Ants, EMF and Orgonites: effects of electromagnetic waves on ants and protection provided by orgonite

Original document (french): résultats des exp. du 20022013.pdf

Experiments from the 20-02-2013

Experiments done on two colonies of Myrmica sabuleti; test with 10 workers of each colony.


A couple of seconds after the DECT Phone base was turned on, the workers started moving differently (more slowly, hesitant, even seeming to have some difficulties). They gradually started to move away from just above where the DECT Phone antenna was located and the ones that went in direction to that zone evidently looked like they tried to avoid it (changing direction and even walking backward).

Adding one orgonite (TB) didn’t seem to change much. We then added 5 more orgonites (TBs/ITBs). Soon after, the workers started to move a little bit faster, more easily, less hesitant and some ants were observed even above the zone where the antenna was located. There seemed to be a rather large variability of reaction/behaviour between different ants.

Half an hour after having switched off the DECT, ants moved again as previously, at a normal speed, without hesitation and going easily anywhere and above where the active antenna was previously.

Linear velocity (mm/sec) et angular (deg. ang./cm) (median and quartiles) of the 20 ants, which trajectories were followed under the three experimental conditions.

Experiment Linear velocity
Angular velocity
Control 9.2 (8.7 – 10.7) 143 (119 – 167)
With a DECT Phone turned on 5.8 (4.4 7.2) 230 (202 – 272)
With a DECT Phone turned on and 5 orgonites 7.0 (5.8 – 8.3) 173 (141 – 225)

The values of the linear velocity and angular velocities appropriately describe what happened:

  • Lower linear velocity and higher angular velocity with the presence of the powered on DECT Phone
  • Intermediate linear velocity and angular velocity (compared to control ones) with the presence of the powered on DECT Phone and 5 adjacent orgonites
  • Larger variability of obtained values with DECT and orgonites compared to control values
  • Orgonites clearly seem to have an effect, but they don’t remove all the harmful effects cause by the electromagnetic fields generated by the DECT Phone. The ants (except a couple) still detect the presence of the harmful field.
  • Humans (not all!) are less sensitive than ants and could hence feel relieved or more at ease with the presence or orgonites. However, these orgonites are (in my opinion) not sufficient enough to overcome the negative effects of zones with a dense coverage; withmany wireless modems in corridors, large numbers of electromagnetic emitters (WiFi etc.) placed in the same room etc.

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