Gifting of big antennas, summer 2012

This was the big gifting trip for this summer (mid august), I had the help from many friends along the way, it was a great experience.

There were approx, 50kg of orgonites, ~350 TBs, 100 ITBs and 5 big orgonites (IEPs/IHHGs) of 2 kg.

The trip was mostly focussed on the main TV emitters  from the departments I went through in france, from east to west (approximately from Metz to Lorient). And I gifted each antenna quite extensively to be sure no one needs to go back there, with around 20 TBs/ITBs for each antenna.

On the way to Paris, the first one south of Reims:

The second one close to Villers-Cotterêts:

Then in Paris with a friend we went to gift the military base on the Mont Valérien, a friend from Brittany told us there was something to do up there without even knowing that it was the host to a military base!

Clouds quickly opened up when we started gifting.

A map of the Mont Valérien..

A bit later during the week (I was still somewhat on holidays!) I gifted about 50 TBs in the Seine between Colombes and Argenteuil, with also two big orgonites at the end of that gift.

Approximative map:

After some rest in Paris, I continued on my trip to hunt these big antennas and also other large towers for which I never managed to get any information about! I have no idea what’s their purpose or to which entity they belong…

This time with the help of another friend.

Both following towers look exactly alike, but they are not the same!

near Domont (about north of the suburbs of Paris)

the second one in Seran (about north-east of Magny-en-Vexin)

After the second one, you can see the hole that formed in the sky.

We also gifted some other antennas on the way, not far from the A15, north of Argenteuil.

Just for fun we did a small experiment with frozen water with an IHHG above it :)

Then I carried on toward the west to gift with another friend..

An antenna in Chartres

A water tower along the way

And the next big TV antenna near Nogent-le-Rotrou, with was blessed with an added IHHG on top of the TBs/ITBs.

Another antenna on the way

Then the TV emitter of Alençon

A small sylph visit, which is always lovely to enjoy!

And some more water towers

Then I headed forward toward Brittany to meet other friends once again.

On the way, the TV emitter of the department of la Mayenne:

Unexpected antennas in Le Mans:

And sylphs and chemtrails..

Then I went toward Tours for a TV emitter along the A28 (approx. mid-way between Torus and le Mans)

It was the highest antenna in france according to the description in front of the installation.

Then I didn’t have many more orgonites, it was time I get to Brittany to meet my friends there who had also prepared some more gifting supplies for the occasion!

A beautiful sylph.

The next day we went again with new orgonites!

An antenna on the way

A water stream we gifted in many spots along the way, of which about ten orgonites where that photo was taken.

Some more antennas…

And the next TV emitter (about 20km north of Vannes)

Gifting in group is so much fun!

Then we continued gifting other places until the end of the day.

The next day we once again went to another TV antenna north-west of Rennes

That’s about it, when I arrived back home I was greeted by sylphs!

A map with the approximate positions of the big antennas that were gifted.

See you soon for new adventures!