About our packaging

You will notice it when opening your package, there is sometimes a lot of bubble wrap in the packaging.

We are environmentally conscious, please note the:

  • The bubble wrap is made of PET, it can go in the normal plastic recycling bin, or even better, reuse it if you can.
  • The cardboard is generally made from 80% recycled paper and 20% sawmill waste.
  • The brown tape is made of PVC and natural rubber and can be recycled directly with the cardboard (https://www.tesa.com/en-gb/industry/tesa-4124.html).

After a lot of testing over the years, there was no other way, because orgonites are objects that can have broken corners when hit. Since there are unique orgonites that cannot be re manufactured identically, this packaging is necessary to ensure that they reach you without suffering any shock. They must be completely blocked in the package so as not to wander and risk shocking each other and also not to receive any shock from the outside.

Filling packages with large air packets is not enough (too fragile), filling with cardboard/newspaper does not work (not enough shock absorption capacity).