Gifting in Lombardy, Italy, in January 2013

Around the end of January 2013 I used the opportunity of a trip to Italy with my mum to gift some orgonites in the surroundings.


I took around 50 kg of orgonites, ~400 TBs, ~ 100 ITBs and two HHGs I had lying around in my room.

It wasn’t really a gifting trip hence I just had a bit of time to gift here and there. I started with a group of antennas that were the closest to where we were.

Italy - antenna 1

Also a couple of antennas along the roads, and simply along roads, but no photos here.. One evening I placed around 50 TBs/ITBs in the Lago Maggiore walking along the ballad path in Arona.

Then another day I met an Italian friend who gifts mostly in Milan, before that I just knew him through internet. I was great meeting him in person and naturally we went gifting together for a couple of hours.

Some antennas:

Italy - antenna 2

Italy - antenna 3

Italy - antenna 4

We gifted a bit around the nuclear research center in Ispra, who knows what they do there… They keep on enlarging the zone since many decades.

Then we dropped a couple dozen TBs/ITBs in the Lago Maggiore in Ispra. Then went to Angera to do the same, Angera also is alogn the lake, south of Ispra. There we enjoyed a very short patch of unclouded sky, 3-4 minutes, in a sky that really wasn’t auspicious for that as you can see it on the previous photos…

Italy - unclouded sky patch

Then we went near Sesto Calende, even more south on the Lago Maggiore, again dropping some dozens orgonites in the lake.

Italy - Sesto Calende

Then it was over for our short but nice meeting. The following days I kept on gifting with my mum on trips we ahd to do to go here and there for other things..

Italy - antenna 5

Italy - antenna 6 (bees)

I was really horrified to see that! Bee hives, placed next to a train track, under high voltage lines with an antenna just next to the hives too. Seriously, some people don’t understand the harmful effects electromagnetic waves can have on living things. I hope the orgonites I placed there will make the place better for these bees.

Italy - antenna 7

Then the last big adventure I wanted to do since 2006, the summer just a couple of months after I discovered orgonites I was on that mountain, Campo dei Fiori, overlooking Varese and the whole area over some tens of kilometers, there are many antennas on many peaks. But at the time I didn’t have orgonites yet, I started making my first orgonites just after that trip.

I leave you to the photos (enlarge the first photo to see for yourself what’s on this mountain)..

Campo dei Fiori - antennas

Campo dei Fiori - military antennas

Campo dei Fiori - antennes panorama

Campo dei Fiori - antenna 1

Campo dei Fiori - antenna 2

Campo dei Fiori - antenna 3

Campo dei Fiori - antennas 4

Campo dei Fiori - HHG

Campo dei Fiori - military antennas from another angle

After that the effects were very evident, I had placed around 100 TBs/ITBs and the 2 HHGs all around the different peaks.

Campo dei Fiori - sky after gifting 1

You can see it easily, above my head the sky was quite clear and ‘unpolluted’ looking.

Campo dei Fiori - sky after gifting 2

The sky in the distance, it’s obvious the sky was much cleaner above the mountain that in the surroundings:

Campo dei Fiori - sky after gifting 3

Campo dei Fiori - sky after gifting 4

The visible atmospheric pollution was cleared for many kilometers in the distance, I think a synergistic effect thanks to all the orgonites spread around the area in the valley, along the roads, in the lake of Varese etc.

Here’s an approximate map:

Italy - gifting map

The big blue dots on top of the map are the mountain with all the antennas, on the panorama here above I was looking in direction of the lake (Varese), toward the south. The small blue dots are the gifted antennas, the red lines are roads where I gifted and the green lines are the places where orgonites are dispersed in the water.

Also, to go to Italy and come back we crossed the Vosges (in France), I also used that opportunity to place around hundred orgonites along the roads there.

Vosges gifting map