The child guides

Orgonite cone that brings joy and love. It allows to relax the spirit and the mind by bringing the mind into the...

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Yellow peach

An orgonite that gives a huge energy boost, it energizes enormously through the heart and solar plexus. It’s...

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Mother earth of the heart

This orgonite soothes and opens the heart to connect it to the mother earth. It concentrates the energy at the...

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Gushing balance

This cone activates in a very balanced way the yin/feminine energies with an ascending spiral that lets energy...

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Goddess of heaven

This orgonite activates our connection to the cosmic feminine, it allows to integrate this energy in us. Cosmic...

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Pleiadian puck

This orgonite gently opens the emotional space, to welcome the healing energies of the pleiades. It brings...

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Amazon breeze

This pyramid brings a lot of light into the heart, it opens the heart and allows its expansion. It is an orgonite...

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Expression of the secret garden

This orgonite works mainly on the throat and our communication space. It is gentle and allows us to learn to...

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Lighthouse of Clarity

This pyramid is primarily an orgonite of anchoring, centering and alignment. It brings cohesion between our...

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Sweet awakening of the dragon

This orgonite is very warm and gentle, it strengthens and brings vitality into the physical body, in the first...

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Reconnections in the dark

This orgonite makes us feel a sweet oppression of fire in the heart. This expression seems paradoxical, but it is...

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Blue expression

This orgonite brings down the light of the cosmos well into the body, while grounding well to the earth and...

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Creative opening

This orgonite brings a lot of inspiration, it is connected to the ocean, the element of water and its elementals,...

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Soft vitalizer

Energizing and gentle orgonite that fluidifies and lets the energies circulate between the different chakras and...

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Solar docking stud

This dome of orgonite winds, concentrates and condenses all the surrounding energies into an extremely dense...

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Watery soothing

Linked to the earth, this orgonite brings the energy of the water up, while strengthening it with the metal...

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Purification. This cone of orgonite brings down the purifying light of the cosmos into the earth. Created by...

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Appeasing light

Soothing, it soothes a lot! This pyramid of orgonite brings a lot of light with a lot of appeasement, on all the...

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Pyramid that activates the solar plexus and generates a strong expansion of the lightbody that opens up a...

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Concentration and determination!

Orgonite that helps to refocus and be strongly grounded. It allows us to have our feet on the ground and brings...

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Sweetness and kindness

Orgonite that brings sweetness to oneself and to others. It helps to understand and be caring with others. It...

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