Workshops to come

The workshop season is from May to September, because good temperatures are required to work with the resin (about 15-25 °C).
If you have a workshop place to propose closed, heated and still possible to ventilate then this may be possible in autumn/winter; without these conditions it is impossible to plan a workshop in autumn/winter.

Dates for upcoming workshops usually begin begin set in April/May.

For 2020 we already have the idea to plan a workshop in the Morbihan Kerdrean Manor in Le Bono (56400) on May 16-17 and one near Alençon during the summer, but for the moment nothing is certain. The price of a collective workshop is about 300€ for the weekend.
Do note, these take place in france, so you should preferably understand a bit of french, as translating everything in multiple languages at once is not very easy.

Considering what happened in 2020 (all the workshops canceled) and what continues to happen in 2021, nothing can be planned for 2021. As indicated below, if you want to be kept in the know, sign up you to the newsletter. Let’s hope something will be possible in 2021 :)

During the autumn/winter period the only possibility is to do an individual workshop in my workshop, it is proposed to you for 500-600€ per weekend, accommodation and food included, to have me at your disposal for a whole weekend (or other days on weekdays or holidays if you wish).
This includes 8h/day to work with you, plus 3-4h that I usually have to spend alone to do sanding/re-pouring/finishing work while you rest to be able to make orgonites with beautiful finishes in so little time, if you wish.

If you wish to be kept informed of the workshops when they are scheduled, you can subscribe to the newsletter;