters, the UPS problem has been solved, I can ship a complete cloudbuster anywhere, but I never had time to update the page (I have to update the 4 languages at once). Anyhow, I’ll writeup a small summary to indicate what has changed and where when it’s done.