Orgonites workshop in the north west of France, the 24-25 of august 2019

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No advance fee is required. If you want to pay in advance the option is available, but it is usually more convenient to handle the payments on the spot.
Even if you register without payment, complete the purchase process (of 0€..) so that we know what day(s) you expect to come and have your email, phone, name, etc. to be able to contact you later, this will also validate your registration.
If you just want to come and observe without participating, please specify it in the comments.
Add in the comments any requests that you have in addition to what is planned, so that we can prepare the material. Even if you are not certain yet, just to inform us, we can discuss the details more precisely later.
If there is no payment required now (if you do not add any other orgonites to the cart it will be at 0€), choose a payment by bank transfer and simply do not make the transfer.

Participants: 4 (10 max)

Den. D.Ann. L.Phi. L.Gui. B.
The first 3 letters of your first name and the initial of your last name will appear in the list once your registration is validated.

Workshop details

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This workshop will take place in France and in french, hence it is only available in french. ;)